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  1. By far the biggest issue for me is the transfer system which kills longevity of the game for me. fm15 would of been perfect if got fair deal for my players. best offer i got was 45m for players brought up getting ronaldo messi like stats :-( world record fee will never be broken unless human player paid it i got good feeling about fm16 think its gunna be best ever version
  2. I moaned about this other day, my forest new stadium after 10 seasons was The Nottingham Forest Stadium LOL Has anyone actually had a legend stadium name in 2014 ?
  3. Yeah i hate it aswell, even turned autosave off now cant see why they can't leave it on for those who want to use and don't use cloud. iv put it in wish list forum for fm15 :-)
  4. Weird bug, was so bad and annoying i started just loading one tactic, loading 3 fine now
  5. are you on latest patch ? I had this problem in patch 14.1.4 but since patch 14.2 it doesn't happen no more
  6. I tried this to get more money on my contract but nothing happend lol im on 75k a week trying to get to be highest paid manager, currently highest iv seen is jose 170k im in season 11
  7. yeah it is for a RB but is value is 46.5m and if i said i want 60m they pull out, if it was me wanting to buy their 46.5m player they be wanting 120+m. problem i have it it seems the ai doesn't have ability to offer more when they want a player they offer same all the time plus i would of thought there would be atleast one big transfer in the world in 11 seasons like a bale or ronaldo but no just 30m - 40m sales, im not looking for constant 60-80m sales here. thanks for replies
  8. Wheres fun in that, theres zero incentive for me to sell any of my players and i aint getting ripped off when i know they can afford it lol and its extremely boring. Basicaly do crap on the game and the transfer experience will stay there, soon has 10yr or so in a game when done well no point in it. they can defo do better AI acts to much alike where has if i see a player i really want id pay over the odds to get him if possible but computer dont. Hopefully fm15 Revamped transfer market
  9. Hiya, in FM2014 i was hoping the transfer system would of been revamped but nothing has changed from previous versions and to be honest it is pretty boring after getting to be top rep team. Im in 24/25 season with forest and my first save game since purchase, at the start i was fine got decent offers for some players over first few seasons nothing amazing probably best i sold was jamie paterson for 7m but i sold for extra championship funds. Now in season 11 and the best offer iv had is 46.5m for my RB 24yr old which i wasn't bothered about because i would cost me over 100m to buy someone el
  10. Can make a amazin 4-1-2-1-2 with rainmaker. Push up attacking cma to amc, auto all the roles, make sure all player instructions stay intact, blam amazing 4-1-2-1-2 been unreal for me on 40 game unbeaten only lost 1 game all season. thanks for the tactic
  11. Been very good tactic for me but changed striker in amc position has Support Striker, add workballinbox change to attacking then balance won me champ league with forest 5th season 1st with that tactic change
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