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  1. No, wouldn't want to know the PA .. But an indication that differentiates between a player who would be a "star" in your team and a player who could be way better than what you could currently expect .. Yes, as Dr Hook mentioned up above - if you're managing in the Conference league and you get a player, there is a clue in the reports that says "... could go on to be a good Championship player in the future" .. and that's good .. but, when you're already playing in the top league in your poor (in quality terms) country, being told he could be a " .. leading player in your Dog & Duck league" isn't really helpful .. EVERYONE could be a leading player in my Dog & Duck league .. So more / better descriptive comparisons would be a start .. "Messi - has all the ingredients to go on to be a leading World star" .. "Mad Barry - potentially good for kicking people but not much else" .. yet in game, currently, they would both be classed as the aforementioned " .. leading player in your Dog & Duck league".
  2. I don't disagree when we're talking about players of similar potential ranges .. there is a marginal difference between a potential average Premier League player and Messi that could be hard to spot at 14 and who'll go onto to super-stardom as he matures. But when it comes to extreme ranges ... 200 PA vs 60 PA .. Thinking on - I'll agree there might be one stand out difference between the two of them. The 200 PA might have his 5 Gold Star Potential .. yet he might, at 16, be a 4 Gold Star Current whereas the 60 PA - 1 silver star. You would think that at 16 the 200 PA kid would currently be "ahead" of the 60 PA which could hint at his higher PA.
  3. Welshace - I'd still say you could spot the difference easily .. hence why Mad Barry got overlooked by Barca and Messi didn't. Dr. Hook - correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it just rate them as such against your countries league system? So Messi would be "Potential to be a star player in the Pub league" .. the same description that Mad Barry would get. If it said - "Potential to play at the highest level in the game and be the bestest ever (except against Ronaldo)", then fair-do's .. but I'm sure it only limits it to your countries league .. So if I'm a running a save in Rough Pub Country, then I still won't get any indication of just how good he could be (trust me, in my Welsh save, EVERY player I scout is 5 stars potential!!!)
  4. Maybe so, but for this reason or that, Freddy never reached the potential that he had - Messi did. But that's comparing 2 players deemed to have a lot of potential (can't remember what Adu's potential was in previous versions). But when comparing Messi to Mad Barry - to your scouts and coaches, there isn't any difference between the two of them.
  5. I've been playing around for a bit with FM and a scouting program (checking on the effects of youth recruitment at different levels) and I got to thinking. What's the justification in limiting a players PA to just the 5 stars in-game? If I'm managing the Dog & Duck and have a choice of signing either Mad Barry The Bouncer, a young 18 year old who's said who wants to come and play for us so he can "get into a few fights on a Sunday morning" and this young little 18 year old kid from Argentina called Lionel something-or-other - both could show in my Scout / Coach reports as 5 stars (PA) .. However, the magic of technology tells us that Mad Barry only has a PA of 60, yet little Lionel a PA of 4,097 or thereabouts. Are we to believe that we really couldn't spot the difference in potential between the 2 when we gave them both a week long trial? Yes, I know it's a game and maybe it would give the player way too much of an advantage, but other than that - is there another justification for the limit or am I just missing something when looking at two 5 star potential players?
  6. Makes sense if dg87 meant Sept 2015 - Jan 2016 ... Certainly looks that way - albeit a bit daft given your not told that (but would the Irish clubs get a youth intake in 2015 if I'd started a game in England?) As for the Youth Level - am playing as Cork City with their Extensive Youth network - so it's probably not that.
  7. Well, yeah, that's what I've seen - it's now 1st March 2015 and nothing.
  8. I'm currently playing in Ireland (for the 1st time) and having navigated my first season (well, 3/4s of it given the season had started when I began) and am now less than a week away from the start of the new season (5th Feb) and the transfer window is closed. And there's been no youth intake. None. Looking online I've seen dates from the 25th September each year, to January 5th. I know there is a random element to the actual date - but this is just silly. As said - I'm less than a week from the start of the new season - the transfer window is closed - and I still don't know what my squad is and whether I need to go out a spend decent wages (which I don't have) on unattached backup players for a couple of positions, that I may not actually need and which may well be a waste of money once the kids bother to turn up. I've let players go at the end of their contracts (who would have been backups and who rarely played) because I didn't think the Youth Team Bus was going to get lost. Anybody played in Ireland who knows roughly when the kids turn up?
