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  1. No matter how I set up my team I just can't get them to score the way I want them to, which is through 1. cut-backs and 2. through balls. I really need help especially with (1). Has anyone managed to implement that?
  2. This is one of the things that I never understood about the ME. A slow tempo means that the players will generally take more time on the ball when attacking. Mentality, affects where they will pass: a higher mentality means riskier forward passes while a lower mentality will mean more possession/keepball sideways passes. As pointed out by wwfan, Barca do play a "slow-slow-fast" style - of sorts. Definitely not a high tempo kick and rush style. But a slow tempo is also not the way to go for one ouch passing - the players take far too much time on the ball. Theoretically, a faster (faster, not fast) tempo coupled with lower (lower, not low) mentalities and decreasing through balls and run with ball instructions across the pitch might be closer to Barca's style. The "faster" tempo would also benefit Barca's pressing, as they press with relentless urgency. One more thing. The real Barca definitely play with lots of width. It's why their pitch is so big. I could post some screenshots and point to Zonal Marking to support this point if needed but right now I really have to go to work or my boss will be a little upset.
  3. I forgot to mention a minor tweak I am using. For the AML/R set the crossing to sometimes/byline/near post and for the FBs to sometimes/deep/far post. It will just give them an extra option for times when crossing is obviously the best option. It happens rarely, so it won't really change anything in terms of possesion, it will just add some extra options and unpredictability wich in turn will give you a few more goals. Also, some general thoughts on the striker. In my opinion, the most important attributes are Finishing, Flair, Decisions and Composure. "Comes deep to get ball" is a must, "plays one twos" and "tries though balls often" are useful as well. "moves into channels", "tries to break the offside trap", "shoots long" should be avoided at all costs as they don't benefit the general attacking play at all. You want the striker to drop deep and stay central. Rooney has been fantastic in this role and I have also had great success with Ji Dong-Won after I tought him the proper PPMs. I cannot stress how important PPMs are, in my opinion they are even more important than attributes for this position (within reason of course). Finally, about the wingers. I've noticed that "striker" types do much better here than playmakers or traditional wingers. Apart from the attributes already mentioned in other posts, they need to have decent Off the ball and Finishing to exploit the gaps that the striker creates for them by droping deep and dragging defenders out of position (much like Villa does). I've heard some people complain about a lack of goals, but in my experience that is mostly down to the fact that this tactic requires very, very specific types of players for the front three positions, players that are difficult to find and even more difficult to buy.
  4. If you could post a screenie of your team perhaps we could come up with some ideas.
  5. I don't think he fits this tactic to be honest. The reason is that he really is a poacher, constantly trying to break the offside trap instead of droping deep and making use of the space between the defenders and your midfield. He needs and AMC/trequartista for support - he would be much better in a 442/4231. I used him as an impact substitute on the wings in a couple of games, he did ok-ish. But overall I used him almost exclusively with the other two tactics I mentioned, and mainly in games when I wanted to rest Rooney, league/fa cup, CL groups stage etc. He did end the season with 20 goals and 5 assists, but many of those were hat tricks against weak opposition. Berbatov was Rooney's main substitute and did quite well, scored 20 goals and also contributed 14 assists, almost all with Magick's tactic. He is getting older however so I think I'll try to sign Sunderland's Ji Dong-Won as a long term replacement. This tactic really depends on having not just a good, but a world class striker that can play as a trequartista/deep lying forward, and unfortunately there aren't many players that fit that description.
  6. Maximum size pitch, no OIs at all. Forgot to mention, I didn't use any set piece cheats either, just the default one from the tactic, to keep posession.
  7. Just a little update. In my ManUtd save I've just had the most succesfull season I've ever had in any FM game. I finished the season undefeated with only 4 draws, scored 129 goals, conceded 22, and won the quadruple. I played this tactic about 90% of the time, so I'm posting this here. I didn't buy any first team players, just a couple of young prospects and some very cheap (1-1.5 mil) backup players to avert any injury crisis. Furthermore, this transfer policy led to having a very harmonious squad, wich is the cornerstone of any succesfull team. The other two tactics I had in match preparation, and wich I used in some (very few) games, were VoduChaos 442 and TheBetterHalf's Into Oblivion Assymetric 4-2-3-1. Those two tactics I used exclusively when a team was really pressing me and my players couldn't get into their passing game, but I really only used them in very rare occasions, maybe 5-6 matches overall when I really needed to defend, hit them on the counter and exploit the opponent's high line. I believe that watching the matches carefully and knowing how and when to rotate the squad and keep your players fresh and motivated is incredibly important. It is, in my opinion, much more important than the overatted team talks, wich, by the way, are very straighforward and simple to do. I also like to play mind tricks, attend all press conferences and try to pressure opposition managers and players, and it definitely pays off, but it still isn't as important as proper rotation and tactical awarness. So, here are the screenies. 1. Premier League 2. Wayne Rooney (also won every personal award) 3. My "usual" starting 11 4. Trophies won One last thing. I know managing ManUtd is easy. But my aim wasn't just to win, but to win as convincingly as possible and do so by playing the most aesthetically pleasing football possible. The next step of my project will be to build a world class team of home grown players. In the meantime, thanks for creating such a fun tactic.
