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  1. Yeah I forgot to re-tally my specialist roles. Looks like I'll be leaning towards Balanced/Rigid. 2 half specialist roles (CF and SS) with 2 playmaker roles. A Rigid philosophy is probably more in line with what I am looking for, more emphasis on players doing a certain job and playing a certain way. This isn't a save I'm taking hugely seriously so I'm willing to chop and change things.
  2. I can totally see the argument for that. I tried this out in a 3-0 away win at Everton which has been one of the first times I've been happy with an away performance (boosted however with a pair of free kicks). I have Januzaj on the left as he is definitely a playmaker type, Kagawa will play here as well. Shaqiri and Rooney would be the main choices for the SS role, Rooney for his striking ability and Shaqiri for his direct nature, then Insigne, Shaqiri and Zaha on the right as the other direct option from the AM band. Does that look and sound about right to you? I the personnel I have at F
  3. Thanks llama3. The thing with Shaqiri on the right is that he has the PPM cuts inside, so he plays more like an Inside Forward anyway. I still can't grasp why RVP (and to a lesser extent Rooney) have been so poor for me. I'll implement the changes there and I'll report back with results.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been toying about with a Manchester United save but I've been having a horrible time of getting anything resembling good football. First season was a massive struggle and eventually I lost the title to Chelsea, knocked out of the semi's of the FA Cup by Chelsea and lost the CL final vs Real Madrid. It's been a few years since I've had any sort of trouble with United so I have to go back to the drawing board and look at my tactics. Defensively we are ok, nothing special but I wouldn't mind if we were good going forward. I've spent nearly every game making some minor change bec
  5. I watched up till half time then went to bed. Still felt confident that the 49ers would pull off another come back but wasn't to be.
  6. Just back from weekend in Dundalk getting destroyed at 8 Ball Pool. Anything interesting to happen over the weekend whilst I was away?
  7. I wonder how long it will be before this sort of thing ruins his career.
  8. Makes sense on his part. Why drop down a level when a top flight team is interested? I'm sure Sunderland would pay him a good bit better money than Boro too.
  9. Danny Graham to Sunderland? I could have sworn I seen talks of a deal being struck with Boro for him. £5M isn't exactly a stupid fee to pay either
  10. Morning all... Back to Uni and I think I've finally got my computer up and going again. Not much time for FM this week as I'll be playing pool pretty much all week in preparation for the Irish Inter-varsities tournament at the weekend. Managed 7 hours of playing yesterday and wouldn't be surprised if that's repeated again today. Happy days
  11. Do you not like him cause he's young or is it because he's a Pompey fan?
  12. Everyone seems old to me. I'm still 18 for a good while yet
  13. [video=youtube_share;9rrDiPodlok] I think I might finally understand why over on the tactics forum wwfan insists on having an attacking full back. Taken from a game that didn't get saved due to my computer not being too co-operative at this time.
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