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  1. No, wouldn't want to know the PA .. But an indication that differentiates between a player who would be a "star" in your team and a player who could be way better than what you could currently expect .. Yes, as Dr Hook mentioned up above - if you're managing in the Conference league and you get a player, there is a clue in the reports that says "... could go on to be a good Championship player in the future" .. and that's good .. but, when you're already playing in the top league in your poor (in quality terms) country, being told he could be a " .. leading player in your Dog & Duck league" isn't really helpful .. EVERYONE could be a leading player in my Dog & Duck league .. So more / better descriptive comparisons would be a start .. "Messi - has all the ingredients to go on to be a leading World star" .. "Mad Barry - potentially good for kicking people but not much else" .. yet in game, currently, they would both be classed as the aforementioned " .. leading player in your Dog & Duck league".
  2. I don't disagree when we're talking about players of similar potential ranges .. there is a marginal difference between a potential average Premier League player and Messi that could be hard to spot at 14 and who'll go onto to super-stardom as he matures. But when it comes to extreme ranges ... 200 PA vs 60 PA .. Thinking on - I'll agree there might be one stand out difference between the two of them. The 200 PA might have his 5 Gold Star Potential .. yet he might, at 16, be a 4 Gold Star Current whereas the 60 PA - 1 silver star. You would think that at 16 the 200 PA kid would currently be "ahead" of the 60 PA which could hint at his higher PA.
  3. Welshace - I'd still say you could spot the difference easily .. hence why Mad Barry got overlooked by Barca and Messi didn't. Dr. Hook - correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it just rate them as such against your countries league system? So Messi would be "Potential to be a star player in the Pub league" .. the same description that Mad Barry would get. If it said - "Potential to play at the highest level in the game and be the bestest ever (except against Ronaldo)", then fair-do's .. but I'm sure it only limits it to your countries league .. So if I'm a running a save in Rough Pub Country, then I still won't get any indication of just how good he could be (trust me, in my Welsh save, EVERY player I scout is 5 stars potential!!!)
  4. Maybe so, but for this reason or that, Freddy never reached the potential that he had - Messi did. But that's comparing 2 players deemed to have a lot of potential (can't remember what Adu's potential was in previous versions). But when comparing Messi to Mad Barry - to your scouts and coaches, there isn't any difference between the two of them.
  5. I've been playing around for a bit with FM and a scouting program (checking on the effects of youth recruitment at different levels) and I got to thinking. What's the justification in limiting a players PA to just the 5 stars in-game? If I'm managing the Dog & Duck and have a choice of signing either Mad Barry The Bouncer, a young 18 year old who's said who wants to come and play for us so he can "get into a few fights on a Sunday morning" and this young little 18 year old kid from Argentina called Lionel something-or-other - both could show in my Scout / Coach reports as 5 stars (PA) .. However, the magic of technology tells us that Mad Barry only has a PA of 60, yet little Lionel a PA of 4,097 or thereabouts. Are we to believe that we really couldn't spot the difference in potential between the 2 when we gave them both a week long trial? Yes, I know it's a game and maybe it would give the player way too much of an advantage, but other than that - is there another justification for the limit or am I just missing something when looking at two 5 star potential players?
  6. Makes sense if dg87 meant Sept 2015 - Jan 2016 ... Certainly looks that way - albeit a bit daft given your not told that (but would the Irish clubs get a youth intake in 2015 if I'd started a game in England?) As for the Youth Level - am playing as Cork City with their Extensive Youth network - so it's probably not that.
  7. Well, yeah, that's what I've seen - it's now 1st March 2015 and nothing.
  8. I'm currently playing in Ireland (for the 1st time) and having navigated my first season (well, 3/4s of it given the season had started when I began) and am now less than a week away from the start of the new season (5th Feb) and the transfer window is closed. And there's been no youth intake. None. Looking online I've seen dates from the 25th September each year, to January 5th. I know there is a random element to the actual date - but this is just silly. As said - I'm less than a week from the start of the new season - the transfer window is closed - and I still don't know what my squad is and whether I need to go out a spend decent wages (which I don't have) on unattached backup players for a couple of positions, that I may not actually need and which may well be a waste of money once the kids bother to turn up. I've let players go at the end of their contracts (who would have been backups and who rarely played) because I didn't think the Youth Team Bus was going to get lost. Anybody played in Ireland who knows roughly when the kids turn up?
