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  1. Where i need to put "Oppositions Duty and Role visible Mod (optional).zip" ?? thanks
  2. @Cougar: I am not throwing players out until they have 19y I just instaled fm genie scout just to research the problem and i found this: http://imgur.com/8EmeOI4 The players with "Liverpool" is the best players i received from youth intake (from 2015-2020) and the players with "-" is the best players i just received in 2021. You can see that even with top facilities and best possible coaches i didnt receive any world class player in all of those years. There must be an explanation here. I cannot believe that I'm the unluckiest guy. It is something out of luck I do wrong
  3. Hi guys, first of all, i'm sorry if i didnt posted where it must. I have a problem with youth intake and i need your help to make me understand why this happens. I am Liverpool manager in 2021. I invested in staff and facilities and now i have the best facilities http://imgur.com/pVVU3i3, I have best coaches in the world for every section http://imgur.com/H4pLQLp, I have best youth coaches in the word http://imgur.com/3lljid6 and the results in every ****ing year (2015-2021) of youth intake is this: http://imgur.com/LOpQBT6 ... best potential player is decent Premier League or good Premier League ... WHY ??? Other clubs receive greater potential players and have poor facilities in comparision with my clubs. Where i did wrong ??? Please help me because i dont understand why ?!?!?! Thanks in advance to all of you who really will help me with advice
  4. The Master of tactics is here!!! Good to see you back JP Woody. Like always, your tactics are briliant. 11M 9W 0D 2L 33Gf-12Ga with Liverpool in 3rd season without transfers!!! Thanks for your work mate!
  5. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/BurticAndrey/World_ClubsFinances.png So my team have 725 mil euro Estimated Value. I will just wait and try at every 1st of each month to upgrade 2&3.
  6. Finances - Rich - Balance 180 mil euro Reputation - WorldWide http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/BurticAndrey/Europe_ClubsList.png
  7. Hi all. I have a couple of questions about facilities. This is my Facilities at Liverpool: http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/BurticAndrey/Liverpool_InformationFacilities.png As you can see, i upgraded Training Facilities and Youth Facilities to Top (20). http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/BurticAndrey/Liverpool_BoardroomOverview.png But my questions is: 1. How can i upgrade Corporate Facilities from Good (13-15) to Top (16-20)? 2. I upgraded Junior Coaching to Excelent (17-19) 2 seasons ago, but now if i want to upgrade to Exceptional Junior Coaching (20), doesn't allow me, it appears only the option "we should cut back ...". 3. I upgraded Youth Recruitment to Well Established (17-18) 2 seasons ago, but now if i want to upgrade to Extensive Youth Recruitment (19-20), doesn't allow me, it appears only the option "we should cut back ...". Please help me with these question, i'm a manager who likes to grow their own juniors without buy other players, but because of 3 problems i can't ...
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