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  1. Away goals rule applies only after extra time in the League Cup. A t least it was the case a few years ago.
  2. Opposition instructions doesn't stay set as I want them to and the drop-down menu to swap two players is ineffective too. Is there anyone who experience the same problems as I can't find anything related to it in the forum. Thanks.
  3. Really enjoying FM 2015 beta so far except for a few things. For example opposition instructions set before match seems to disappear in the course of action.
  4. Hello. I'm afraid there's a major bug since the update. Spurs are playing nice intelligent football !!! Thank you SI, FM seems to be back where it belongs. At the very top. Maybe I'm over reacting and maybe it's too early to tell but I think it'll be fine. Cheers to you all.
  5. I'm glad to see someone who noticed this. I brought it in this very thread a few days ago but never got any answer or raised any interest whatsoever. I only came across another guy on a french site who mentioned the same issue. I'm afraid that we're not going to have any reply nor solution about it. Many thanks for asking anyway.
  6. The title says it all... I've set corner kicks and free kicks the short way, with a player ready to receive the short pass but this player always see a long ball above his head. Am I the only one with this issue ?
  7. Good afternoon everyone. After 60 min in my first pre season game (Spurs v Le Havre), the last 30 min lasts about 5 sec and it's over. Unfortunately I can't join the match pkm even though I'll try it again later. Has anybody experienced this very strange situation ? I was watching the whole match and it stopped after an hour but still goes to the last minute in just a few seconds. The time bar at the bottom of the screen is without any changes from 60 to 90 and the players condition is after 90 min exactly as it was after 60 min. Hope you guys at SI Games headquarters have a clue about what it possibly could be. By the way, if defender collect seems to be fixed, I can't play short corner kicks or free-kicks... Cheers.
  8. Did anyone noticed that pre match feedback by the assistant manager is not available before kick-off ? It was very interesting using it in FM 11, 12 for team talks. For instance, Jim Collins finds it hard to blend into the squad etc... = There is no pressure (calm tone). Does anybody know if SI Games intend to fix the access to defender collect for GKs and short options for set pieces which doesn't look like working as well ? Many thanks if you've got news about those.
  9. I totally agree with you. My Spurs team style of play totally rely on keeper giving the ball to one of the full-backs. Without this, match experience seems to be a lottery. Just try to grab the ball back with no pressing and no tackling. I thought I've found the way with my choice of style and strategy but at the end of the day the matches have all the same pattern : My last 3 in pre-season : Liverpool- Spurs 2-2 with Liverpool coming from 2-0 with Jose Enrique receiving his marching orders, Lorient-Spurs 2-2 with the french team coming twice from behind. Right now I'm playing a Shamrock Rovers-Spurs match and can you believe it, Rovers have just levelled 1-1 and are starting to play Barcelona like (well, maybe I'm overreacting a little bit there...). By the way, on various saves on FM 12, I often played Rovers in pre season with Spurs and the scores usually read 4 or 5-0 to Tottenham...
  10. Hello everyone. There's no access to pre-match feedback from the ass. man. BEFORE the match goes underway. It was possible and very useful on previous FMs. Can we have any hope to get those advices pre match as their name suggests ? By the way, because of my english I didn't want to give feedback on this forum but the first step is the one that matters as we say in french so... * There is no possibility to get 'defender collect' whatsoever. I've been trying many things to go round the problem but was not able to find any trick. * Same goes for playing free-kicks or corners the short way, as we were able to do on FM 11, 12. * As far as I'm concerned, after palying the beta for a week, before and after friday's update, I think FM 13 doesn't allow you to play with a style/approach not fit for your team. FM new match engine seems to be very precisely tuned (I don't know if that's ring any bell to you ?...) and it doesn't allow approximations. And that's OK by me but I doubt that the casual FM player will cope with this tricky choice which is game defining by any means.If the style/approach is not the right one, we often get bad defending (players not at the right place at the right time), bad passing opportunities (hello long balls out of nowhere going no places !!!...). That said, even with a style choice that fits your first team, you still have players unable to cope with their ball possessing opponent especially when our defensive player face his own goal (going backwards), tackling is almost non existent (or not so well 3D visible, just like poor goalkeeping which in fact could be filed as 'misrepresentation by the 3D engine'). *Otherwise, the game is great and if those flaws can be ironed out (at least the main ones for Super Friday November 2nd and the others on forthcoming patches), I'll be very happy FM wise. I have enjoyed such great times with FM since FM 10 that I don't want it to end with a weaker iteration of our beloved game. With FM 12 we reached a kind of summit in game pleasure and I have to admit that you guys have some guts to have changed your match engine to go forward. And even if I'm not a great fan of the new training system (how can we check players progress or tune precisely match fitness ?...) or FMC and challenge modes, I must admit that you're doing a tremendous job. Our gaming pleasure is in your hands. Thank you for your time.
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