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  1. I raised it back in December on version 20.2. Numerous updates since then and it hasn't been addressed.
  2. @Jack Joyce Hi Jack, thought i'd give you some information that you and the dev team might find useful since you are continuing to investigate this issue. My Initial issues prior to latest patch: Suffered from lag even with the Material Skin whereas other users had success with the skin alone. Suffered lag with all graphics settings. After the latest patch: lag completely disappeared even on Very high graphics settings. Skin in use - Material skin Extra information: Tonight I have gone back to the default skin (with the latest patch). Result - lag. Conclusion: What has fixed the lag for me is both the latest patch AND the material skin.
  3. I've put the version in the title but I don't believe this is a regression at all. Basically, when a goal is scored the net bottom bar reacts in a very strange way. In real life this will be fixed and pegged down and only in extreme cases will it lift, but on the odd occasion it lifts it will be uniform in movement. This one virtually splits in half. Apologies for the small defect report but it just looks a bit shoddy I think. Thanks
  4. Oh yes @Jack Joyce Just sheer 'smooth as a babies backside' joy! Thank you! Could you share what the issue was please, or is it code red secrecy? Just out of interest!
  5. I've got lag regardless of settings and camera angle. I even get lag in 2d mode. Fraps is reporting >90fps and I'm still seeing lag.
  6. I have a Radeon and suffer lag. We have to be careful that we aren't making sweeping statements about graphics cards or skins that fix the problem because it won't help the devs to fix the issue.
  7. This doesn't work for me I'm afraid, so we need to be careful about a bandwagon type fix here.
  8. I've been beating this drum for ages but finally and a massive thank you. A severe reduction in picnic benches! Hoorah!
  9. @Jack Joyce @Neil Brock Just a bit of information to add. I've spent a bit of tonight playing around with a few things. 1) Put my settings to Very High. 2) Played a match - laggy 3) After the match, watched the highlights of the last game played - not laggy. Smooth. (no changes to graphics settings) 4) Watched highlights of other games - all smooth. Repeated steps 2-4 for a number of games and it was repeatable. It seems the pattern is clear on my install here. Laggy live match, smooth highlights of previous games. I've uploaded and tagged two screenshots - both of the CPU cores in both states - live and re-watching the highlights of the same game.
  10. How did you get it that high? I'm running a Vega 56 and can't get higher than 49/50 fps on either game!? I've also got a 144hz monitor
  11. DxDiag attached. 3d settings default - attached. Lag is present (high settings). 3d settings_lag reduces - attached. (medium settings) Both instances have shadows off. The settings where the 3d lag reduces are where it reduces to virtually nothing but randomly returns for small periods in games. DxDiag.txt
  12. No fix in the full version for me either. My Rig can play some big 3d games too: Ryzen 5 1600. 16GB Ram (3000Mhz). Radeon Vega 56.
  13. @santy001 @Jack Joyce Some items for your information. DxDiag.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log_FM20_02.txt
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