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  1. Sorry for offtop, is it the Light21 skin or something other? It's a known bug which has not been fixed in the FM21 apparently. At some point it becomes extremely annoying for journeyman players. My guess it depends on the compensation the club will have to pay for the sacking of a manager, so if you're Hansi Flick on 10 million euro per year contract for the next 5 seasons you can just chill and don't even bother about being fired.
  2. On the other hand I wouldn't mind becoming a girl team manager in my favorite club. Although I wonder how reputation level would be implemented. There is absolutely no chance in my country that a manager with qualification and ambitions enough to get a job in the First Division male side will be eager to go to the female team of the Premier Division leading team - first of all it's about money. If there is a joint system of reputation for male and female teams, I guess it would have been 0,5 starts for women's Lokomotiv and 3,5 for men's Lokomotiv. I wonder if there salary difference taken into the account as well. Is there any concept of reputation and job offers in the making?
  3. In the end, I'm pointing out my (and everyone else's) legitimate concerns both about the game (I repeat: there are issues which in the end will make trouble for men's and women's part simultaneously which should have been addressed) and the SI public image. There's vocal minority who's against innovations, a vocal minority which supports it and a lot of customers who wouldn't mind. That's how a market works, period. Trying to shut up any of the vocal minorities is not a good PR story. People need direct communication. Claiming someone is sexist on the basis of his disagreement with your position is not a reasonable argumentation. Feel free to disagree with anything above. That's all. I refrain from further commenting as I've said anything that I wanted to say and have nothing to add.
  4. Basically yes, that's how media relations work. PR is about personal communication and not about making a corporate statement. That thing alone would have made a lot of people to ease their concerns. Neil Brock is doing a good job in that regard but he's alone. Miles is not a PR guy which he proved once more, anthagonizing a lot of fans with his statement about "accept or get lost". Yeah, and I've literally wrote that My problem is not with you in person. My problem is with those who think that calling those who disagree sexist is a reasonable and meaningful argument.
  5. PR statement. People need communication, not press releases. That's why we are here. Because it's honestly extremely annoying when you try to build a dialogue and then there are 10 posts about you being a sexist bigot which are all written in a manner of witch hunt. Twice as annoying when you have to deal with sexist bigots yourself on a daily basis.
  6. So, I've never said that I won't buy as I eventually will (probably in the life cycle end as therwill be the finally polished version. Why would you devalue my position? You basically saying that I'm a **** person and cant' express my opinion. What reaction such presupposition should provoke from me? All beacuse I express concerns about a game and point out that there is a lot of issues in it which in the end will make trouble for men's and women's part simultaneously. By "me" I mean those who are genuinely concerned and want to get reassurance from the devs instead of being bashed by witch hunters.
  7. As a person who is being heavily criticized in my homeland because of my attitudes and values, as there are a lot of REAL bigots in my country who don't give a damn about rights of minorities, I feel really sad and anxious, that in more developed countries it's all just a convenient excuse to silence anyone you don't agree with. You don't think that women's football is that interesting and would prefer more polishing for the men's football part of the game? Sexist, you have no place here. Talk about civilized arguments. Do you really think that absence of the women's league is the only thing which keeps women away from playing FM?
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't argue with that. Although we can just look at bigger picture. E.g.: are there problems which arise because of lack of the allocated resources? (Most likely, yes). Could these problems have been solved by adding more staff? (Most likely, yes). Could that staff got salary instead of other hired staff which was hired specifically for additional development? (Probably, yes). If we go in details, than yes, there is no way to determine if adding Nadezhda Karpova and scouting her did any harm to scouting some Espanyol B player and giving him poor attributes, as we can never be sure. We can't also be sure that excluding the light skin helped to optimize the interface of the remaining default skin as well, but that was one of the arguments made by devs. In modern world every public statement is being recieved with the grain of salt. But I was merely pointing to the fact that labeling everybody who are concerned as troglodite bigots in discussion leaves much to be desired. And "Honestly, i didn’t know that so many people are still out there who don’t share the idea of diversity and equal rights. It’s horrible" phrase essentially sums itself just like that. You may share the ideas of diversity and equal rights, but you still wouldn't want to watch women's football or play as a manager of the women's team. These things are not mutually exclusive.
  9. Not being a fan of a particular kind of sport has nothing to do with support for diversity and equal rights. Trying to make everyone who's not happy with the new course to look like bad people who are against diversity is just a manipulation which splits the community and not contributing to discussion. Just saying as I'm all for inclusion and equality but such an argument is aimed to devalue my concerns and is offensive.
  10. Shower thought: unless you go for non-professional leagues in the lowest depths of the football world starting with no badges and sunday league rep is neither fun nor realistic. Starting with the semi-pro and National C at least vastly improves your range of possible first job offers and enhances your overall experience as well, so consider using it.
  11. Is there any statistical evidence that the purple skin is better for people with limited eyesight? I won't speak for others, but for me it hurts my eyes and seems depressing simultaneously. Does anybody share the experience?
  12. Don't care if women's football is included, tbh. Happy for those who are happy about it, but wouldn't bother to load any leagues or database with it as I'd prefer to load another league from less well-known part of the world. My biggest disappointment is with the fact the game definitely needs more polishing and depth in a lot of areas, but becomes wider instead. So we have bugs which are not fixed in a course of the year due to the lack of resources, but we shall also have the league which will not be popular and is added to actually overturn this trend and make women's football MORE popular. Given the of popularity of women's football (without any emotional evaluation), the only reason to add it from the commercial perspective is a funding from some organization or person who really wants to promote it. Even with that the standalone game won't fly so it's added to regular FM. Of course it would be preferrable to me that SI invest money and working hours into delivering a better game but well, it's playable and doesn't have really game-breaking bugs in final versions so I guess that's it. Game's performance is another thing - I just hope that it would be possible to load only the men's leagues and that's it.
  13. Genuine question - was part of the reason I stopped playing apart of some other problems. On the side note if it wasn't fixed in the patch, perhaps modders can do it? My best hopes are for Daveincid although I understand how busy they are. Cheers.
  14. Currently I have Solkskjaer, Pirlo, Pochettino, Conte, Zidane and Flick still at their places after 12 seasons ingame. Pep was sacked and replaced by Brandon Rogers for 10 years, Klopp was sacked after spending 11 seasons in Liverpool, Koeman was sacked and replaced by some Spanish manager who is on his job for 10 seasons as well. Chelsea is the only top team which is regularly sacking managers. Huge thanks to SI for once again not failing to deliver a last patch which will just break the game. So amusing. At this point I'm really ready to skip that "amazing" game in Autumn. Hope I won't be the only one so SI will at least something to think about instead of finding other way to make the game unplayable and broken.
  15. You should probably try reading the post which you're quoting and see that the game reflects what was thought to be accurate in the pre-season expectations. Not even mentioning the much more serious problems which won't be fixed apparently before FM22 comes out. Currently I have Solkskjaer, Pirlo, Pochettino, Conte, Zidane and Flick still at their places after 12 seasons ingame and here we are, Gers were not accurately predicted to steamroll the league with two teams having at least distant idea of what football is.
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