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  1. well shall we crack on then, another dislike is that the midfield battles don't happen. Everything happens at either end of the pitch, I have seen countless times a winger or midfielder dribble 2/3 of a pitch before a tackle ensues, which is another problem, but not related. Yes and no is the answer to your postulation, that I have problems with my style. I play a possession based game, in the formation I like, but the players do not play as I like and I don't think it is possible to get hem to. Because English football drives it, but english football is in the dark ages
  2. really, that is your answer, yes probably best to end it, as you don;t want any discussion, probably goes against your angst, sorry.
  3. sorry but it is gamey and not tactical, how can I make an AMR/L play wide? to fit the above video, it can't be done.
  4. HAHA, I am not having problems winning, because I have learnt the game and problem solved. Maybe it is the game, versus tactics in RL? Maybe I am going a bit far calling it an English thing, it's just that it is an English game and I see parallels.
  5. That is the thing, it's a gamey solution to win, but I can't even loose playing how I would like to
  6. I thought this was a simulation? So I use real life examples. Read in depth FifA long ball analysis. if not, go by your own instincts Yes a MR/AMR and a RB are OP, but you don't tell me how to implement the tactics above. The paragraph after is a gamey solution, not a tactical one.
  7. No, how do you get an AMR/L to stay wide? don't tell me to play them as ML/R, because they don't play as aggressive. pluss how do you value a long ball forward? it is OP. Ingolstadt probably played long ball tactics in a high valued competition, got them clear of relegation, but you could not say they were close to champions for example.
  8. You had to get Klopp and Guardiola, yet we can't even adapt their game play, because wide players tuck in to much, because that's the English way.
  9. Sorry about swearing. The championship is terrible tactically, long ball presides. How is the English national team going? Do you suggest that English football doesn't value physical ability above technical ability? They import their technical and/or creative players, that is what is wrong with this game, (let alone the tactical side) the English FA is indentured and SI is still buying them and living in the 90's. Direct tactic is OP, to suite
  10. The other thing is relative biased
  11. It is to English (albeit an English game). - How is direct football effective in the real world? (I am not talking reactive football, ie; counter attacking, especially Italian football) yet long ball play is highly overrated in FM, FIFA studies showed that direct play (long ball) equated to national team losses. If you have a team of hard men, it can work, but it won't win you anywhere near a title. Physicals are also overrated, Iniesta or Pirlo I would guess didn't have an abundance of physical ability? They weren't to bad a players, but not hopeless. How are we to effect this Meaning the second video, don.t know why the first keeps coming up. how are we meant to make this happen i FM? so I could list.s down to abilities and scouting which seem an enigma, but it's not what I want to focus on. I want more options as a manager and none of this English football ****, at least give us more continental options.
  12. yes sure, let's see how different Mooy is and Goodwin in FM17
  13. right sorry'
  14. the whole midfield is redundant, it would help a lot in tactics if it didn't avoid the midfield. I see it as a way to game FM, but I would rather a real midfield battle, atm it all goes down the wings, how realistic is that? there is no skill, just the same old English stuff.
  15. No you do not see it happen, you see a guy take the ball and totally bypass the midfield (dribbling?), with no one tackling - just jockying?????????????? What if the midfield actually played a part, there was a real midfield battle and a guy nutmegs his defender, does a brazilian turn on the next to strike a goal on the edge of the box. Or a player nutmegs the defender but the Am closes him down, pinches the ball, passes to the right wing, he crosses to the striker who hit's the post, but the AM is running forward and scores the goal. I would rather watch that.