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  1. Pretty self explanatory, but some of the advertisement hoardings are hidden behind the crowd in certain stadiums. This is from Home Park, Plymouth Argyle, for example. See screenshots.
  2. @Jack Joyce Further to my post earlier, I've just been playing around with a few things. If I set my refresh rate to 60 or 120Hz (Advanced Display settings) I can play with the crowd on 'Very High'. As soon as I turn it back up to 144Hz I have stuttering and have to turn it off. It seems to be the 144Hz refresh rate + crowd = stuttering for me.
  3. After previously having very smooth performance, i've started to get some very strange micro stuttering, on every camera angle and on pretty much most of the graphical settings. As i've been playing quite slowly and moving around the game, rather than ploughing on, my suspicions were raised when I stopped playing friendlies against small teams with no stadiums and started playing in stadiums with crowds. My system is Ryzen 7 3700X, 16GB Ram, M.2 SSD, Radeon Vega 56 (8GB) with latest drivers and a 144Hz gaming monitor with 1ms refresh rate. Match engine graphics was set to 'Very High' an
  4. Love the new match engine. It is lovely and smooth already, with no doubt further optimisation over the next few weeks. Love the fact that the game has had lots of marginal tweaks and optimisations, with a few smaller added features. Lots of people might feel a bit cheated but I genuinely think the game has needed this kind of 'smaller update' for a long time. That said, it is no mean feet to release a game of this size under the current restrictions we are all working. Working in software as I do, I know only too well the challenges the industry as a whole has faced. Seriously w
  5. I've been beating this drum for ages but finally and a massive thank you. A severe reduction in picnic benches! Hoorah!
  6. Just watching the Match Engine now. Still seeing Picnic benches in the corner of a Championship football ground!
  7. This will be the first time I've never pre ordered since the pre ordering system came into play online. I've been less than impressed with the headline features and the overall feel on this one is a very subdued release so far. As it stands I'll be waiting for the demo, which is uncharted waters for me. If I don't like the demo or don't feel the changes are worth it then it will be the first ever release of FM/CM that I haven't bought, going back to the first ever version. I'm scared. Help.
  8. I'm still a bit confused as to why we haven't seen much match engine footage thus far, especially since the headline features seem quite muted to me personally. Either there is going to be a big reveal soon or it strikes me that not much, if anything has changed.
  9. Apologies for the potentially lazy and daft question, but have we seen any match engine footage yet, and if not, why not?
  10. Tony Pulis. Not so much for his direct style but how he manages to mould a team to literally run through brick walls for him. It is difficult to repeat in FM as his tactics are very simple, or were when he was at Stoke, and a lot of his success is down to the dressing room and the atmosphere it generates. I also admire how he managed to go in at Palace and manage a lot of attacking players that were naturally at odds with his pragmatic style. He seems to have that knack of being able to build a solid defence and maximize his efficiency in grinding out 1 nil wins.
  11. This is a brilliant thread and a great read. From one FM'er to another, thank you very much. I missed the original thread which I will work through later.
  12. 38 just after Christmas. Bought every version, starting off on the Amiga. Quite proud to say I've achieved nothing on every version since the first two.
  13. A bit later than expected, but the train has now left the station.
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