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  1. I've taken what you said on board and I've decided to change the team instructions quite significantly and change a couple of the duties. I'm hoping this plays much more like Martin O'Neill's Villa sides, sitting deep and absorbing pressure and then countering with pace against fewer defenders than I was otherwise coming up against. My issue was definitely the number of defenders back meant it was difficult to craft a high quality chance, hopefully not penning them in as much will create some more space
  2. I'm in my 4th season as Aston Villa and having used a downloaded tactic for the first 3 seasons, I implemented my own tactic for this season as I want to actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I win trophies. My first 3 seasons have been a success, with two 3rd place Prem finishes, two League Cups, and most recently a Prem win and a Champions League win. My problem is that I've spent so much on players in installments and additional fees that I need to maintain that success to keep the club's finances healthy, although I do have a very strong team to do so. I've decided to try to play the way Klopp's Liverpool play as it's A. An exciting style of football and B. Fairly easy to implement for a tactical novice like myself. Here is my tactic and results so far this season (PI are untouched other than stay wider on CBs) Things look okay and defensively we have been solid for the most part, my problem has been creating chances. My fullbacks are probably the best crossing fullbacks I can afford but they seem to ignore the instruction to use low crosses so my crosses are almost always just cleared and my midfield recycle possession to the fullbacks to try again. Clear cut chances have been at a premium and it's cost me in my two draws so far this season So what I need is some advice on how to increase the potency of my team, Esposito isn't the best deep lying forward but he has passable passing and vision and as an advanced forward I felt he was too isolated. Any help is appreciated, Thanks. TLDR - Team isn't creating enough CCC's, advice needed on how to improve that
  3. As the title says, I'm really struggling against teams that play 5-3-2 and 5-2-3. I'm in my second season with Aston Villa and had great success in season one using "Legano 4-1-2-3" from the tactics pages on FM Base and came 3rd in the league but I've always struggled against, in particular, Wolves and Bournemouth. I've tried playing wider and using 2 up front as well as just playing a very deep counter attack in order to nullify their pacey counter attacks but it hasn't worked very well. I'm absolutely useless with setting up my own tactics, hence why I'm using a downloaded one. Any tips on how to set up to counter these formations would be appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm fairly new to the advanced areas of the editor so forgive me if this is an easy fix I removed some squad registration rules for the Premier League and Championship and removed FFP rules for the Premier League. I tested the rules and it worked fine. I then swapped the 3 teams relegated from the Prem for the Promoted teams from the Championship and after doing this I got this message when verifying (see screenshot) can anybody help me solve this? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help guys 30 games in I'm sitting top of the table I even got to the semi finals of the Carabao Cup vs Liverpool and suffered heartbreak in the penalty shootout I've been setting up pretty similarly to how I did the rest of the season Tactic Team Instructions I've decided to try this for a few games instead, to see if I can get Grealish into games a little more, I will probably tweak the roles in midfield a little as when I see fit Injuries have really hurt us this season, I had just one of my first choice midfield available for most of the the Christmas period I'm still struggling to limit the number of offsides though, my front three are constantly offside, up to 10 times a match so if anyone has any advice on how to deal with that it'd be much appreciated Also, I've seen other people mention it elsewhere but the gegenpress tactic, whether it's even being implemented properly by my team or not, seems really overpowered on this game, even with the difficulties I've had going forward I've never found winning matches so easy on an FM since plug and play tactics stopped being effective.
  6. In my most recent game I changed slightly, decreasing the tempo to slightly higher, removing run at defence and added focus play for both wings and actually had a much better result Win v Derby But here goes: Defensive Midfield 1st choice Jedinak Backup Whelan Centre Midfield 1st Choice McGinn Hourihane Backup Bjarnasson Lansbury - note Lansbury may be sold in January and also is injured for at least 2 months Attacking Midfield 1st Choice Grealish Lolley Backup Adomah El Ghazi O'Hare Strikers First Choice Abraham Backup Hogan Kodjia
  7. Thanks for the reply I'm using CWBs because that's how the original preset set up my full backs and I haven't actually had an issue with them so didn't feel a need to change them, I'm glad for the width they offer as my inside forwards attack but also as my team has the 2nd lowest goals conceded in the league this season, they're clearly still doing their defensive duties. I see your point about my attacking instructions, I've changed them a lot to try and combat the amount of offsides I'm having called against me. I believe my strikers have getting low ratings because they're offside anywhere up to 5 times each a match. I was hoping that playing a higher tempo, direct game with passing into space would get the ball up field quickly to let my front 3 get on the ball before the defenders have chance to organise and use an offside trap My main issue is that we're not creating clear cut chances and that is partly because every time we get into good positions, my players are offside offsides We are fairly high on total chances created Chance Created But can't convert them, despite having some of the best attacking talent in the Championship Conversion % So really I could do with advice on how to set my team up to get the attacking players into better positions to score goals. On the gegenpress, while Villa aren't the ideal team for it, we have high work rate, team work and stamina throughout the squad, particularly when compared to other Championship team, so while I will have to change our style for sure in the Premier League, for now it's probably the best template for us to start with. I'm not bad at identifying issues in the team and will always assume it's something I'm not doing before trying to claim the game is at fault but finding fixes for said issues has always been my downfall so your help is much appreciated
  8. Hi everyone, I'm currently playing as the team I support, Aston Villa. So far it has been a struggle, despite currently being 3rd in the league, my front three are really playing below par and can't get into games, very rarely scoring or assisting, with most goals coming from midfielders long shots, corners or free kicks. I'm playing the tactical preset gegenpress with a few alterations and my only first team signing has been Joe Lolley to play inside forward on the right. Tactic We are consistantly failing to create good chances against any team and all of our games are very close in scoreline Fixtures Here are the stats of Grealish, Lolley, Abraham, Hogan and Kodjia Jack Grealish Joe Lolley Tammy Abraham Scott Hogan Jonathan Kodjia And here is how I'm setting them up, I've messed with how the forward plays a few times, as pressing forward hasn't really worked out and left them pretty isolated, I've also noted that all of my front 3 are being caught offside a lot every game. Here is how I'm setting my front three up Striker Inside Forward - Right Inside Forward - Left Any help and advice would be much appreciated, if any more screenshots or information is needed then please let me know. Thanks
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