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  1. That IRL would NEVER happen with neither of them
  2. Maybe he's also a Drag Queen and that's his artistic name
  3. I almost instantly thought "From Madagascar" as soon as I saw that long surname. Then saw his nationality and confirmed it
  4. Oh my God...you don't know how much this made me laugh...
  5. The sad part is that River has Batalla in his team...ohwait...they have Arano IRL...so... This game is like a match of the anime Captain Tsubasa O.O
  6. I can imagine that Diego Serrano was given the ball of the match as the tradition says XD
  7. Going back to this. This actually happened to me (without the naked physio ) my keeper started moving to a side leaving the goal free for the rivals to score, and that happened -_-
  8. lolwut? They got him cloned or the Craig family is poorly creative when naming sons
  9. Is common to see Brazil sacking managers frequently. I remember before the last update of FM11, I defeated Brazil in 3 different ocations (1st and 3rd were friendly match, 2nd was Copa America final) and the 3 times they sacked their manager after the match. On topic, I was never sacked, but I left myself in some situations. For example, in FM09, I manage to win Scottish Premier with Motherwell, and I was preparing the team to face the Champions league, but then an offer came for my young and best CT and the board took the negotiations and they sold him in the end. That ****ed me so much that
  10. Manager swapping? Lavolpe left Boca and they hired Miguel Ángel Russo from Vélez, and the later hired Lavolpe
  11. lolwut? That can actually happen!? What do you have to do to have this happen? O.o
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