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    Low Scoring Games

    I used 4-1-1-3-1, 4-2-2-2 and 4-2-3-1. I used attacking mentality, hard tackling and short passing. I am playing man city and got C Ronaldo, Messi, Neymer, Ganso, Arguero, Dezko, Tevez and Y Toure, Nasri and D silva. Even with that kind of squad, I'm having trouble scoring as well, getting lots of 1-0 or 0-0 draw even against just promoted team or mid table team. I don't see much tinkering in the tactics either aside from switching formation, etc...
  2. I've been playing FM since the CM era (CM3, 4 i guess... can't remember name) and been playing every other years of the FM series. Even then, I'm in the same position as the OP where I think FM has become too complex and way to many micro-management to go through a season. I tried the demo version of FM 12 this year, but never bought it not because it is a bad game or anything, but because I find that my schedule doesn't fit the way FM gameplay has evolve anymore. I can only commit a couple of hours at most a day, and it will take about 2 weeks to a month to finish a season. Having said that, I tried FMH this year since it just came out yesterday. I heard it's a stripped down version of FM series, and my initial thought is that the reduced features will be a perfect fit for me. But having played it for a half a day, I found the FMH version doesn't even have half of what the regular FM series offer. The tactics is basically a joke and you can't have much control on it. And I'm used to the motivational aspect of the half-time team talk, touchline shout from FM11 that I find myself at a lost when I need to hold possession or chasing a goal down at half time. The only plus that I get out of the FMH version is the training where i don't have to give much thought about it and don't need to worry about it much. Even then, I would love to have some custom schedule for young players, etc in the training. Overall, I don't think I would even buy FMH version on a PC if SI manage to make one. But like someone suggested earlier in the thread, there should be much more delegation tasks given to assman. Some that I can think of are: - Press handling (already there :) and thanks god it's already there... I'd go crazy if I have to answer the same set of questions every day) - Training (Maybe not given to the assman entirely but should be able to automatically switch between pre-season, normal-season, just come out of injury, squad status change like youth player promoted to 1st team, etc) - Scouting : maybe assman can handle scouting more if we can give him a task like continuously search youth players, search a certain position, search free players, etc and he will manage the scout assignment for me. The staff meeting sometime suggests me with some players, but as of it is right now, those are useless IMO. - Better contract handling by assman - Assman handling staff contract?? Prevent it from other clubs poaching, renew contract, etc. - Bi-weekly or monthly staff meeting?? Sometime, I find it annoying on some items. Maybe we can select which category to discuss and which to be handled by assman as an option. This would pretty much leave me to the tactical and player signing aspect of the game and I can enjoy the game much more after the initial setup via assman. I play FM because I like the tactical tweaking of the game but if I have to micro-manage every single things on the game, I'll eventually lost interest in it as I have already been, so I think we need an option to leave those tasks to assman for casual player like OP and I but for those hard-core fans, they can also enjoy every single things that are already implemented in the FM without the help of the assman.
  3. I think our real life world has a bug. I don't think it's possible for Man Utd to be out of the last 16 in the CL. They were in a rather easy group and it's impossible, especially as a last year finalist, to lose the group stage of CL. FM!!! please fix this!!!!
  4. I once saw Germany manager just resigned right after they qualify for WC top of the group because he thinks the team need a new manager... Sound quite weird lol
  5. MidnightSoul

    Show me your commitment!

    701 hours... I can't believe I spent that much time.
  6. MidnightSoul

    Red Red Red

    I also remember in one of those old FIFA game (97 or 98 perhaps??) that you can turn off foul and injury, then you can just take control of your striker and keep tackling on the GK all the way outside the field :D it's so hilarious
  7. MidnightSoul

    Red Red Red

    That's what I do on PES too... when I start to lose badly, I just go out to get all the red and it's way more fun than scoring
  8. MidnightSoul

    Red Red Red

    This is the first time I get to see my opponents get 3 players sent off :D but what do you know.. .they got Joey Barton Anyone else got like 4 or 5 red from a team?? What's the rule to get the match stopped after so many red? Is it 5 red from one team? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. On my first season, I sign a few existing talented players around age 20-23 if I don't like my existing 1st team squad. Then, I slowly sell out my existing players on my 2nd and 3rd season, and start using my new signing. But from my 2nd season and forward, I don't sign any players who's older than 17. When those players reach around age 20-22 and is good to be a 1st team player, I start using them My whole transfer policy is to get 25 trained by club players for the CL And I never sell any of my existing players if they are on my 1st team squad even if they grew old. I just give them coaching role or let them retire until they reach age 35-36. But I do sell those youngsters who I think won't be good enough for 1st team when they reach around age 22, because I usually sign 3-4 players each season.
  10. MidnightSoul

    Best FM story

    Pictures say it all :-D Best FM Story in this forum :D http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/226303-By-popular-request-The-quot-recreate-your-last-goal-in-MS-Paint-quot-thread
  11. I'd check on other background processes. I don't have that kind of setup but when i'm running some other virtual machines that are memory and hard drive intensive, the match engine gets jerky. It might not be your graphic setting.
  12. @evora69 Actually, the other GK are eligible. I know at least one other guy is eligible because R Madrid put Adan as their substitute GK. So, they must have registered him and he's not out injured or anything. @scholes=legend: Yup, I won 3-1. :) And here's another problem I found. When I go back and look at the match again, it sometimes generate a player from other country instead of the actual grey player who played. If I keep reloading the save even after the match, I get different GKs. Doesn't really matter much though because the match is already played but the game didn't save which grey GK who actually played. It just put a GK randomly.
  13. Not quite worldclass though IMO
  14. 1st season CL final against R Madrid. They fielded a good team but between the stick, there's a chinese player. I didn't quite recognize the name, because I was expecting Casillas, so I look at their team squad, and I was thinking if that guy is a new signing or something. Of course, I noticed Casillas was injured but there are 2 other GK like Durek and Adan to play but they chose to use a grey out player instead. I have Spain as view only league, but my opinion is that shouldn't they at least select their 2nd choice keeper to play instead of a new guy?