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  1. Problem solved,thanks a lot for the immediate help and advice!!!
  2. Unfortunately,nothing changed.The same crash again
  3. Hello,on updated 15.3,every time I am trying to run this setup (please take a look at the link on the end) the game closes and I receive this problem ''There is a serious problem, and the game is closing'' The same setup runs normally on default version I have tried verifying cache, deleting cache, and preference folder Please help,thanks in advance Note:I haven't load anything from graphics http://i.imgur.com/18TjemM.png
  4. Εxperiencing the same problem The same load-out process with-out problem on the default version but crashes every time when trying on 15.3 version
  5. Football Manager Editor: Caretaker option needed in FM Editor Set a retirement date for a player in the Editor Add a rule on Leagues Structure that does permit only two players over 33 years old on roster
  6. Could someone upload updated links as the other ones are down?
  7. Is the caretaker manager feature removed from FM 2014??
  8. Is the FIFA Club Protection Programme implemented into the game? Also,here is the link of FIFA documentation. http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/administration/01/64/76/90/technicalbulletinmitcirculare.pdf
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