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  1. I saw that and did wonder if it was a response to my question but I must admit to not understanding!
  2. I have started the season now with a 2-1 home victory vs Chelsea, which I dominated and should have had more - so far so good. Would be good to get feedback on the above though!
  3. Are Raptor and Predator going to be tested by FM Base and Mr L?
  4. I have been looking for a tactic with one up top, AMR/L and MC plus DM (so the MC can be creative/attacking). I was using Davy’s tactic pre testing with some success (but scraping wins not playing superbly well and against top clubs it wasn’t defensively sound) and have just come across 451 Preachin Blues which looks great and ranks well in tests. I am starting a new save with Man Utd. A few questions re adjustments to Preachin blues for Knap if that’s ok- 1. I have used Rashford to great effect as a IF but on At duty - views on that? 2. I like that you have a CM A and MeZ S - the latter I plan to fill with a Bruno Fernandes. The former I will use Pogba for but he is better as a AP A. How much difference would this make (as both attack duty)? I am guessing a CM is more defensive than a AP even on A duty? On my prior save on Davy’s formation my favourite part was the AP A and MeZ S combo which led to Pogba getting 20 goals, perhaps as an offset reduce the DM to D rather than S i guess this sounds like simple tweaks but I don’t want to mess up the way the tactic fits together 3. In reality can I change the PF to AF - and up their pressing urgency. I am basing this on Martial/Rashford being good AF but less at PF (as a side note would be interested to hear how you use the role suitability on your saves as many of your formations have MR and ML and also MC where there can be difficulty finding a player “green” for that role - do you just ignore and play someone good (eg Salah on your recent Liverpool save) in MR/L and basically they act as AMR/L)?
  5. Super helpful thank you. I’m going to keep going with it. Really like how it works for my squad. Equally i I agree with you all that the ME this year seems very odd - a backward step viewing wise IMHO
  6. Is this tactic on FM Base / being tested fully? I have started using it with good results (but I am Man Utd). It suits Pogba (AP A) and Bruno Fernandes (MEZ A) but I have been tweaking the wingers to IF or IW. Any views on that?
  7. Hi - I have one question on this tactic (and it applies to others). As 442 seems to be making a comeback in FM20 how are people finding using AML/R in the MR/L slots given their “role ability” in those positions is not as “green” as if moved up to the AM slots on the wings? For example, Rashford, Salah, Sancho etc similarly in the CM spots, people like Bruno fernandes, Pogba etc seem wasted (on paper) in those slots vs MEZ or AP - thoughts?
  8. Franky is it possible for you to post the detailed TIs and PIs for this? I am on FMT on iPad and so can't download the tactic (as far as I can tell). I am having real difficulty with FM this year - whereas normally I do well. I just can't seem to score goals even with top sides and am massively struggling so any help is appreciated and from what I can tell your tactics are amazing. Is hustler the best one? multiple screenshots or a list in a post would be great - whatever easiest for you thanks in advance tom
  9. Moving matches for TV - I know this has been asked previously but its unclear to me how this works: 1. Its in "game preferences" to play sat/weds, not online. Does that mean if I change in online game it will impact my other non-online games? 2. if so, is it "save" specific. ie if I do sat/weds in online game I can change to normal in non-online and then it will remember for each save game that its different OR do I need to switch each time I reload the online / non-online? 3. if I have started an online game and forgot to click sat/weds games only (which is the case), how long until it "fixes" it. I am playing English prem with a mate and we just realised on first day of season we had different match times... need to fix. If December (ie when next set of TV games come out) then that is fine, if later (ie next season)- annoying!! 4. Also what is the difference between "Saturday and Wednesday matches" and "don't move". Overall, as I say this is not v clear to me.
  10. Quick question (couldn't find an answer when searching) - if you enable this option, when the wide players swap will they take up their player instructions in the other position. So for example if I have two winger attacks who are very right / left footed, when they swap will they be inside forwards (if in player instructions I set this up) or do they swap in that they step exactly into each others shoes as if they were that player?
  11. Hi- what is the "Eng" file (which only has 76 changes)? Do I load this as well as the "minsterman update" file? any ideas when your first "playable" version will be out, about to start my last long term FM14 game....
  12. How are you finding Wanyama? His stats are worse than felliani but felliani just isn't performing for me.
  13. Interestingly Pogba doesn't come up when I do that (Febregas and Pique are listed so I assume the filter is working). Didn't get Wanyama in the end and Goretzka didn't want to come (no idea why!). Now suffering in second season with none of my CM pairings working well and none getting over 7 average rating 10 games in. I figure it must be my tactics as the rest of the team are performing so having a play around with that first before dipping back into the transfer market.
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