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  1. It's back to a computer game and game football argument. A professional footballer who plays central defense, for instance, shouldn't have to look to the touchline for instructions when an opposition team suddenly starts being more direct. If he needs to, he needs booting out of the club. He does the right thing automatically - even the "poor" ones. He trained and played that role his entire life - he doesn't need to be told how to defend against a team who's switched to a more direct game. Yes, a rampaging full back might need to be told to curb his enthusiasm - but, if (in FM parlance) he's
  2. To be fair, Alex - I've been banging on about this for years. Again, I don't see it as a bug or match engine problem, it's a football psychology problem / game related problem. Read my above post about shifts in mentality .. in real life, it never ever happens as easily as it does in FM. Simply put : a touchline shout (or even a series of them) is never and should never be as effective and / or immediate as a pre-match tactical plan or, to a lesser extent, a half-time reshuffle .. Why spend a week working on match preparation if you can instantly switch to a completely different way of playing
  3. Yet when a manager tells a team to go all out attack the last 10 minutes, they do it without flinching and do exactly what they are told despite being stuck in a defensive mentality for the previous 80 minutes .. which is the exact point I'm making. Now what teams can do is just pump balls into the box and hope something drops - which you see often but is not really productive and rarely successful - the odd time, maybe - but rarely 3 times in 10 minutes .. but changing their entire mentality and playing style to a fast attacking in your face style of football where they cut through a previ
  4. I'm not saying they are "balance" issues or bugs .. it's the match engine just not being able to portray a game of football 100% accurately. The running in treacle, a defender suddenly missing easy headers to allow strikers a free run at goal, players moonwalking instead of reacting to threats, Super-keepers of old etc etc etc .. IMO they are just symptoms of two opposing tactics going head to head with no easy way to reflect what went on to bring about a chance or goal that has been predetermined in the nano-seconds prior to the particular passage of play that we see. IF what we saw in the
  5. Why can't I tell my players to ALWAYS hit high balls to my 7 foot striker up front, regardless of what other option they may have? Oh that's right .. because it's not real football. In real football, I can tell them to do what I want. What it is is a whole load of maths going on in the background with a million and one variables. I can live with that. But sometimes, those variables go wonky or are wonky from the start. I'd rather as many of those wonky variables get put right .. so for instance, just because the other team takes on an attacking mentality, I'd rather my super fast defenders
  6. It's not a bug, Alex .. it's a fundamental design flaw .. .. it's been there since day 1 and has often been brought up on these forums yet never gets addressed .. Jeez .. it took 5 years before something as obvious as regens got sorted out, so I'm not holding my breath .. Simply - there isn't anywhere near enough feedback available to compensate for the match engine not being able to accurately portray what's going on .. people need to know about the oppositions tempo, their mentality, closing down, passing .. basically, they need to "see" the oppositions team / player instructions (masked,
  7. You really aren't reading my posts are your Cougar? No, you have your belief and you'll just carry on regardless. What part of my replies don't you understand? I'll keep it simple in my repetition : I have a number of defensive set ups that see's me having the best defence in the league (as I do with all my saves in all versions of FM going back to year dot) that I switch to and from when necessary .. In that game, for example, I changed from 442 to 451 Counter before they scored their first goal (I recognised that suddenly something had changed - the Dog & Duck had become Barca) And yo
  8. And .. there we go .. the same response for the last 8 years .. The point is being missed. I lay it out as simple and best I can. I'm 2nd in the league .. 3rd best Goals For .. Best Goals against .. The Dog & Duck .. 2nd bottom in the league .. 3rd worst Goals For .. 8th worst Goals Against. I usually start off Attacking at home against teams like this .. They set up defensively .. 442 vs 442 .. By 80 minutes .. I have 21 shots, 12 on target .......... They have 1 shot, 0 on target .... I lead 3-0. On 80 minutes (maybe 81) .. I sense they've changed their shirt colour to the Clare
  9. No matter the version .. FM still delivers when it comes to the Dog & Duck .. The poorest team in the league gets dominated in a game but then, when they "need a goal or three", they turn into a team of superstars and Messi would struggle to get in their team. It often makes you wonder - if they could play like this "when they need to" - why aren't they top of the league? They're 3-0 down with 10 minutes to go and their manager shouts out "Come on Bazza - the booze should be out of your system by now - get the lads playing will ya"? Bazza gives a little knowing nod. Stamps out his fag, p
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