  9. I tend to think offering trials is a bit of an exploit. Your scout can only get limited details about a player, but as soon as he arrives on trial, you have all his attributes and traits the moment he walks through the door. However, to the OP - the only solution is scouting long term and let the knowledge bar on the players report card progress closer to 100% (I take it you're playing with masked attributes?)
  10. Well, it's a "bug" that's been in the match engine for 6 years at least - because I went through a phase of uploading PKMs to the bug forum after nigh on every match back in 2008 .. as were many others. Yet it's still there today. You say "bug", I say fundamental flaw in the way the match engine generates play - and we'll leave it at that. Either way - it's problematic and SI either don't want to fix it, or can't.
  11. It doesn't MATTER when it pre-determines it - whether it's at the beginning, after a tactical change or before a particular passage of play .. what matter is that it IS pre-determined. What that means in simplistic terms is that if it's been predetermined a shot will occur at 37 minutes by the 5 pace striker, then the ME has to graphically represent that and if that means the 20 paced defender has to run in treacle instead of intercepting the ball and lumping it clear, then in treacle he will run. If the games we're being played "live" - like in FIFA or Pro-Evo - then issues with treacle runners wouldn't exist. They only exist (as do other "silly" things we see) because of the predetermined nature of things and that we're watching a replay and the engine sometimes has to "fudge" things to make what we see on the pitch match the pre-determined conclusion. Yes, we could argue it's a "bug" in the portrayal of what's happening - but, it's also a consequence of the pre-determined nature of things. Now there's a consequence to this : Players look at the match engine. They see players run in treacle, silly goalkeeping with back passes (as above) and a lot of the other silly things that happen from time to time and can't understand why and get frustrated by it. Come on here asking for help and get patronized and told "it's your tactics" .. "go learn the game" etc etc When in truth, if the match engine accurately portrayed what was happening they might actually be able to see where their tactics let them down. Instead, they see "lazy" defenders. "Stupid" keepers. It's for this reason, for years now, I've called for a more detailed feedback for players. Instead of being told "Billy Bob is being skinned a lot today" .. say why .. if the team is playing too narrow .. tell them .. if the opposition is playing a slow passing game - have that known to you .. etc .. then, there can be no confusion in players minds when the match engine isn't accurately showing what goes on .. or .. sort the match engine out.
  12. You're just contradicting yourself in that reply. "It knows when to show highlights because all the calculations have already taken place" Pre-determined. Make changes. Re-calculates things. And shows you the ones that have a conclusion. Which is exactly what I've said. And then in the nano-seconds (you say each second, I say Tomato) before you see it, it works out the passage of play you're about to see. You've just .. ermm .. made my point for me. Thanks. I think.
  13. Alex - What is the issue with the "Treacle Runners"? I know I was reporting this (as were many others) and uploading PKMs back in 2008 (maybe even before) and yet today we still see it happen at least 10 times a game. IE, a defender running to easily intercept or collect what appears to be an aimless lump forward and then suddenly either starts running on the spot or appears to drop to walking pace (despite what the animation shows) and allows a striker from 20 yards back to nip in.
  14. Bug reports? We're talking things here that have been present in the match engine for years. They are reported in vast numbers year after year and nothing changes. And, incidentally, I'm not saying goals are pre-determined - I'm saying passages of play in the nano-seconds before you see the "highlight" or the "stitched together" series of highlights that make up a full game : goal or not. Otherwise, the game couldn't determine what is a highlight or not (you can't decide to show a highlight before it's been determined it IS a highlight).
  15. Also, take a look at the number of team instructions you're setting. Sometimes, you can have far too many (or tweak too many in-game). For instance, playing Control but upping the Closing Down, Def Line, Passing length for example - can nearly make your Control(led) game an Attacking game. Football, as someone once said, is a simple game. Tell the team to play Control / Flexible and let them get on with it.
  16. The ME is never going to accurately portray what's going on in the calculations in the background. Needs to be binned and a complete re-write from the ground up with a change in philosophy in how the match events are calculated and portrayed. Players stats mean absolutely nothing when it comes to the Match Engine .. nothing .. It's why you see the Dog & Duck playing a fast, 1 touch, short passing game that would put Barca to shame .. It's why you see 20 pace / acceleration strikers not blowing fat defenders away and why your 20 jumping central defender get beat in the air with a cross into the box by a 4 foot tall, 6 year old when the calculations have decided they are going to score.
