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  1. Currently I have Solkskjaer, Pirlo, Pochettino, Conte, Zidane and Flick still at their places after 12 seasons ingame. Pep was sacked and replaced by Brandon Rogers for 10 years, Klopp was sacked after spending 11 seasons in Liverpool, Koeman was sacked and replaced by some Spanish manager who is on his job for 10 seasons as well. Chelsea is the only top team which is regularly sacking managers. Huge thanks to SI for once again not failing to deliver a last patch which will just break the game. So amusing. At this point I'm really ready to skip that "amazing" game in Autu
  2. You should probably try reading the post which you're quoting and see that the game reflects what was thought to be accurate in the pre-season expectations. Not even mentioning the much more serious problems which won't be fixed apparently before FM22 comes out. Currently I have Solkskjaer, Pirlo, Pochettino, Conte, Zidane and Flick still at their places after 12 seasons ingame and here we are, Gers were not accurately predicted to steamroll the league with two teams having at least distant idea of what football is.
  3. This. Although judging by the reddit, people generally do not know that there are other leagues but English ones.
  4. My first season with Shakhtar on that old journeyman which started with Wealdstone and continued on to Torquay and Torpedo Moscow. I honestly don't know how the thing on the screenshot is possible without AI boosting one specific team and designing it as a competitive rival for the player to keep him engaged. Especially given the fact that Vorskla was ESPECIALLY average the next season, losing only one mid-season loan player of the title-winning squad. Probably has something to do with the champion manager leaving to Feyenoord, but still. As for the second season, I had to pull 28 wi
  5. FM21. I don't really get the sense of xG in-hame, tbh. If you dominate but don't score, you will get high xG on cumulative basis. If you have high xG and no goals, the problem should be with forwards, which is strange sometimes - you can have a good series of matches and then you face that ****** away team with one point which is likely paying some shaman to ward off the goals in the match against you. The only reliable thing is to change the tactics and not always in the way which makes any sense. The game is so good at speaking to players, that I have finished fourth in the season I
  6. On my league level 12 composure is pretty decent. Yeah, I understand that there are too much variables to account for, but nowhere in the world a player controlling the ball should just stand and look at the empty goal, waiting for a defender to close down the shot
  7. I agree. But I have to point out that when my striker hits the post from 2 meters or can't kick the ball in the empty goal (I literally had both cases a day ago), it's a pretty far-fetched feedback from the game which doesn't actually make any sense in terms of me improving tactics. Another case (I'm probably biased here, lol) is why the opposition defenders are throwing themselves to block the shots from killer range? Also why their lone wingers may run from the depth of their half with the ball and score like Andrey Arshavin to Liverpool and my winger when recieveing the ball and running to
  8. Correct. That's what I was talking about. The game doesn't show why I had constant failures as well. In all honesty, CM 01/02 was perfect when it had only the text commentary.
  9. Guys, I got it, you will defend the game no matter what. Yeah, I'm wrong, ME is perfect, it's my tactics and all that jazz. Honestly, I've never though that FM community will be so overprotective of the game given that it plays its for decades and knows all of its flaws. Kinda funny that Miles said FM reddit was toxic once. On the sidenote I've concocted some attacking tactic and currently feel relatively safe with it, playing as relegation candidates in RPL (yeah, attacking tactic with extremely urgent pressing. Realism much). My main point remains the same, the match engine doesn't show
  10. What makes you think so? So, how do instant result skins function?
  11. And still, 10 years ago, when I was actively playing (had a gap for 6-7 years before FM20 and 21) the game was much easier and I knew for sure what my actions will contribute to. For now it's a black box and guessing game for me. Back then when scouting report was limited to "competent", "exceptional" or "mediocre" team description I just new what game mentality I should use to win. Now I get the tactical analysis which is pointless beacuse I can't switch my tactics on a whim - at least, between those I did not train specifically. Also, I mean, I don't really know how ME works and ca
  12. Yeah, yeah. What would you do with goals disallowed in every match? Which tactical option determines the amount? I've quit Torquay in the end, it's unbearable. When you watch the matches in such situations, it becomes painfully obvious, that ME shows just some caluclations result and nothing close to the real-time simulation. You either guess the required parameters or not. At least other strategy games are responding to your actual inputs and not show you the predetermined video based on previously pushed buttons. Rant over.
  13. So, after 2 seasons of Wealdstone I was poached by Torquay. Finished the season at the fourth place and noticed a weird thing: in the last 15 games of the league only cautious mentality helped to win my matches. In all other cases I was thrashed no matter who was the opponent. After the first season at Torquay I brought a bit of new players but seriously struggle in the league - to the point that I feel a bit burned out. No matter what tactic I use (tempo, passes, instructions, etc.) the players make like 15 shots and 2 on goal. I have disallowed goal (at least one) in every game. I'm in
  14. So, I've finished the first season with Wealding on the 16th place, playing direct counter (balanced home, cautious away). Started second season, won five matches out of the first seven with nearly same tactic. Too easy, case closed /s
  15. So, after 28 games with Wealdstone I'm at 15th place and hope that the survival is possible. I still consider the game far from easy though.
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