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  1. Luck of the draw really then. In my game Man City have taken through 2 top top regens, United have one very good one, and another that looks solid enough. Only in two seasons in my game. I have taken through 1 in that time that will push for my first team.
  2. How is it possible you have played 7 seasons with Barca, Porto, Partizan and Dinamo already? :confused: I thought i was addicted, but thats to another extreme level.
  3. I'm guessing its the fact he went there and didnt win every game, because you know he is that good.....although he has only managed two teams, both by far the best teams in their respective leagues, both with the worlds best players at them........
  4. How about you start with actual problems, since there are so many it should be an easy list to put together.
  5. Yeah the ball is horrible to see on certain pitches. If its a sunny day i just cant see it at all and have to switch to 2D, if its cloudy or a darker pitch its ok. I turned off the weather effects as well, when it snows you may as well just not bother trying to see what goes on. Have to say tho, this is the best ME build for a while. I get lots of variation of goals, still a few too many crosses but i do play with high attacking wingers so its to be expected in a way. Far more goals through the middle than there were before. Keepers can be a bit suspect with the simple things, and pull of won
  6. Yup makes a HUGE difference. I rarely conceed from a corner now i have a proper set up.
  7. I'd take offence, but taking a back seat to Brock is nothing to be ashamed off.
  8. I think that was me I only came across it because i wanted to see where that positioned a player on the screen and it seemed to work really well at stopping those near post corners.
  9. I think in England you can only approach players who might be on a free at the very end of the season, not after january.
  10. You must have done nothing since the update, but play FM every second because otherwise there is no way you have tried every downloadable tactic, with your team having learnt it to fluid level, even if you have played every second, its still highly unlikely you have done as you have said.
  11. When sending out players on loan id like an interaction option that simply says "go out and get yourself some games, your still wanted at this club" whereas most of the options dont really say this, they are more suited to getting rid of a player for good.
  12. Set a player to zonal mark the six yard box, should cut out a lot of the near post ones.
  13. Match engine is a lot more enjoyable now, some nice build up play and not everyone just rushes out wide every time. Crosses have not been completely nerfed, which is the correct thing to do, but they are much less effective which hopefully should bring the goal count down a wee bit. There must have been a change to the ball and the match graphics in general, now much much easier to see everything. Outwith the slow saving im really happy. The only thing id want changed is those bloody drop down menu's, so annoying, but a big thumbs up from me.
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