  17. Not a "bump" but a continuation of the above post about a specific problem I'm seeing .. Players just "lumping it" .. My CDs have the ball and despite players dropping to receive an unpressured short pass into mid-field .. despite changing to short passing .. despite changing to retain possession .. despite giving PIs to the CDs to pass it shorter .. all they do is lump it wildly up front to the striker .. mostly, it misses by 30 yards and the defenders just pick it up .. I've changed the strikers role from TM to DLF so as to take away a good excuse to lump it .. they still do .. in fact, they probably lump it moreso now .. and at least when he was a TM it went somewhere near him. Any ideas?
  18. Getting tired of watching my little blobs running around not doing what they are "supposed to be" doing .. having an easy, simple pass on to the open striker in the box .. only to have them stop, turn in a circle 3 or 4 times before falling to the floor and have the opposition come away with the ball. Or, even of the pass does come, it's behind the striker and by the time he moves his fat backside (his stats says he's 10 stone and a decent movement stats, but he has a turning circle like Mickey Quinn) to turn and pick the ball up, 3 defenders have appeared out of nowhere and he then ends up doing the falling to the ground thing .. It's not tempo - it happens whether it's set slow or high .. it's not necessarily the players - their stats are fine for the division they're in. They just won't do what they are suppose to do. Winger in 20 yards of space .. 8 foot tall striker stood in the box wide open, my runners from deep entering the box .. CROSS IT!!!! .. winger dallies .. and dallies .. and dallies .. those 3 magical players appear from nowhere again, he tries to take them on and well .. ends up doing that falling down thing. Target man brings down a long ball out of defence .. out wide, the 2 wide players tear the opposition full-backs a new one looking for the angled pass behind the defence, the AM (A) drives forward to support the TM and he .. well, stands on the ball a bit .. from the distance I'm watching, it looks like he's doing a little Irish jig .. Riverdance I think .. 3 defenders .. puff of smoke .. falls down. You get the idea. Ok, if you can't "see" the wingers, the AM is stood 10 yards from you unmarked and you're looking right at him .. PASS IT! Every game for a season and a half this has gone on. No matter the combination of players, roles and duties .. no matter the mentaility or shape .. just turns out the same. I watch the AI teams .. the Dog & Duck and the like .. we're down in the conference here so the players certainly aren't world-beaters .. playing crisp, fast, one touch passes .. nobody dallying on the ball .. playing the right passes .. at the right time .. turning my defenders inside out .. It's like watching Messi and Co .. well, in truth, the opposition blobs would put that lot to shame the way they knock it around - the quality of the conference has certainly picked up. Anyway, here is my latest iteration of trying to get this right .. 4231 .. Standard .. Flexible SWK (S) WB left (S) - sometimes attack depending on the situation CD left © CD right (X) WB right (S) - sometimes attack depending on the situation CM left (D) CM right BBM (s) W left (A) - sometimes support depending on the situation AM center or AP center (s) - sometimes go Attack and change the TM to support W right (A) - sometimes support depending on the situation TM (A) - sometimes go to support when the AM / AP changes to Attack ----- I've tried playing the TM as a DLF or a DF (sometimes I have to if the TM is injured / tired / subbed as the back up isn't really cut out for TM stuff) - but they just tend to drop way too deep. The CMids have probably had every combination of pairings you can imagine over the season and a half since I switched to 4231 .. -------------- Team Instructions .. Standard .. Flexible .. More Direct Push Higher Up Close Down More Get Stuck In Higher Tempo Width - dependent on the situation, look for Overlaps when I'm not at the widest. Use Tighter Marking sometimes - Basic way my attacks play out .. Direct ball into the TM who, due to his size and strength, manages to take it down and hold it waiting for support .. which doesn't come .. or when it does, he makes the wrong choice .. or falls over. Attack breaks down. Sometimes, he picks the ball up on the edge of the box .. wide players dart through channels .. pass doesn't happen .. he falls down. Sometimes, he passes it back to some support in the midfield .. who pass it left .. pass it right .. turn back into the middle .. pass it left .. pass it right .. hoof a Hollywood ball into the stand .. WBs are stood wide open on the flanks wondering why they bothered .. somebody, somewhere, falls down. And that's it. It seems to work better away from home - possibly due to countering with the Wide Players pushed up .. but against one of the Barca type teams who zip the ball around at 100mph, close down all over the pitch, attack in numbers, defend in numbers (despite only have a couple of seconds to get back into position), harry and hassle yet never see their passing % drop or tire out, it always struggles and although I won't ship goals galore, they're sure to get 1 more than me. Any ideas?
