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  1. Dont know where to ask this anymore, no one seems to know. Sometimes when I start a new career I get this Then I restart and I get the option for a work permit affiliate as well, but its so rare, in 17 It was always there
  2. @Nic Madden Not really a question Found it amusing while browsing this thread and had a dejavu moment since I bid for this kid 10 min ago
  3. If I have a B2B near the IF, should that be changed too or does that apply only to mezzala
  4. Fragnat

    The Inside Forward

    What kind of system fits a raumdeuter would you say?
  5. You have so many instructions to retain possession. Retain, Shorter, Play out of Defense, Work ball into box. Id start by getting rid from some of them. Also you have look for overlap, might be wrong here but how does look for overlap work with W/A? There is no really penetration instructions, such as pass into space or something of the sort. Basically you are making it so that its really easy to play against you by sitting deep and letting you have possession while countering you. But thats just me. Just start by making it simpler if I were you.
  6. Let me ask differently then. Is Raumdeuter a good role for possession football and could that be the underlying cause of the AML's failure in most games? I hope that makes sense
  7. I also posted this in the stupid questions thread but ill give it a show here too. The AML does not seem to work, very rarely performs, could it be the roles around the RMD?
  8. Im basing this tactic off of the Art of Possession thread by Cleon. And its working ok. The problem seems to be the AML almost never performs, is there anything wrong with the roles perhaps that make him inneffective?
  9. While you are here. What do you think suits the Ramsey Wilshire midfield role wise. The aforementioned combination or do you have anything else in mind. Thanks
  10. Yeah the AP S is on the opposite side. I guess I'd rather the RMD be the focal point so IF is better?
  11. Sorry I replied to you in the previous post but it didn't work as I am on my phone
  12. Hmm I try to play possession game with a defensive midfield triangle with AP S and CM A with DM D behind them. Also the player in question to play in that position is Ozil or Chamberlain
  13. What are the differences between AP S and IF S in the AMR position. And which one would be more suitable when AML is RMD and lone striker is F9. There is no AMC
  14. How would I go about playing counter attacking style?
  15. Hello, Im struggling to make possession work as compared to last year's. A lot of the games I seem to get the possession however no CCCs. Other games I wont get possession and maybe get a goal and scrape by. Ive tried things like lowering the tempo, increasing creative freedom. What are some other things I could try to increase the penetration. Also I dont have any PIs.