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  1. No matter how I set up my team I just can't get them to score the way I want them to, which is through 1. cut-backs and 2. through balls. I really need help especially with (1). Has anyone managed to implement that?
  2. This is one of the things that I never understood about the ME. A slow tempo means that the players will generally take more time on the ball when attacking. Mentality, affects where they will pass: a higher mentality means riskier forward passes while a lower mentality will mean more possession/keepball sideways passes. As pointed out by wwfan, Barca do play a "slow-slow-fast" style - of sorts. Definitely not a high tempo kick and rush style. But a slow tempo is also not the way to go for one ouch passing - the players take far too much time on the ball. Theoretically, a faster (faster, not
  3. I forgot to mention a minor tweak I am using. For the AML/R set the crossing to sometimes/byline/near post and for the FBs to sometimes/deep/far post. It will just give them an extra option for times when crossing is obviously the best option. It happens rarely, so it won't really change anything in terms of possesion, it will just add some extra options and unpredictability wich in turn will give you a few more goals. Also, some general thoughts on the striker. In my opinion, the most important attributes are Finishing, Flair, Decisions and Composure. "Comes deep to get ball" is a must, "pla
  4. In all honesty they often claim to have made "minor" or "specific" changes that do however end messing up previously great tactics. Given the complexity of the ME itself that is not incredibly surprising though.
  5. If you could post a screenie of your team perhaps we could come up with some ideas.
  6. I couldn't realy say, in my one and only proper save I mainly use Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick (it's just too beautiful to watch) and a 3-4-3 tweak of my own. I do use Vodu's 442 in some games when I need to score a fast goal, or when I am under so much pressure I can't dominate possession and need to switch to a more counter attacking tactic. But my strikers and wingers are scoring for fun when I do use it, it is in no way dependant on set pieces. You could try to set one of your strikers to attack the near post, that way you will score less (assuming you have a short striker) and you will
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?kyhmraj5vha2k6q Here you go. Great tactic by the way, better than CUT, not as good as Chaos, but easier on the eye than both.
  8. I don't think he fits this tactic to be honest. The reason is that he really is a poacher, constantly trying to break the offside trap instead of droping deep and making use of the space between the defenders and your midfield. He needs and AMC/trequartista for support - he would be much better in a 442/4231. I used him as an impact substitute on the wings in a couple of games, he did ok-ish. But overall I used him almost exclusively with the other two tactics I mentioned, and mainly in games when I wanted to rest Rooney, league/fa cup, CL groups stage etc. He did end the season with 20 goals
  9. Maximum size pitch, no OIs at all. Forgot to mention, I didn't use any set piece cheats either, just the default one from the tactic, to keep posession.
  10. Just a little update. In my ManUtd save I've just had the most succesfull season I've ever had in any FM game. I finished the season undefeated with only 4 draws, scored 129 goals, conceded 22, and won the quadruple. I played this tactic about 90% of the time, so I'm posting this here. I didn't buy any first team players, just a couple of young prospects and some very cheap (1-1.5 mil) backup players to avert any injury crisis. Furthermore, this transfer policy led to having a very harmonious squad, wich is the cornerstone of any succesfull team. The other two tactics I had in match preparatio
  11. Knocks ball past opponent is not a very advantageous PPM in tight spaces, it is better suited for counterattacking teams and players like Walcott, with speed but no technique to beat their man. Comes Deep To Get Ball is almost mandatory for the striker in my opinion, and Plays One Twos is very good for all the attacking players. Plays Simple Passes - not so sure about that one tbh, I like a bit of diversity, lets you score more goals that way. I find this particular PPM to be better suited for players without high creativity, mostly DMs and such, that look to pass the ball to a nearby playmake
  12. In my experience so far the PPMs "comes deep to get ball", "plays one twos", "plays killer balls often" are the ones to look at for your striker. Essentially you want a playmaker that can also score lots of goals so, in my opinion, it's probably easier to find an AMC with the proper attributes and PPMs and retrain him to play as a striker. Also, the "moves into channels" PPM is quite bad, as is "shoots from distance". That said, there is a relatively cheap player who has consistently delivered for me, and has none of the "right" attributes or ppms. Jelle Vossen. He may be slow, weak, and poor
  13. Out of curiosity, does assigning a specific playmaker in a team with so much creativity actually improve the tactic? Or is it just to emulate the real life Xavi closer?
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