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  1. I am Aussie, so I will focus on these players, as they have been horribly scouted (or is it down to reputation). Aaron Mooy - I will not be surprised to see him jump in abilities all of the sudden now he is in England between 16 and 17, same as Goodwin, grossly undervalued. If you need more input, I will happily get involved as a volunteer. I watch a lot of Euro football following Aussie players and I don't know who does your research in Aust, but they are very conservative to put it politely and could be a bit 1980's. Stats wise, I think players are overrated/underrated, I'm not sure if it is to game the system, but certain stats seem exaggerated. Let's just look at Jedinak, quite a limited player, but has great leadership and determination. I see some players with the same relative value on stats and have to
  2. I'm thinking IFK Goteborg and Sparta Rotterdam. Otherwise take a small team in a random division to the top.
  3. great idea
  4. Similar to how Australia does things now as well and I like your idea.
  5. Yes please, it could tie into the technique attribute and be a visible representation. Step overs, Cruyff turns, what ever, would be excellent.
  6. I think the main reason a board rejects letting you go on a course, is that you are coaching a category/ies and if you leave to to go do the course, there is no one filling in for that category. Easy fix: At the end of the year move another coach/s into that category as well, so all categories are filled and yours are doubled up. Apply for the course and get accepted. Move the coaches back again as normal and carry on. Since I have been doing this, I have never been rejected by the board, to do a coaching course.
  7. I think this is my most disliked version as far as tactics and players complaining about first team football. There are still ongoing problems which doesn't make it remarkable, just unremarkable. There is still the invisible wall of treakle, players running away from the ball, centre midfield is still irrelevant (all action takes place at either ends of the pitch, there is never a midfield battle), positioning/bpo is terrible, players still chase the ball creating unbalanced and crazy defence. I am looking forward to 17
  8. I think the A League in general is undervalued. Let's look at the latest transfer of Aaron Mooy, it will be interesting how he is valuated now he is in England. It is always the same, players suddenly become great once they play in Europe, can we have some better valuation of Aussie players please?
  9. Info Provided

    If I could make a suggestion?..... It would be neat if you had actual well known moves represented, such as Cruyff turns, Marseille turn, nutmeg, rabona, step overs, etc. I think the improvements you have made have been a great step in the right direction, but the inclusion of well known moves would be awesome and give the technique stat more relevance if it got a graphical representation during a match.
  10. You can over think things sometimes, just keep it basic and remember that the formation is the defence formation, player roles and prefered moves denote how they play in attack/ball possession.
  11. I like as many players with high vision as I can put on the field and go tiki taka, high defence line, work ball into the box. Though there is something to be said for the CD punt up field that ignores football and your striker runs onto 1-1 to score. FM seems to like these moments, even if they are quite rare.
  12. I don't sign players which in real life I don't think much of, even if they are red hot in FM. There are certain teams I would never manage or do business with, because of real life rivalries. I sign players with funny names, I just signed a player with the last name of Fekete, he is pretty terrible, but I like any announcement about a guy named Fekete. I am also partial to unusual nations.