  19. I'm just curious as to what peoples approach is when the Ass Manager informs you that one of your players "looks like .. " he could be doing something more or less. Do you - and should you - indulge the players and give him PIs to reflect what the Ass Man is saying whether during the match in question or in a more broader sense by having the PI part of the main global tactic. Or do you just ignore it. Also, anybody know what the Ass Mans bases this assumption on?
  20. It's back to a computer game and game football argument. A professional footballer who plays central defense, for instance, shouldn't have to look to the touchline for instructions when an opposition team suddenly starts being more direct. If he needs to, he needs booting out of the club. He does the right thing automatically - even the "poor" ones. He trained and played that role his entire life - he doesn't need to be told how to defend against a team who's switched to a more direct game. Yes, a rampaging full back might need to be told to curb his enthusiasm - but, if (in FM parlance) he's in a support role, he should be clever enough to say "oh hang on, I'd better hang back a bit more" without being told to and will nullify certain threats auto-magically without the managers input. It's football positional basics. if he is still rampaging forward (or if he holds back but the manager wants him to still push on) then instruction is necessary. Again, we're back here to lumping every pass to a 7 foot tall striker - as you rightly said, players will make a judgement in real life regardless in what the manager says. Yet in FM, that rampaging fullback suddenly needs baby-sitting. In real life, a defense under constant pressure will - without any manager input (or despite it) - gradually drop deeper and deeper .. it's not tactical, the manager is screaming at them to push up, yet they won't. They might a little bit, but will drop off again. The risk / reward part of their brain is telling them that it's safer to drop off ("backing off from a threat") no matter what the manager is telling them. Only the truly strong minded defenders can hold the line. Yet in FM - you or the AI tells them to have the defensive line here or there, they'll stick to it religiously. And this is the point I'm making all through this .. Players are not robots. They can't or won't do exactly what they are told to do. They won't fully understand. They'll misinterpret. They'll say "sod that". They'll make their own judgement based on their skill and experience. Their mental state will dictate what they do or don't do. A team battered for 80 minutes will very very rarely switch into Barca mode just because their manager asks them to. When heads drop they don't come back up easily. And if they do, they won't do it exactly like the manager asked let alone have the actual skills necessary to do what they are being asked. Yet the Dog & Duck can do it as soon as their manager clicks his fingers. And that's not realistic.
  21. To be fair, Alex - I've been banging on about this for years. Again, I don't see it as a bug or match engine problem, it's a football psychology problem / game related problem. Read my above post about shifts in mentality .. in real life, it never ever happens as easily as it does in FM. Simply put : a touchline shout (or even a series of them) is never and should never be as effective and / or immediate as a pre-match tactical plan or, to a lesser extent, a half-time reshuffle .. Why spend a week working on match preparation if you can instantly switch to a completely different way of playing, mindset, mentality - with all intricate instructions included - and have the players carry it out perfectly to your wishes without any confusion, with a few shouts from the touchline? It doesn't work like that and nor should it. Yes, teams CAN change mentality and little tweaks here and there can have an impact and nullify certain threats from the opposition or expose a weakness, but entire shifts in tactics, or shifts from from one extreme to the other, that completely negates the opposition offensive / defensive tactics in one instantaneous swoop is not realistic. I'll finish off with a theoretical example given already : Man City vs Burnley .. Burnley park the bus for 80 minutes, yet still find themselves 3-0 down after being battered .. firstly, would Sean Dyche suddenly tell Burnley to switch into all-out-attack mode for the last 10 minutes to "try and get a result"? Highly highly unlikely - but that's another discussion. But if he did, would Pellegrini say : "OMG! Burnley have gone all Barca on us - we'd best switch to 4-5-1 defensive and grind this last 10 minutes out!!"? In FM you ALWAYS have to do that when the Dog & Duck go into Barca mode. If you carry on regardless, like what good teams do against the poor ones, you get tagged back. If not all the way, but certainly it's squeky bum time. I've had games where I've been leading 7-0 (with TNS is the Welsh leagues where after a season or two, you're players are so far ahead of the opposition it gets boring), the opposiiton have switched to Barca mode for the last 10 or 15 minutes, and without changing tactics (so bored, I couldn't be bothered) games have ended up 7-3 or 7-4 .. psychologically speaking, it's just not realistic but the goals come about because of treacle runners, moonwalkers and defenders ducking under headers .. They haven't done any of those things the previous 80 minutes but only when the opposition have switched to Barca mode. ---- Highlight mode - mostly Extended, but Comprehensive in "big games".
