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  1. So, I'm coaching the Argentina U-20. In my last match, I called this player But, before the match, he got injured and had to replace him. Recently, I wanted to re-add him to the team because next match will be the U-20 South America Quallifier next year. He's fully healed and all, but then this message pops up. Doesn't explain why I can't or anything EDIT: Oddly enough, he can be called for the main team, but I don't need him there
  2. Lionel Messi should start as retired from National Team. At least for the rest of 2018. He hasn't confirmed if he'll return for 2019 yet
  3. I manage Messi in the National team, and in the 2014 World Cup he ended as top scorer and asister of the tournament
  4. It must be somewhere in Indonesia/India/Singapore/Malasya
  5. Why are they in 3rd division? Was it footballistical or economical reasons? Also they are going to be in the game. Only they'll start without division and they'll get promoted the following season mostly sure (though I never understood how non division promotions worked).
  6. This season I couldn't beat Joinville in the Brazilian 1st division with my Vasco side. The first was 1-1 and the latest match was a 2-2. The match after that one Corinthians goes against Joinville and gets an 8-0 victory! Why just why this happens?
  7. Aimar became manager and he accepted a job at a peruvian team. 7 days later he declared his interest on a job in a bigger peruvian team. In the end he stayed, but still...
  8. I think England has enough leagues as of now...but Germany would be ok. I also though that it would be great to add other african and asian leagues. But in the asian side I was thinking something more difficult to do like Japan. As of Africa I was thinking Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and/or Cameroon
  9. Well...I currently have 2 managers in my save: One is the main manager that is in charge of the Argentina National team and Vasco da Gama. The other manager is exclusive for the Argentina U-20 team. I first started with the NT and later got my first job at Millonarios from Colombia. I won 2 leagues, 1 local cup and a Super cup. Later I left (I never got used to the only 5 sub rule of the league) and assumed the Vasco job who where in relegation position and took them to 7th place. They had quite the money, so for the next season I brought back Helton and bought some more players and won the Carioca Championship. Oh...I brought Adriano on a free...although it wasn't the greatest of the decisions. Before the start of the league I brought Alex (from PSG) for free since the club didn't renew his contract. I'm currently tied in the 1st place with Gremio (Although they have 2 matches less...so yeah...) On the NT side. I qualified to the World Cup (In the group I had Switzerland, Costa Rica and Tunisia) and won it against....RUSSIA (I had to knock out Brazil, Italy and Spain to made it to the finals, While Russia had to go through Germany, Portugal and Switzerland) Messi won both top scorer and assist XD.
  10. Argentinos Jrs. may be a small team, but IRL it always had a great youth development system (Maradona, Cambiasso, Sorin, Redondo, Riquelme and other players came from it). I think this is reflected in the game too
  11. It's called "Goal of the season", not "Most goals scored of the season"
  12. I don't think so. In fact, almost every FM I played I've always seen Real Madrid doing better
  13. Well, scout IRL also tend to be wrong a lot of times about youngsters
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