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  1. Hey, just thought i would chime in as i experience the same thing.. Whenever i try to sign a player the wage demand and the contract are simply ridiculous. The fun part is that to test i left contract negociations to my head of youth developement here are the results: Gabriel barbosa 18 years old very interested in moving: -If i try to negociate the contract: want Key player 103000 euro per month / 12K appearance (lol) / 1M loyalty bonus and some other bonus / 2 years contract -Head of youth developement negociate: Hot prospect (lol) 10500 euros per month / 850 euro appearance / 500 K loyal
  2. Hi, my question should be in this thread ballpark, specially on the stupid side I am on the 21st may in game time, i played the last game of the season for the first team, now remains only a reserve game on 28th. I played that week looking for regens, scouting, not reallly paying attention to the players as the season was over.. and in that week i had 6 injuries in training, 4 of them short, 2 long injuries, and i'll be honest i think i will reload as this seems highly unrealistic and pretty harsh.. the players should be on holiday, nothing to come and yet i find myself loosing 2 first team
  3. Hello, my first post here, so i'll begin by thanking you for sharing your knowledge and this nice tactic. I am using the Classic Unbeaten version and applied some of the tweaks mentionned by DirtyAce. While my results have been good so far, i am loosing against the better side of my league (Lyon, Lille) while i do have a superior squad. These teams play either a 451 counter or a 4231. The thing is in those games i conceded very "stupid" goals, and ever since those games the same keeps happening against most opponents: After an attack my FB is up the pitch, the AI throws a Long ball down the w
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