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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I've gone for Leipzig but will probably try some of the others down the line too.
  2. Hi all, Looking to start a save with a team matching the below criteria... A good number of U21/youth prospects who can become first teamers in the future Good youth setup (facilities, training, scouting) Mid table or similar expectations (not challenging for top 3/4) Stable finances are fine, not necessarily rich Don't have to be in the top league of their nation, but ideally in one of the top leagues I've been toying with Nantes, Atalanta, etc. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -TV-
  3. Playing as Tottenham, signed Lucas Lima from Santos for £3.2m, immediately worth £27m!
  4. Might be worth trying this... Offer Sanchez out at £80m on the very first day of the save. Once the £40-50m bids come in, open them up to negotiate. Negotiate the price back up to £70 and put the completion date as 'End of Season' and lock it down to non-negotiable. Should be able to get the best of both worlds.
  5. Congrats on the league win jim! Some of the youngsters are coming along nicely, how are Bittencourt and Dudziak doing? Do you have a screenie of Crisetig?
  6. Just started a save with Dortmund. Only player I have sold is Grosskreutz to Porto for £12m, just because he doesn't have the technical ability I'm looking for in my attacking midfielders and I couldn't see him getting many games. I have signed... Okore (£1.3m) - Will use him as initial cover at DC and hopefully make him a future starter. Del Horno (free) - Just to cover Schmelzer for the first season until I get some more funds. Peruzzi (loan and £3.5m future fee) - More cover at DR as I'm not convinced how well Piszczek will perform defensively and Owomoyela's lack of pace will be exposed by some of the better wingers in the league. Zanetti (free) - Short-term cover for Kehl while Bender is injured and a decent mentor too. Yttergard Jenssen (£1.2m) - Got him at a bargain price so plan to sell him on within 12 months, once Leitner has developed a bit more. Wellington Nem (£3.5m) - Bargain wonderkid. Versatile and fits well in to how I want my team to play. Carlos Fierro (£3.8m) - One for the future really, but will give him game time in hope he performs well enough to potentially be a first team player when I have to sell Lewandowski. Also signed Adryan (£875k) and Luxbacher (£6k) but they won't get much action first season. When I brought in Wellington Nem, I loaned out Bittencourt to Hertha Berlin as I didn't think he would play much. He scored an 'acrobatic effort' 11 minutes into his debut for them, then got stretchered off with a broken leg 10 minutes later and is now out for 5-6 months. Not happy! Lost the Supercup against Bayern 3-0, well and truly dominated, but my preseason results since then have been much better - including a 6-2 victory against Napoli. Won my German Cup 1st Round game 3-0 against Oberneuland, Kuba got 2 and Wellington Nem scored on his debut. I've got HSV in Round 2. Just played my first game of the season against Stuttgart (H). Kehl gets himself sent off after 3 mins for violent conduct, which is hardly the best start! I adjusted my tactics to play direct on the counter, but Stuttgart went 1-0 up in the 20th min. We cleared a corner just before half time, Gotze put Lewandowski through and he smashed one in at the near post from outside the box. But it all went wrong again when Schmelzer picked up a needless second yellow card in first half injury time and it was backs to the wall once more - 11 against 9!! I tinkered at half time and decided to go with no wingers (Kuba and Reus off, Del Horno and Yttergard Jenssen on) and played 4 at the back, 2 MC's, Gotze as AMC® and Lewandowski as FC(l). Lewandowski got hauled down at a corner in the 65th min and the ref gave us a penalty, which Hummels absolutely smashed in! I went even more defensive, then 7 mins later Yttergard Jenssen weaved through 3 Stuttgart midfielders and split their defence with a through-ball to Lewandowski, who nutmegged the keeper to seal the win. What a game!!!
  7. I'm in agreement. This, coupled with the terrible defending in matches, has caused me to revert back to my trusty FM11 for now. Talk about killing the enjoyment.
  8. I sometimes manage two or three clubs - normally a big team and two smaller teams, in order to give player time to my stars of the future. Too many times have I loaned out potential stars so they get game time, to find them not playing at all. For example, I'm currently managing Man Utd, Watford and Hertha Berlin. So I loan out my United stars and it helps their progression whilst saving money at the smaller clubs!
  9. When you become Mario Balotelli at work.. You are at your desk and ask your boss for 5th November off, but he says no because there's too much work to be done. So you take your shirt off and throw it at him, storming out of the office, kicking over someone's cup of coffee on the way out.
  10. Stalybridge Celtic in the BSN! Having great fun with them. Check out Assan Hammouti and Maximo Irrazabal (sp?) - great signings!
  11. You can help yourself to my Groningen thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=188535 -TV-
  12. I think real life managers have a lot more interaction with the Board and this should be reflected in FM10. At the start of the new season there is a small interaction where you have to select your aim for the season and receive the appriopriate wage/transfer budget. I think this could be expanded, maybe in the style of the current press conferences but labelled as a ‘Pre-season Board Meeting’ or something. There could also be a mid-season interaction with the board and/or assistant manager, as the January transfer window approaches, where they could indicate whether you will be getting extra funds for the transfer window, how they think the season is going so far and if they think you are on target for your start of season objectives, whether they expect you to buy to strengthen a certain area, or whether they would like you to try to keep hold of a certain player who may be attracting transfer interest from other clubs? There is definitely room for improvement here. Testimonials would be welcome, since you can retire club shirt numbers. Renaming stands after players?? The fans would love this. As mentioned before, I'd like to see the option to loan back a player you buy. As Man Utd recently did with Ljalic and Mame Biram Diouf.
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