  9. I tend to think offering trials is a bit of an exploit. Your scout can only get limited details about a player, but as soon as he arrives on trial, you have all his attributes and traits the moment he walks through the door. However, to the OP - the only solution is scouting long term and let the knowledge bar on the players report card progress closer to 100% (I take it you're playing with masked attributes?)
  10. Well, it's a "bug" that's been in the match engine for 6 years at least - because I went through a phase of uploading PKMs to the bug forum after nigh on every match back in 2008 .. as were many others. Yet it's still there today. You say "bug", I say fundamental flaw in the way the match engine generates play - and we'll leave it at that. Either way - it's problematic and SI either don't want to fix it, or can't.
  11. It doesn't MATTER when it pre-determines it - whether it's at the beginning, after a tactical change or before a particular passage of play .. what matter is that it IS pre-determined. What that means in simplistic terms is that if it's been predetermined a shot will occur at 37 minutes by the 5 pace striker, then the ME has to graphically represent that and if that means the 20 paced defender has to run in treacle instead of intercepting the ball and lumping it clear, then in treacle he will run. If the games we're being played "live" - like in FIFA or Pro-Evo - then issues with treacle runners wouldn't exist. They only exist (as do other "silly" things we see) because of the predetermined nature of things and that we're watching a replay and the engine sometimes has to "fudge" things to make what we see on the pitch match the pre-determined conclusion. Yes, we could argue it's a "bug" in the portrayal of what's happening - but, it's also a consequence of the pre-determined nature of things. Now there's a consequence to this : Players look at the match engine. They see players run in treacle, silly goalkeeping with back passes (as above) and a lot of the other silly things that happen from time to time and can't understand why and get frustrated by it. Come on here asking for help and get patronized and told "it's your tactics" .. "go learn the game" etc etc When in truth, if the match engine accurately portrayed what was happening they might actually be able to see where their tactics let them down. Instead, they see "lazy" defenders. "Stupid" keepers. It's for this reason, for years now, I've called for a more detailed feedback for players. Instead of being told "Billy Bob is being skinned a lot today" .. say why .. if the team is playing too narrow .. tell them .. if the opposition is playing a slow passing game - have that known to you .. etc .. then, there can be no confusion in players minds when the match engine isn't accurately showing what goes on .. or .. sort the match engine out.
  12. You're just contradicting yourself in that reply. "It knows when to show highlights because all the calculations have already taken place" Pre-determined. Make changes. Re-calculates things. And shows you the ones that have a conclusion. Which is exactly what I've said. And then in the nano-seconds (you say each second, I say Tomato) before you see it, it works out the passage of play you're about to see. You've just .. ermm .. made my point for me. Thanks. I think.
  13. Alex - What is the issue with the "Treacle Runners"? I know I was reporting this (as were many others) and uploading PKMs back in 2008 (maybe even before) and yet today we still see it happen at least 10 times a game. IE, a defender running to easily intercept or collect what appears to be an aimless lump forward and then suddenly either starts running on the spot or appears to drop to walking pace (despite what the animation shows) and allows a striker from 20 yards back to nip in.
  14. Bug reports? We're talking things here that have been present in the match engine for years. They are reported in vast numbers year after year and nothing changes. And, incidentally, I'm not saying goals are pre-determined - I'm saying passages of play in the nano-seconds before you see the "highlight" or the "stitched together" series of highlights that make up a full game : goal or not. Otherwise, the game couldn't determine what is a highlight or not (you can't decide to show a highlight before it's been determined it IS a highlight).
  15. Also, take a look at the number of team instructions you're setting. Sometimes, you can have far too many (or tweak too many in-game). For instance, playing Control but upping the Closing Down, Def Line, Passing length for example - can nearly make your Control(led) game an Attacking game. Football, as someone once said, is a simple game. Tell the team to play Control / Flexible and let them get on with it.
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