  8. Knocks ball past opponent is not a very advantageous PPM in tight spaces, it is better suited for counterattacking teams and players like Walcott, with speed but no technique to beat their man. Comes Deep To Get Ball is almost mandatory for the striker in my opinion, and Plays One Twos is very good for all the attacking players. Plays Simple Passes - not so sure about that one tbh, I like a bit of diversity, lets you score more goals that way. I find this particular PPM to be better suited for players without high creativity, mostly DMs and such, that look to pass the ball to a nearby playmaker rather than play a through ball etc much like Busquetts does in reality, so it might be better for the MC but not the others. Not saying that it is bad, just not really that important in my opinion.
  9. In my experience so far the PPMs "comes deep to get ball", "plays one twos", "plays killer balls often" are the ones to look at for your striker. Essentially you want a playmaker that can also score lots of goals so, in my opinion, it's probably easier to find an AMC with the proper attributes and PPMs and retrain him to play as a striker. Also, the "moves into channels" PPM is quite bad, as is "shoots from distance". That said, there is a relatively cheap player who has consistently delivered for me, and has none of the "right" attributes or ppms. Jelle Vossen. He may be slow, weak, and poor with the ball at his feet but he has phenomenal mental attributes. His solid decision making, decent creativity and incredible teamwork will add lots of assists and help keep the ball since he never squanders possesion trying outrageous tricks etc. What really makes the difference for me however is his off the ball movement, wich is probably one of the best in game, and his incredible finishing and composure. Especially against teams that defend deep he can be quite effective. In that kind of situation you need a striker who can play in tigh spaces, and since the d-line is deep speed does not matter since there is no space to run into. Against opposition who really tries to press high he is less usefull but he does get quite a few assists playing through balls to my pacey wingers. Overall, while he is not my first choice striker, he has been a dependable and cheap choice.
  10. Out of curiosity, does assigning a specific playmaker in a team with so much creativity actually improve the tactic? Or is it just to emulate the real life Xavi closer?
  11. Perhaps, the most important thing is to make all the players do their respective duties but mentain cohesion in the way the team plays. As I said I really don't have the time at the moment to test this properly, it's just an idea, and I explained in my previous posts why it might work and what it should have to offer (roughly, more penetration at the expense of some fluidity).
  12. I think I downloaded the latest version if I am not mistaken. The ST still has the roam from position ticked, wich makes him drop deep lots of times, his fwd runs are not set to often, and his only slight mentality gap with the AMC makes them get in the way of each other at times. So, for me, on the pitch, he looks more like a complete or deep lying forward than a true poacher in the mold of Inzaghi. I am not criticising this tactic btw, personaly I love the fluidity it offers and my team create adequate chances each match - I just thought I might make a suggestion to help some of the people who apparently thought they were'nt scoring enough.
  13. Since I have been quite busy lately I have not had the time to update my tactics or create a new one. So, I thought I'd give this tactic a go. Simply put, I am impressed. You've managed to create a tactic that is generally effective, aesthetically pleasing and defensively solid, and most importantly it makes football sense - it doesn't just look to exploit whatever weaknesses this version of the ME might have. That said, I do have one suggestion that might possibly create more chances (sadly, I simply don't have the time to properly test this myself and provide solid proof, so take it with a pinch of salt). Instead of employing an all around forward that tends to link up play, why not try to play with a "poacher" instead, much like the real Barca have employed Alexis Sanches in some games. The benefit of a player always looking to break the offside trap is that it pushes the opponent's d-line deeper and deeper, providing a lot more space for the AMC and wide forwards, while also being an obvious option for through balls. A deep lying forward/trequartista/false nine type of striker fits a 4-3-3 system much better, because there is no AMC present so it is beneficial for the striker to drop deeper. With the AMC present however, it might be worth trying to play a poacher instead. This is especially true against sides that play with a high d-line and look to press you, as there is not enough space for the striker to drop deep without him getting in the way of the AMC. Sometimes it migh be worth sacrificing a bit of fluidity for some extra penetration.
