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  1. January Transfer Update

    Will it affect the facepacks I have installed?
  2. Did anybody find a solution, I've just started playing and am having the same issue.
  3. Which pack is for the iphone 5s?
  4. Thanks Why no reserve players, just made up names?
  5. I've just started playing. I've found some additional player pics I can install. The installation mentions to decide which pack I need to know if HD interface is turned on. Is it on by default as I can't find an option? I note the reserve team aren't real players, anyway of activating the real names for this?
  6. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Thanks for the update guys, bloomin' amazing......unlike Gary Megson!! Sack him.....so says Vernon Kay & me.
  7. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Kremmen Any chance you can do this?
  8. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Kremmen, fabulous pack. Any chance of a better Bolton Wanderers logo though, looks a bit strange.
  9. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    It's Superb, many thanks. Ive seeded more than I downloaded as a Thank You.
  10. The FM 2010 Graphics & Skin Installation Guide

    What order are graphics picked up? Downloads then originals or the other way round? For example if I want to use faces originally installed from disc but then install a face megapack in the relevant folder, how do I ensure I still use the original faces but the megapack fills the gaps or can I not?
  11. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Further thanks to all those who continue to work on this project. Very impressive.
  12. FM09 is a great game but it is severly limited in the tactics department. Unless the brothers can complete an overhaul in that area for FM10 I feel it will be an incomplete management sim again. I'm afraid moving a few sliders lets such an in depth game down deeply. Casual gamers may not mind being able to tweak a few sliders to change the width or how high a back four is but when nearly all other aspects are so very in depth, the game deserves more. Surely the tactics are as important as any other aspect. Linking training to tactics and going back to with and without the ball screens must be a way forward. Miles or the brothers I would like to hear your thoughts if possible.
  13. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Many Thanks guys for the update and hard work.
  14. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Many Thanks to everybody involved in the project. Superb.
  15. Default Style, Cut Out Facepacks

    I for one appreciate everything & the others who expand our experience do. You finish a great game. Many Thanks Row Row & everybody else that contributes. Cut Out Facepacks are a nightmare but you put your own time in to helping the community.