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  1. Well Hugo Martins 2c has been sold by the board to a Premier club after keeping about 50 clubs at bay, it isn't a bad deal tbh and I think he will develop much more in a professional environment. The sad thing is he was arguably our best player, he had started to get call up's for the national U19's, so it's hopefull he could be our best product and net us some money in the future. We wish him the best, as he didn't kick up to much fuss about moving and seems like a talent. I was able to get another youth recruitment upgrade, nothing else is available, but hopefully it helps us going forward.
  2. I just caught up with everyone's saves, whoa. Well done to all the promotions!! Also welcome to the new challenges, hopefully I will get to play for a couple of day's, it's a hectic time of year.
  3. I had a brilliant save with this team a number of years ago, maybe FM12, I still have a soft spot for them and had probably my best ever regen in a save. Good luck mate, COYRW!
  4. Hugo Martins 2c has had about 6 premier clubs bidding for him all during pre-season, he is very unhappy I didn't accept their 20k bids with no add on's. He had one pre-season match when he played horrible so I disciplined him, otherwise he is still performing. His status is key player and asking price 900k I got sick and tired negotiating for 120k with on sell fee's and they all keep repeating their bid ad nauseum, so I have been asking for 500k with a sell on fee to shut them up. They want to be obstinate, so can I, 500k with a 50% of next sale and a friendly thanks. He has 3 years left on his contract with an additional 2 years optional by the club, like it or lump it fellas.
  5. The guys I have sold have had a few games in the second division or premier, but it has been limited with most games in the reserves. But it's promising that they have been getting some game time in those divisions.
  6. And so we say farewell to Fabio Periera 1b, he played three seasons for us and will now try to make the step up in the premier division, we thank him for his contribution, wishing the best. He will always be available at Barreirense (in a coaching role) and we hope he makes us lots of dollars in a transfer fee, Good luck lad! He is around for a couple of weeks, I think it would be fitting to play him against Club Bugge! Who my manager thought appropriate?? A fitting send off and I think we would get battered otherwise. All jokes aside, he was a quality player for us, came back on loan (as part of the transfer) but just couldn't get us across the line, I think I might do player updates because of him.
  7. This edition is different, the whole set up is different and there are hardly any Chinese players like you used to have. But yes, I found going up in divisions showed the disparity between the quality of players, you could sell one of your talented younglings and your whole season could go down the plughole. Yeah I won't be looking for any more junior coaching upgrades, maybe recruitment because it is the cheapest, but it is at established atm. But the costs will kill you in this division, imho it's better to hope for a windfall or a good intake and improve training facilities (youth or senior), or get promoted. Last season I spent 285k on youth, 23.4k p/w, this season with the junior coaching upgrade i am spending 25k, so it's not a big step up, it's a balancing act for sure. I honestly think I will struggle this year, we lost a number of key players.
  8. I have played in Portugal before and as soon as you make the step up to the second division, money is not a problem, it's still keeping the bidders at bay that challenges your stability though. The hardest thing is that the gap between divisions is immense, the hardest I have come across. The challenge is to get promoted then avoid relegation for the next three seasons, if you can achieve that, then the hardest part is done, the rest is a waiting game/long slog. All my CB have pretty good jumping, but they all lack quickness, Hugo Martins 2c is my most talented CB and the quickest, I have been fighting off bidders all last season and this one will probably be the same, the redeeming feature is that he seems to be happy to stay at the moment and not too fussed if I reject bids, but that could change His profile says he is complaining, but we had a chat and he is happy atm. The biggest hurdle in my save is that any second division team that gets relegated ends up in my division, so I have to compete with three or four professional teams, that's where selling players can be your saving grace, they could be the windfall to facility upgrades, or even going professional.
  9. Helio Vicente 3a has decided to sign a professional contract after coming into the first team last year, there have been Premier clubs bidding for him already so I was sweating on the contract, with so many players sold last season and quite a few released this season and last, we really needed him to stick around. Believe it or not he is our 2nd most talented centre back, so yes this season is going to be a tough one again, some youth really need to stand up and demand to be playing.
