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  1. Unless im mistaken there is no on screen keyboard support on the windows version though, is there?
  2. Just checking in, as been as this years version is now called FM Touch does that mean that the PC versions FMT mode has an on screen keyboard, its a nightmare playing previous versions on a tab without one!
  3. Retina

    Fair enough I do understand, one for 2015 maybe? out of curiosity what is the native res of the skin retinas use?
  4. is there any chance of an update for the retina ipads with a retina skin, game looks great on my iphone 5 but awful on my ipad air text is blurred and id guess its probably far from retina resolution
  5. FM 13 Windows 8

    Ive played about 20-30 hours of FM12 on Windows 8, it works perfect. (as to how, Win 8 was released to MSDN subscribers on the 20th ish of August)
  6. FM 13 Windows 8

    Entitled to your opinion and all, but ive been using it for the last 3 weeks and you start to not notice the changes, little things are still annoying but the speed up in boot more than makes up for it for me. Admittedly I was a big critic of Win 8 on the outside, but you just get used to it.
  7. I have to agree with DaveM1965 here, Board Interaction in general is pretty bad, I mean I get transfer budgets of 130 mil, bank balances in the 300 mils and yet the board flat out refuse to give me another physio as "they are happy with the way the club is running", if the feature isn't developed enough for it to smartly decide on Board decisions or give good reasons for it, then it should be up to the manager, might not be as realistic but neither is things like top clubs with 3000-5000 seat stadiums.
  8. Is FM2013 even coming out?

    One month from the traditional release? try 2 months. Also they already stated FM2013 news would be out near the end of the month
  9. Not really the right forum for that, but that was similar to my old build, 10 leagues should run at a decent pace, about an hour (later on obviously longer) to holiday through 1 season for me.
  10. Can't exit on 3.4a

    Standard for android really should be going back to the previous screen you were on, as it is now (I Think) and then if you press back while on the main menu it gives you a choice of closing the game. Thats what Most android games do.
  11. 960x540 is far more used than 960x640 on android
  12. so is it just the 2 skins in atm then? 480x320 and 800x480?
  13. obviously im going to be biased and say id like it to be 960x540 as its my phone's res, but surely there will be a lot of complaints from people that its only covering part of the screen. Thats why I suggested its an option even if it looks rubbish
  14. to be fair on android the only majorly used resolutions are 800x480 854x480 960x540 and 1280x800 with a couple of 1024x600 on lower spec tablets. Not too many to cover. Also couldn't we have the option of the strech even if it does look blurry?
  15. Hey mark I noticed that it says the resolution minimum is 480x320, so higher resolution devices, will it just be that stretched such as FMH on iphone4 before the retina update, or truly at the natives res of the phone so say 960x540?