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  1. Hey, just thought i would chime in as i experience the same thing.. Whenever i try to sign a player the wage demand and the contract are simply ridiculous. The fun part is that to test i left contract negociations to my head of youth developement here are the results: Gabriel barbosa 18 years old very interested in moving: -If i try to negociate the contract: want Key player 103000 euro per month / 12K appearance (lol) / 1M loyalty bonus and some other bonus / 2 years contract -Head of youth developement negociate: Hot prospect (lol) 10500 euros per month / 850 euro appearance / 500 K loyalty / 4 years contract with a 1 year extension I checked my head of youth hidden he has "only" 9 in business, can't imagine if he had a high rating I have no idea why the game acts like that, might have to do with reputation (i am 75% national rep, he is continental) but this is a bit extreme. As much as i hate to loose control on the contracts the difference is so massive that i'm not approching an agent anytime soon )
  2. Hi akash777, After an overachieving first season as OM using a 41221 (won the champions league, was astonished ^^), i wanted a change, and looking at your amazing first post i got tempted to test your tactic. I had a huge budget (52 M) and brought Hulk and Rami in. I recruited Willian in january first season. the first team is: rb: azpi / dc:rami / dc: Mbia / lb:m'bengue / DM: Diarra, cheyrou, fernando / aml: willian / amc valbuena / amr hulk / st remy. Anyway, I am in november now, the team is crushing the league (4-0 OM vs OL/ 5-1 OM vs LOSC/ 5-0 OM vs PSG), crushing europe (6-0 OM vs napoli), crushing anything really. Most games end up with 4+ goals for us and a very few in. Thought i should post it to thank you for your time and that opening post! Now for the "not so nice" part , we a are scoring way too many goals from corners. And i think this weight a lot on the results, as sometimes the team isn't playing so well but thanks to a corner we get ahead and players get confident and play better. I havent changed the routine yet but will look at it after this season if the numbers get crazy ( atm around 20 games 14 goals from corners ). Again a big thank for designing this tactic, and anyone struggling and looking for a 4231 deep definitly test this one, with appropriate team talks (OP is amazing again ) it's rolling over even the best teams.
  3. Hi, my question should be in this thread ballpark, specially on the stupid side I am on the 21st may in game time, i played the last game of the season for the first team, now remains only a reserve game on 28th. I played that week looking for regens, scouting, not reallly paying attention to the players as the season was over.. and in that week i had 6 injuries in training, 4 of them short, 2 long injuries, and i'll be honest i think i will reload as this seems highly unrealistic and pretty harsh.. the players should be on holiday, nothing to come and yet i find myself loosing 2 first team players for 6 months, no thank you. So my question is: what do you do in that last week of may if you don't have any games? Should i force the player to stop training by giving them a week of resting until they go on holiday? Or do you create a special schedule?
  4. Hello, my first post here, so i'll begin by thanking you for sharing your knowledge and this nice tactic. I am using the Classic Unbeaten version and applied some of the tweaks mentionned by DirtyAce. While my results have been good so far, i am loosing against the better side of my league (Lyon, Lille) while i do have a superior squad. These teams play either a 451 counter or a 4231. The thing is in those games i conceded very "stupid" goals, and ever since those games the same keeps happening against most opponents: After an attack my FB is up the pitch, the AI throws a Long ball down the wing behind my FB. Now there lone striker is around my penalty area along with my CB, and they have their midfielder going for the ball (my DM sits in the middle of the pitch when this happens). And here the drama occur, my GK (mandanda) appear and try to fight for the ball, usually he is too late as he comes from so far ( the ball is usually around the 40 yard mark!!), or if he isn't late he just toss the ball a few meters ahead and their midfielder take a 50 yards long shot and score. I hope this is a clear enough description. Anyway , at first when i saw the goal i laughed and thought "Oh well steve had a i wanna be a hero moment", but it cost me the win, next game come, bam, exact same goal, now am not laughing so much Ever since that game he has been doing that and i am leaking 1-2 goals per game! ^^ I really don't understand his behaviour either because the ball is so far from the penalty area it seems ridiculous to go for it, especially when both of my CB are in position and there is no "extreme" danger, i mean sure their midfielder is going to get the ball and they have a good counter attack but it's usually a 2 vs 3 (his AMR/L+ST vs My 2 CB+ 1 FB). Has anyone encountered this behaviour from the keeper, or any suggestion to stop him . Thanks a lot in advance, have a nice day everyone!
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