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  1. People who are loathe to blindly part with cash? Good. You don't sound especially well cut-out for customer service though.
  2. Loaded without issue today. You can probably close this up if you want to, fella.
  3. Newcastle or Villa appear to be the obvious choices this year. Quite interested to see what they do with Milan given they've just been taken over. Will they be given the necessary tools to mount a resurgence? If so, I can see that being an enjoyable option.
  4. Hey, if you're happy to have your custom taken for granted by S.I (which is exactly what this "tactic" smacks of) then good for you. Thankfully, not everybody feels that way. S.I are very good at treating the FM fanbase with disdain & taking them for granted. Why shouldn't they be, I suppose? We buy the game in our millions every year no matter what. It's almost like the customers are a necessary inconvenience to them sometimes.
  5. Aren't you clever! So what are the new features that will dictate whether I want to slap thirty-odd quid down on it or not? "We're not telling you. Shut up and give us your money".
  6. I'm glad somebody made a thread about this. I'm not happy about that one bit. "We're not going to tell you a single thing about the game - give us your money". Doesn't sit right with me whatsoever.
  7. Ok, done as instructed with the steam reinstall & it appears to have solved the issue. Plus my PC seems to generally be running a lot smoother which is a nice bonus! Could you keep the thread open for a day or two in case anything happens again? Thanks for you help.
  8. Not yet. I should also mention that I'm having to install FM16 from scratch every time I open it now. Although when I do, my save is still there. Absolutely maddening, all this. is backing up FM16 about keeping my current save? Because I honestly don't really give a damn about that at this point.
  9. I would imagine there are, but I suspect they'd want to keep a low profile. Understandably so.
  10. My FM desktop icon currently looks like this btw. Not sure if that's the biggest deal in the world or not, but figured i'd throw it in there since it happened at around the time of these other issues. P.S Kudos to whoever's behind this new more user friendly MB design!
  11. It actually does then go on to load the game up fine, but I obviously don't want my desktop to be filled with random files every time I load up.
  12. It starts puking up files onto my desktop as soon as I click the steam icon.
  13. Yes. Goes from a message that says "updating steam extracting package" to "updating steam installing update" and then begins to puke up a ton of files to my desktop.
  14. Since yesterday evening, when I go to click on the FM icon on my desktop to load the game up, it comes up with a steam message that reads "updating steam installing update" and then proceeds to puke up a TON of files onto my desktop. Like it almost fills the entire screen. i've even tried doing a system restore and it's still doing it. I even just tried to uninstall FM, and it responded by showing that same message, and once again puking up a shedload of files onto my desktop. Help?