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  1. Im using a slightly tweaked version and I score a lot but the problem is the defense is so leaky
  2. Im not sure how would the defence hold up with much higher defensive line, especially having Per
  3. Jdownie what changes would u make if you would use this with arsenal? For example maybe offside trap or making both fullbacks WBs? Or perhaps taking off shorter passing on people like AP and IFs
  4. This year Im refusing to download tactics so Im set on making a really good one myself. Here it is http://i.imgur.com/1lpc5ka.png It works ok vs lower teams at times but most of the time it struggles against just about everybody. The idea is to replicate arsenal playstyle in FM, I know the formation isnt the usual 4-2-3-1 but whenever I see them play its more 4-1-1-3-1. One midfielder is looking to protect the back four (Arteta) other is more of B2B (Ramsey/Wislhere) and other AP ( Ozil/Wilshere/Caz). It looks different but when they play it works a lot like arsenal duty wise, however Im struggling to get results
  5. I cant seem to get this 4-3-3 to work. It plays well against lower opposition however crumbles against top teams http://i.imgur.com/1lpc5ka.png
  6. In player instructions I had AP and BBM both to roam? Could that be why the results have been so inconstant
  7. Ive been trying to make this 4-3-3 work for a while, are there any glaring problems that you see?
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