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  1. It appears to crash everytime I go and use a skin that isn't one of the originals. Anyway of overcoming this?
  2. Should have added that i have tried opening the game whilst signed in as a different user on my PC and it worked.
  3. I went to change a skin on my save and I received a crash dump, since then the game won't load. During the loading videos it turns off at the Sega movie. FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.07.09 14.10.15).dmp
  4. Any advice? I have tried turning my antivirus off etc still nothing.
  5. Followed multiple guides and got the game to load but now crashes when I try changing the skin.
  6. I re-verified the files in Steam and now I only get the loading video.
  7. I have just updated to 17.3.2 and the game won't load, I just get a blank white screen. My OS is windows 7 if that helps.
  8. Done its called MEGAPACK 71 Updates by claassen.rar and it is in the game-editor folder
  9. Game worked when I didn't have those editor files selected.
  10. I have installed the 71 league update from Sort it out SI. DO you want the files? I have tried just running Spain but it still didn't work
  11. Thanks. Couldn't find him when I searched. Will include Norway international players
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