  10. @Shakes That's still promising though, with another year of experience under the belt for most of your players. (24b) Alexandre Capela looks amazing as well and I just love seeing a player with high natural fitness. I don't mind seeing these players and you have got two! These two plus the old guard could push the team forward, if (a big ask) you get promotion, they might just stick around for another year. If not, as long as there is a sell on fee there is still a lot to like about these players. Personally I don't mind selling players, because in the long run you will hit gold with one or two, but I definitely won't sell for 15k or without a sell on fee.
  11. @Shakes Wow that's a tight league, with only SP Espinho running away with things, finishing fourth is a good sign, it means you are there about. Mauro Borges will be a loss for sure until he get's over his injury, but I really like the look of (24a) Rodrigo, passing 15, vision 13, teamwork 12, flair 13, technique 12 and bravery 15 seems like the makings of a wonderkid, I don't think I have ever had such a player in a youth intake ever!
  12. @Novafluff Well done mate, you are doing really well. @TrickyTree91 I really liked the look of Tom Carpenter it's disappointing he is gone, but he could be a windfall in the future, he looked exceptional for your level so here's hoping. @tomay my possession tactic seems to improve each year with better play, I'm not sure if it's because of the regens being more suited to it, training increasing the players understanding of it, my intakes seem to be more in tune with the style as well over time, or the tweeks I am making to training. But long balls are a bit op, but I did actually score some nice goals around the box last season. Milico looks the deal, I like the look of the lad and 193cm at 16! A bit of a mini update, preseason is about to start, but I was able to talk the board into a junior coaching upgrade (usually they wouldn't do it, but I persuaded them with my passion somehow), it's the first time the option has been available, so making a few sales has already started to reap rewards. The board also agrees that a coaching course would be good for me, bagging me a Continental A license, I'm not sure if it's a compliment or not lol. I have had a coaching overhaul which has made us almost the top of the league in all categories in this league, Pedro is my new fitness coach (of whom I am surprised signed for us, having coached Rangers and Cruz Azul), Paulo is my new GK coach and is a model citizen, I have also offered Filipe a contract as the new HOYD who is professional, my last having been fairly determined. It's interesting that my coaches have varying degrees of South American knowledge (Mexico, Argentina and Brazil), so it will be interesting if we get any intakes from there. Another bonus signing these coaches is that they asked for half the pay of the coaches I had before and are a lot better at their jobs, so double win there. U19 staff ranked in the league, Senior coaching team ranked in the league.
  13. Table Finances Manager Facilities Transfers Squad Youth Intake Wow, what a season, so many first team players sold, this season alone saw 4 starting players sold! If we didn't sell them then I reckon we could have challenged for promotion, but for the first time we have a positive bank balance at the end of the season and who knows, if one of the lads become amazing we could really cash in. It's strange, I thought we played really well and yet we didn't really get much higher on the table, but we scored some cracking goals and I was less frustrated by the players in general. But my strikers just couldn't convert their chances, it was a bit frustrating and with a one striker formation we gave 5 players a chance, maybe it was an off season and I am hoping next someone will step up and announce themselves. The squad was pretty small, I think I was lucky on the injury front, hardly any players were on the physio table. Against the lower and mid table we were more than competitive, but once again there were three professional clubs that were just too strong and an end of season bad run saw us finish in 9th. With so many first team players sold (I also let go about 5 from the old guard who had bad personalities) there were some youth who really stepped up - Hugo Martins 2c was immense and has clubs wanting him already, Jamur 2g was a surprise package and really owned the central playmaker spot and will be our next big thing after Fabio Pereira 1b. I had a good youth intake that helped a lot and will see a bright future ahead, a few guys got some playing time and will feature next season. I will be looking to get in new coaching staff in nearly every category, including a HOYD, so hopefully it makes a difference, oh and I finally completed my continental b license, it took me all year! Youth of Note:- Fabio Pereira 1b - He was the fans player of the year and had the biggest average rating, we will miss him, but wish him all the best as he moves onto bigger things. Micael Fulgencio 2e - Promoted to first GK and did pretty well, he made some cracking saves and I hope to see him progress. Hopefully clubs won't be wanting our players as much as they are all very young and we can push on further next season, the board are very reluctant to upgrade anything, junior coaching isn't even an option atm.
  14. The past couple of months I have been gaming on a laptop (gave my old pc to a mate), I haven't been playing much as it's so slow, but new bits for a new comp should come tomorrow and I'll start playing again. Good to read everyone's progress and good luck to all the new comers.
