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  1. Literally anything. FM 20 is FM 19 with some stuff moved around and some stuff renamed as far as I can see from the "headline (lol) features".
  2. Been calling for an overhaul of the communication side of the game for years. The idea that you can't say anything to a player that's got the hump with you is ridiculous. You should be able to pick up the phone and talk to any manager at any time for any reason too. If anything, communication in the game has gone backwards. It should be much more open than it currently is.
  3. It's my opinion, and I'm perfectly entitled to it. You don't have to like that opinion. They wouldn't get away with "headline features" like this is they had genuine competition.
  4. I mean literally anywhere you care to mention. It's not hard to find. If anyone can remember a more widely panned upcoming FM release, I'd like to know, genuinely. Please don't misunderstand where I'm coming from - I WANT to be hyped for the new release! I WANT reason to buy it! But they've failed. I don't mind years when the new release isn't revolutionary. At all. In fact, I've previously said I don't like them changing things for the sake of it. But previously, even on years when the new game isn't a revamp, there's always been SOMETHING to grab my attention. Perhaps last years best selling point for me for example was the Germany license. But this year is just full of nothing. They've moved stuff around a bit and called that "headline features". I think the most telling thing about this years release is the understated nature of the "headline features" reveal. It's normally an all singing, all dancing affair when they're (understandably) shouting from the rooftops. This year, we had a quick post on social media and that was that. I think even they know this years features are really weak. I'm hoping against hope that S.I still have something up their sleeve to give me a reason to part with my 40 quid, but I will not just buy the new game like a zombie without a reason to. That will just further encourage them that they can get away with years like this.
  5. I’d agree with you if it was JUST being panned on YouTube, but it’s not. By any stretch of the imagination. It’s basically everywhere except on this MB where the hardcore reside.
  6. Comments under the latest video release on YouTube make for sobering reading. I genuinely can’t remember a more widely panned upcoming FM release. Can anybody else? Genuine question. Will S.I listen? Doubt it. They will sell truckloads of copies regardless and carry on half-arsing it until they get some genuine competition. Sad that it’s got to this. I’m always hyped for the new release by now, but I genuinely don’t see any reason to buy FM20 at the moment. I’ve pre-ordered the new FM for as long as I can remember, but unless my current FM19 save corrupts or something, I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with FM19 for another year. Pull your fingers out, lads.
  7. Gigg looks extremely unlikely in the now near-certain event of the death of Bury FC and the hopeful formation of a phoenix club. Will cost millions. More likely is a ground share with Radcliffe FC.
  8. Of course I do. Realism. No point having scouts if you can see everything about every player just by clicking on their profile.
  9. I'm a fan of the purple. It's kind on the eyes. I hate bright skins. This is a game you can literally spend hours at a time playing.
  10. These are the "headline features"? Really?! Lol. "Just give them FM 19.5, lads. People will buy it no matter what".
  11. Their first "announcement" is some eco nonsense about the packaging. Brilliant....
  12. Just leave us out and start with 23 please. I have absolutely no wish to see my team die time and time again. What people are going through right now I would not wish on my worst enemy.
  13. Shesh! I guess Serie A is going really hardcore on giving youth a chance, huh? To be fair, Inter do have some fantastic youth prospects.
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