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  1. I'm still a bit confused as to why we haven't seen much match engine footage thus far, especially since the headline features seem quite muted to me personally. Either there is going to be a big reveal soon or it strikes me that not much, if anything has changed.
  2. Apologies for the potentially lazy and daft question, but have we seen any match engine footage yet, and if not, why not?
  3. Tony Pulis. Not so much for his direct style but how he manages to mould a team to literally run through brick walls for him. It is difficult to repeat in FM as his tactics are very simple, or were when he was at Stoke, and a lot of his success is down to the dressing room and the atmosphere it generates. I also admire how he managed to go in at Palace and manage a lot of attacking players that were naturally at odds with his pragmatic style. He seems to have that knack of being able to build a solid defence and maximize his efficiency in grinding out 1 nil wins.
  4. This is a brilliant thread and a great read. From one FM'er to another, thank you very much. I missed the original thread which I will work through later.
  5. 38 just after Christmas. Bought every version, starting off on the Amiga. Quite proud to say I've achieved nothing on every version since the first two.
  6. A bit later than expected, but the train has now left the station.
  7. @Jack Joyce Hi Jack, just for completeness I monitored no further lag yesterday, so I underlcocked my ram to 2133Mhz to try and simulate the previous configuration, and the lag never returned. So the safe assumption is now that it was a config issue between the BIOS and the game that caused the lag in my instance. I'm not going to flash back to the previous version (don't like flashing BIOS at the best of times...) and I will leave it as-is. For your information and for the devs, the following changes were made in the BIOS update that I flashed: AGESA SMU 43.18 Plus other performance changes made by ASUS. I can't find out any particular release notes of the AGESA or SMU updates, but i'm sure you guys could if required. Hopefully, if you look into it then you might find what could have possibly caused it. Hope that helps. Thanks a lot.
  8. @Jack Joyce I'm a bit nervous about posting this because of tempting fate, but I think I may have cured the fault at my end. I made some changes on Friday evening and haven't seen any stuttering at all, across all camera views, all weekend. First thing I noticed was the motherboard manufacturer (ASUS ROG STRIX B350-I) had released a new Bios back in September, so thought i'd give it a try. Loaded it up through USB but noticed something strange before loading. The Bios had at some stage decided to underclock my 3000Mhz ram to 2133!? I know for a fact that I set it up to 3000Mhz during the build as it was the one thing I looked into before buying my parts, and as i'm not an overclocker I set up the Bios and just leave it well alone! So I carried on with the Bios flash and before rebooting properly I changed the RAM speed to 3000Mhz. Voila, stuttering gone. I'm planning on resetting the speed back to 2133Mhz when i'm happy that the suttering has gone, to complete the not so scientific experiment, to see if it brings it back. I'm frustrated I didn't spot this before the old graphics card went pop! I can only apologise. As an experienced system builder I really should have checked this sooner, especially as FM is such a memory intensive game and the amount of data it is passing around. I suppose it could be the Bios flash but given this appeared around about the time of the winter update for FM18, my money is on the memory speed. Good news but damn and blast!
  9. Hi Jack, yes I did. I booted into safe mode, removed the old driver, rebooted into normal mode with auto Windows updates off and installed the new driver. The CPU updates sound interesting. I'm assuming they'll go out into the public beta first? I'll be spending this weekend checking and tweaking CPU and RAM bios settings to see if I stumble on anything. As ever, if I come across anything strange I'll report back. Cheers.
  10. So, had an interesting few days. Graphics card died on wednesday night after I posted up those specs. First impressions were that maybe the lag was a sign it was on it's way out over a longer period of time. It was still under warranty so got an RMA and replaced with a Vega 56 card with a bit of discount . Fired up FM19 last night - same lag issues. So by default, have worked out it isn't/wasn't the graphics card at fault. Next move?
  11. Hi Jack, Just doubled checked the power settings - all set to maximum. Since doing a clean install I can't get it to 'not lag' and it is lagging all the time. Therefore, I've done a screenshot of the Task Manager Resource Monitor whilst i'm browsing around in the game and one when i'm playing a match, with lag. Screenshots attached and labelled. CPU usage goes up from 3% to 4% GPU usage from 3% to 16% CPU speed from 2.99GHz to GHz Threads 1968 to 2067 Handles 76207 to 77818 Process 155 to 158 Cheers
  12. Yes I did. It was the first thing I checked. I will double check again this evening. Cheers.
  13. Hi Jack, I've got back in touch with AMD and see what they suggest. I'm a bit nervous of the road we'll end up going down with AMD as one of their questions is likely to be whether this issue is isolated to FM19 or not. My answer will be it's isolated to FM18 and 19 with all games in the series before those being ok. For completeness and fairness I'll also have to tell them Pro Evolution 18, FIFA 19, Battlefield 1 and 4, F1 Race Stars and F1 2017 along with Planet Coaster suffer no lag issues too. If you were in their shoes, what do you think the answer will be? There is another user on here, whose name escapes me (I'll try and dig it out) who also reported the same issues as mine, with similar workarounds with an AMD card. Cheers.
  14. @Jack Joyce Last night I bit the bullet and completed a fresh install of Win 10. I installed Steam and installed Football Manager 2019. At that point the only programs on my PC were fresh Windows 10, Steam and FM19. No antivirus, no other third party software. I still suffered lag that was solved by moving the mouse. I'm at a loss with this now, I really don't know where else to go with it.
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