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  1. Start of 2016 / 2017 Season starting as PL Champs. Re vamped the team but found some players hard to get rid of so they are out on loans with buy clauses. Transfer window just closed. 1st in the league after 3 games. In Chambers - 13.5m Matip - Free Andrija Zivkovic - Free Rulli - Free Sanches - 22m Jetro Willems - 7m Picchi - 1.7m Fischer - 9.5m Sule - 24m Alonso - 5m Rugani - Loan - with 30m Buy Clause Out (Major) Benteke - 18m Flanagan - Loan Lucas - 25m Lovern - 15m Wisdom - 3.2m Balotelli - 18m
  2. I started my final and proper save a month ago...i don't have much time so takes a while to get through. 1st season gone really well. Started very hit and miss and then came too. Think i did the most squad rotations ever but its worked in the end. At the start of the game i got the following; Kosanic 250k Balanta 6m Barbosa 9.5m Chilwell - loan with 6m clause Timo Horn 6.5m Oxford - 2.5m Karius - 10.5m Alberto Picchi - Loan with 1.7m clause - This guy is great! There was no major out, mainly sent out on loans. So i won the league by 1 point on
  3. Good luck getting Ajer...hasn't he signed for Celtic?
  4. My brother is looking at buying FM - Anyone bought from Instant Gaming before? Are they reliable?
  5. Hi, i have a very limited budget - i didn't get any money while the last sale was on....is there any places or offers on at the moment? Steam likely to have another? Got a little money set aside for it.
  6. Youngsters wage requests are stupid as mentioned throughout the forums. Sort it out please.
  7. I've tried the demo of FM16 and don't really see the point in upgrading so sticking with my FM15 save.
  8. I played 30 hrs on demo, multiple saves until the 6 months trial expired on the 2 computers i have and to be honest I can't see that much difference from 2015. Yes the players movements in the ME are better but as fair as I can see the interface and other screens for transfers seem to just have a slightly different layout and appearance. To be honest I'm struggling to understand why i should upgrade to this version. Feel that i'd be paying alot for a database update after the transfer windows... Think I'll be sticking to 2015 for now at least.
  9. How are you finding Chambers? Any good? I need a DC / DR and ideally English.
  10. Anyone managed to sign Chambers yet? I have parked FM16 to one side, until Friday and back on to finish the season on FM15.
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