  14. I haven't really had the time (or the will) to make my own tactic for 11.3, but I've been casually playing with a variation of MrHough's 4-1-2-3. I checked the 4-1-2-1-2 tactic for a few games and personaly I think it is one of the most balanced tactics I have seen in Fm 11. However, for the people complaining it does not work for them, here is the link to my own version: http://www.mediafire.com/?bav7hvhwzo12zuc I am not saying it is better, it was just better suited to my (very) high quality team. There are two main differences: firstly, the defence is based on very intense pressing. Secondly, it uses attacking wing backs to offer natural width to the formation and help press high up the pitch to prevent counterattacks. I also used a different set piece routine both for attack and defense. The main drawbacks are the fullbacks must have very high stamina and you must have subs ready for them. You also have to deal with plenty of bookings so you must have a large squad to rotate etc. Obviously, you need players capable of playing this type of football. I don't wish to derail this thread so I will not elaborate any further. Use it as you will, take whatever you find usefull etc. It's just something that worked for me and produced beautifull football and good results (check out the screenshot, I used this tactic for the last 3 seasons)
  15. Most if not all of the popular and succesfull formations in FM10 are excesively offensive ones. If you are specifically looking for a defensive formation, I would recommend taking a look at the TT&F '10, in the appendix section there is an excellent implementation of a counter attacking 4-5-1 based on the real Bolton team. It works well and with a few tweaks it can be quite effective. If for whatever reason you can't find it, PM me. Let me point out however that most of Mr. Hough's tactics have a good ballance between offense and defense, so unless you absolutely want to play anti-football you will get lots of convincing wins without conceding much if you use any of the tactics in this thread.
  16. Excellent analysis of the correlation of d-line and 2-MC midfields. How did you do in difficult away games against better teams (assuming you played any)? Do you think defending with 6 players will work with teams that aren't really top quality? At any rate, the Everton results are more than convincing, the attack looks spectacular, so I do believe congratulations are in order.
  17. Assuming you are refering to the tactic that was linked from a french forum, the defense is a complete shambles. The offensive part is fun but it uses 8 players to attack, and has just 2 DCs sitting back and relatively deep as well. Often you will have 8 players in the opponent's area, and the rest of the pitch will be empty, with your two DCs sitting back miles away from any kind of support. Unless your DCs are vastly superior than the opposition strikers and can win in every 1v1 situation you will concede every time you loose possession. It's still a good way to score a fast goal when you're desperate and it can also steamroll small teams. The Invincibles has also performed poorly in defense for me, possibly because I don't manage the best team in the world and when my DCs get dragged all over the place, every time they miss a tackle I concede.
  18. The reason I believe most narrow formations work better defensively that any 4-4-2 / 4-2-4 variant, is that a three man miedfield in FM10 can cover the flanks and the midfield at the same time, exceptionaly well. With any 4-3-3 variation you could have up to 3 players covering each flank, switching to 3 covering the middle of the pitch when the ball is being played through the middle ( depending on the particular instructions of each tactic of course). In any 4-4-2 you can usually have 2 per flank and you can't cover the middle with more than 2 either. For example, if you try to get 3 per flank in a 4-4-2 (adjusting the closing down for one of the MCs),it will simply leave one midfielder alone to cover the central area of the pitch, whereas a 4-3-3 will have 2 players there in a similar situation. Similarily, when you are playing a 4-4-2 and your opponent is attacking through the middle it is hard if not impossible to get the wingers in that area, so you're left with 2 MCs/DMs covering the middle. In any situation a 4-3-3 variation can have more players in whatever area of the pitch the oppossition are attacking from.
  19. I've had something similar happening on various tactics. In my opinion this is happens because the fullbacks always have a lot of space in front of them to run into, and possibly not enough passing options. What I usually do is increase their crosses from deep, and increase their passing range to mixed. Furthermore, personaly I never put any player on 0 mentality, I think giving them a mentality of 2-5 notches can help prevent them from doing irrational things at times. I also believe Tempo has a role to play in this so it probably depends on more than one factor.
  20. I was playing with a D-Line of 18. It all depends on how you play. If you have any questions or want to discuss more on the d-line topic let's take it to PM's please so we don't spam MR Hough's thread too much
  21. I don't presume to be an expert or anything, but for what it's worth when pressing high up the pitch I try to have a DMC on relatively low CD, and mentality close to or even lower than the CBs', depending on the philosophy of the system. It helps because he tends to move into DC position if one of the DCs gets draged out of position. That, and having the fullbacks as defensive as reasonably possible seems to work for me, although obviously it is not possible to never concede on the counter when playing a high DL. It is however possible to make a very solid defensive system with a high D-line. Just my 2 cents, best of luck with your tactic, I'm sure it will be as solid as the rest of them.
  22. In my experience that tends to happen more often the more pressure you put on your defenders. Personaly, when I see too many "mistakes" by my defence it's a sign that my attackers and/or midfield are leaving them exposed. Out of curiosity, is it "through the middle" play you find harder to defend against or is it the flanks?
  23. So basically you want them to mark the oppossition AND be available for counters at the same time, AND not increase the D-Line? That's an awfull lot to ask. If you want them to pressure adjust the closing down accordingly, set their tackling to hard to win the ball high up the pitch, and set their marking to loose/zonal, that will make them more available for counters since they won't be tight marking anyone and probably won't be right next to an opossition player when you win the ball back. That's about the best I can think of but I am honestly not sure what exactly it is that you are trying to achieve.
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