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  1. It appears you now have to hover over the circles to find out what percentage condition a player is an during a match on the tactics screen? Bizarre step backwards & creates a needlessly more time consuming situation. Especially in pre-season when you're more likely to want to take somebody off because of a low condition percentage. Can we PLEASE PLEASE have the percentage displayed again without having to hover over the circles one by one? Please? Pretty please?
  2. Who on earth had the idea to remove player condition mid-match being shown as a percentage on the tactics screen unless you hover over those circles?! Terrible move. Especially in pre-season when you're more likely to want to take somebody off when their condition percentage gets low. I'd love to hear the logic behind that move. Can we have it back please? Pretty please?
  3. Fair enough - I hadn't actually got that far yet. I did say I was probably being stupid... ;-)
  4. I'm likely being incredibly stupid, but I can't see where you choose your rep & qualifications? I appear to be about to start a save and the rep is set to automatic and no qualifications? Halp?
  5. FM16 uninstalled. Let's do this!... *Cartman waiting for Nintendo Wii face*
  6. I suspect anything that major would have been mentioned in great detail.
  7. I'd vote for a third option - left out of the game completely until we know exactly what the situation will be IRL. Which is likely years away. It honestly feels like a gimmicky inclusion designed to make some headlines and grab some publicity. Completely needless. Just leave it out until we know what's happening.
  8. Aston Villa feels tempting, but I'll probably just load leagues that I'd be happy to manage in, and let the random button decide my fate.
  9. Good post, OP! I was very underwhelmed by the features video, and yet I'm uber excited about the beta coming out later today! I'm on holiday when the game comes out proper anyway. so this really is release day for me. FM release day comes but once a year! Still no idea who I'll be tbh. Probably let the random button decide my fate. Bring it on!!
  10. Bad move in my personal opinion. Should have been left until we actually know what will happen. Having such a game defining thing happening at random in any possible number of ways is just not a good idea. Yes I know injuries can do that too, but injuries are temporary and at worst, affect one season. Should have been left alone until we know the real life facts.
  11. Fire your assistant and sell the keeper. And maybe look at your defence and tactics too.
  12. I'm guessing this is a no, but will we have proper names for Brazilian teams this time? The three letter stuff was really annoying. Had to spend ages changing them in the editor.
  13. I don't think that's significant at all. I think you're clutching there. Even THEY don't know when the Beta will be released at this point. They release it when it's ready to be released.