  15. From what the devs are saying, a high workload in pre-season helps to build fitness (resilience and non jadedness), while during the season it should be less heavy, I don't think workload effects injuries, but it could effect training quality (development). Recovery sessions are meant to help a ton, so if you become professional, make sure to include them after every match. I played in Bundesliga before this challenge and it seemed to work for me, it seems right. For me during the season, training I like to include would be GK training as it keeps the workload low and tactics (usually teamwork), especially if I have a 4 day turn around with 2 training sessions between, just to minimise injury risk and help develop my GK and hopefully boost teamwork, extra curricular activities are even better with injury prevention and jadeness and do even more for teamwork. They also say that having a good sports scientist is good to have to prevent injuries, though in lower leagues and in my case the board won't allow me to sign one. The way they have designed it suits the higher leagues, but is more detrimental than previous versions for the lower leagues. Can't sign a sports scientist, part time training means you can't have a heavy pre-season or have recovery sessions, so we are on the back foot. You could just be having one of those seasons when you get a lot of injuries, it happens. Also check if anyone is injury prone, they might be better as impact players.
  16. I'm not sure it's the conversion rate of set pieces, more the regularity of them seems a bit high, but I only play on highlights. But I reckon 4/5 of highlights lead to set peices mostly from wide play or long balls.
  17. @Novafluff So close mate, the Hallberg Hanami (player support group) must have banners to support the two. 'We are the Hallberg crew, we sing for you and you, who do we sing for? The Hallberge two. Simon Wennerhag comes up when I click the link to Faton Trsyena. @shaunvamos The jump must be huge.
  18. Most times you sign a backroom staff you look at their personality (I do), but in this case you have to get someone who fits. I let my general manager handle the DOF, in that case you need to be more flexible and create a tactic to suit your players. But they are a bit strange, they could sign 7 fb at one go, or your team will have 100 fill in's. just make sure you are the one that finalises signings, sometimes they come up with some gold.
  19. Transfers and players expectations seem pretty low, I had a player come to me saying he would like to leave for a bigger club (I am in lower league Portugal), I say 'mate your an important player for us, stick about and you could be the one to take us places'. Him 'I still want to go'. Me "alright, but it has to be a fair price though'. Him '12k seems fair'. Me 'how about 100k?' Him how about 14k I have sold four players so far this season from 80k-100k. Several team members are angry, why can't I say, "Dudes, I am happy to sell players who have earnt it, I have sold four players so far (which you have bitched about) for around 80-100k, if I get a similar offer, why wouldn't I accept it? But 14k is devaluing yourself and could see you getting less playing time, stick about and we might even go up, or more clubs will be after you giving you more choice." Other clubs in my division are selling players for 250k - 500K I had a chat to the team saying it's good for the team, it is, but it's also good for the player in question. They seem alright by the decision, but there is low balling and there is low balling.
  20. I'm sure he will be thrilled to hear it, lol. Your top 4 intakes look pretty promising, good personalities as well. @Novafluff good luck mate, so that bloke has two bosses, he'll feel a bit of pressure there.
  21. @Diego D10S good luck mate, it sounds promising. @collindinho good luck, amazing you know one of the players personally, have you told him you are now his boss? @shaunvamos Well done on going up and not getting relegated, I have to say you have some awesome intakes, you're doing really well.
  22. It's sale time at our club Ruben Gomes 1c has also been poached, got some good clauses in there, could be good for the future. I don't really mind as his personality took a big hit last year and he hasn't developed, if we get something out of him I'll be happy. I really don't want to sell anymore players right now, the team is very thin, strikers we had depth in at least. My board really aren't keen on upgrading anything, but apparently because I am so assertive on youth development they have agreed on youth coaching upgrade. What is with this season, every reasonable player is being bid for? Now it's Luis clubs are after, I don't have much depth, so I'll play hard ball, I'm asking 1M. Though in fact if I get a reasonable offer I will sell. This is a crazy season, selling so many players could be a windfall, hopefully my youth facility upgrades make it worthwhile, or I could be in trouble. on a positive note Serrano has always been unambitious, he is now balanced and could be good for us, squad personality could be improving.
  23. Gone Paulo Cardoso accepted the offer and will be gone we at least got a sell on clause so in the future it could pay dividends, but leaves us short at RB, time to promote some youth!
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