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  1. Weirdly enough my laptop had a graphics rating of a half star for fm15 and a star and a half for 16.....can only be a good thing. Creating the manager avatar is hugely pointless. Rest looks quite nice so far, albeit a little cluttered looking at times.
  2. Best post in the whole thread so far for so many reason
  3. Not disputing that at all. I dont think i stated that Portugal were a good team. Its just people are getting carried away here. Wales are bang average, but having good results and have a world class player to drag them through tough games. Hardly a team that is a match for all of Europe bar Germany.
  4. Ive watched more than just last night. There has not been one game i have seen Wales play and thought you guys were great. You have a superstar who carries you through everything. Take Bale out of that side and you would have 1 or 2 wins at most.
  5. Wales arent even playing that well. Its just they have Bale. If you watched them last night you would see a very average side, who rely 1000% on one player to make something happen. Fair enough the defence looked solid enough, but its really not a great team playing well.
  6. Good thread, would read again just for CC's break down
  7. I think id go along with this. I dont hate FM15 at all, and i dont even dislike it, but i dont enjoy it that much. Too many little things dont work properly, too many silly little bugs rather than anything glaring. The ME for me is really good, i enjoy it, the AI is a bit better this time, but things like the in game editor being a bit of a mess, too many wrong media things, wrong names, and just a heap of tiny things that take a bit away from the immersion i always loved with FM. I put it down about 2 months ago, havent felt like playing it again since. TBH tho i put that down to myself as much as anything. I think i have grown out of the game a bit.
  8. Well thats clearly not true. The award has been on the go for a long time, long before money became as prevalent in football as it is now.
  9. Next you should edit out the AI's ability to score goals, just to improve the fun of it, afterall, no one wants to play a game they dont win at every day, do they?
  10. You could ask them to post a screen shot of their hall of fame, or whatever table it is Steam generates to show who is the better player. If they have used the editor, they wont be able to provide a screen shot.
  11. Let them get the editors actually working first, before asking them to add more to them.
  12. Worth nothing as well its highly unlikely you will reach the levels of Real and Barca due to the huge TV deals they already have in real life.
  13. Its simple, as a matter of practise you should never run anti virus checks, or let it automatically start a check when your playing any game, your likely to loose files and cause issues. Add FM to the list of exempt files and this will never be a problem.
  14. Well you have already proven they do. The game against Valencia, they had 4 shots on target, only scored twice. So thats two saves. I could go on but there is no need.
  15. Would they really tho? This has come up in real life over the past few weeks and to sign him would not make any financial sense to any club. You will never recuperate the cost of signing him no matter what. £500m is what it would cost to buy him and pay him, its just too expensive for any club to really consider it.
  16. Just use the option that says you wont get as much game time if you move. Its the new way of getting around this problem, works every single time for me.
  17. To touch on a couple. Benfica are certainly behind Juve in terms of rep, no question Juve is still the bigger club, by far. Benfica may have 14M fans ( how you add them up is beyond me) but how many do Juve have? What about the other clubs around them? I'm guess you know these numbers since your using them as an example. Your issues only seem to be Benfica related, not portugal specifically, infact you point out other Portuguese clubs have better ratings in some area's. Lastly, none of this is to do with the GD forum, its a data issue you have, it should be in the data part of the forum, but a post like this will not get much attention.
  18. How long do you think this game has been on the go for? In relative speaking the 3d is new, we had football manager and championship manager long before the 3d animation was even spoke about. Infact i remember a lot being against it when it was first mentioned. The 3d is nice for watching goals, and it can be enjoyable for watching games, but not watching it doesnt take away the fact your still managing a football team. Your not skipping any of the football part, far from it, your just not using one of the tools the game has. FM or Champ has and will always be about the stats, the whole game is a huge database of stats, its the single most important thing in the game. The 3d matches are just a nice addition to the huge amounts of data you work your way through.
  19. I can back that up 100%, and i know its me more than the game. A few weeks back i went a goal up away to a big team against the run of play, was getting pulled apart a bit so set the team up on counter, with a flat 5 across the middle with a few different instructions and completely stifled the opposition and they didnt get another clear chance, but for the life of me i cannot set it up right again, each time i start with it away to big teams i get ripped to pieces and just constantly invite attacks. Thats the frustrating thing, as you say Cleon and others have done it, but i just can never get it constant. A few games here and there it works, probably because the ai goes to throwing the sink at me and the team handles it well but out with that i find i have to attack, usually with a high line to be more solid, anything else just invites huge amounts of pressure.
  20. And yet in my game i've gone through 3 testimonials so far.
  21. You dont want an attacking advanced playmaker dropping back to defend, if you want that put him on support instead. I play a narrow 4231 with an attacking advanced playmaker, and i dont have issues in the games where its the right set up, as long as you have cover behind him in the first place, but it doesnt work for every game where i need more midfield cover.
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