  22. Yet when a manager tells a team to go all out attack the last 10 minutes, they do it without flinching and do exactly what they are told despite being stuck in a defensive mentality for the previous 80 minutes .. which is the exact point I'm making. Now what teams can do is just pump balls into the box and hope something drops - which you see often but is not really productive and rarely successful - the odd time, maybe - but rarely 3 times in 10 minutes .. but changing their entire mentality and playing style to a fast attacking in your face style of football where they cut through a previously impregnable defence with impunity just because the manager changes tactics from "park the bus", is not realistic and rarely happens - their entire mentality has been stuck in "park the bus" mode for 80 minutes, they've been battered to hell and are 3-0 down .. in real life, players aren't robots (or little blocks of AI controlled pixels) .. yet in FM, drastic changes in mentality like that happen instantly and without any confusion from the players. A 15 minute team talk at half-time CAN change a mentality from 1 extreme to the other .. but a "go all out attack now, lads" shout from the touchline rarely changes things to the extent you see in FM. Again, players aren't robots - yet in FM, they can easily switch from one thing to another way too easily.
  23. I'm not saying they are "balance" issues or bugs .. it's the match engine just not being able to portray a game of football 100% accurately. The running in treacle, a defender suddenly missing easy headers to allow strikers a free run at goal, players moonwalking instead of reacting to threats, Super-keepers of old etc etc etc .. IMO they are just symptoms of two opposing tactics going head to head with no easy way to reflect what went on to bring about a chance or goal that has been predetermined in the nano-seconds prior to the particular passage of play that we see. IF what we saw in the match engine was "live" - like in Pro-Evo or FIFA, then we could possibly say they were bugs - but what we see is just a representation of calculations that have already be made. They generally mean there IS a flaw in your tactics and, in that moment, running in treacle, for example, is the only way the ME can represent it. As such, the player manager is left non-the-wiser as to what or where the problem is - all he sees is a defender running in treacle.
  24. Why can't I tell my players to ALWAYS hit high balls to my 7 foot striker up front, regardless of what other option they may have? Oh that's right .. because it's not real football. In real football, I can tell them to do what I want. What it is is a whole load of maths going on in the background with a million and one variables. I can live with that. But sometimes, those variables go wonky or are wonky from the start. I'd rather as many of those wonky variables get put right .. so for instance, just because the other team takes on an attacking mentality, I'd rather my super fast defenders didn't suddenly start running in treacle because of the behind the scenes slider positions of my team and the AI - point it out if I'm wrong, but I can't see the "don't run in treacle" option in the team instructions. So how do I solve that? One of the goals was down to a defender running in treacle when he had a 5 yard start on the forward who's acceleration and pace are half my player? Line was relatively deep, not playing offside or anything silly .. One hoof from their keeper, my player ran in treacle, theirs didn't. Goal! It's easy to say "it's your tactics" - probably right, but all anybody can see is a fast defender, with his laces tied together, running in treacle. A 5 yard pass, no pressure on the passer or the player receiving the pass .. pass goes 5 yards stray .. guy who should have received the pass just moonwalked on the spot, watched the loose ball and the opposition player who was 10 yards behind him, run past, pick up the ball and hit a 25 yard screamer into the top corner (I never checked his Long Shots, maybe I should ) .. In real life, 30k voices would have shouted Man-On .. In FM, nah - just moonwalk and let them score. Like with treacle, I don't see any moonwalking options in the Team / Player instructions. Now I accept, it's a game .. it has to do funny things at times to make what we see on screen match the calculations under the hood .. but when it DOES resort to doing silly things, it shows the match engine isn't accurately representing what actually was calculated .. so hence we need .. FEEDBACK. Is that really too much to ask?
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