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  1. One of the guys over in the Manchester United thread in gptg was experimenting with this and did really well, so might be worth it to have a look Have never done 100% strikerless on fm (only lone striker dropping deep), so can't really offer good advice myself
  2. Think the couter press instruction used to be called hassel opponents back then
  3. Strikers should if possible both be right footed, while lcb and lb should be left footed, rcb and rb right footed For the whole midfield strong foot don't make a significant difference
  4. I thend to look for players with high dribbling attribute and composure (for every position), this will allow the players to hold onto the ball when put under pressure, before making a pass to break the high press
  5. AMC on AP support and the South Korean guy as first choice as an advanced forward
  6. Have a look at Andrea Petagna's attributes, you need a striker in a similar mold to him You could literally play Malen in every role there is and it would still not work, since he don't have the attributes to play striker in your system
  7. IMO don't look like a good striker for the formation you use, would play him out wide That being said, it's a bit hard to judge without seeing the whole tactic and what type of players you have in your team
  8. B is a bit better then the other two, but tbf they are all rubbish, even if you are playing in vanerama north/south you should be able to find a better keeper
  9. Wrote this in the Manchester United thread over in gptg If I was to set it up in the ME, it would be something like this: Attacking mentality, gk distribution to fullbacks, offside trap, shoot less often PI for all players possible Gk: goalkeeper/defend Lb: wingback/attack Lcb: central defender/defend Rcb: central defender/defend Rb: fullback/defend Lw: inverted winger/support Lcm: central midfielder/defend Rcm: advanced playmaker/support Rw: winger/attack Lstc: complete forward/support Rstc: advanced forward/attack
  10. Depends on the players you have, for me the main job of the cm's in this formation is to hold shape and recycle possession Back in the day when I was toying with my own ideas rather then real life replications I often used 2 dlp's An example could be this somewhat bizare tactic I used with Real Madrid on fm10 Since the old interface don't provide much information, the tactic was like this: GK: goalkeeper/defend LB: fullback/support CBl: central defender/defend CBr: central defender/defend RB: fullback/support CMl: deeplyining playmaker/d
  11. An other trick is to intentionally target players that have picked up a knock or are on low fittnes with the hard tackle OI Only OI I use, and from time to time an opposing player gets injured
  12. Any combination of those 3 roles is what I would use for the pivot in a 4-2-3-1, since it provides better passing triangles and defensive stability
  13. As far as tactics goes it's littraly the same thing, the only thing that's different is that setpice specialists are way more effective in llm, so you should pay more attention to your routines Other then that: -don't sign players to long contracts, if you get promoted they might not be good enough for the step up, its also hard to ofload players for any kind of money until you get promoted to a professional league, personally I only retain my first choice 11 from season to season and build from there -don't spend any energy on youth development until you are in a professiona
  14. I don't think you are doing much wrong as far as the overall concept goes, but some of the ti's are probably redundant due to mentality and player roles, and the dlp role is probably a bit to conservative
  15. Pretty much all Italian, Argentinean and most Brazilian teams play it short and relatively slow on the ground, press agressivly inside own half and then do a tempo switch with rapid short passing if a good counter attacking opportunity shows up Even catenatio era teams did this, thought there pressing was less aggressive
  16. Xhaka is such a strange player, I would not worry so much about his defensive stats, but his composure, decisions and average dribbling attribute in conjunction with the dwells on ball ppm scares the crap out of me
  17. On balanced and coutious a slightly lower line may work (but my advice would still be to leave it on default), but it's probably overkill to go deeper then the standard setting for defensive mentality, since much like you mention; it's better to defend in front of your own box, rather then inside of it That being said, I have played extensively on lower mentalities (mostly coutious and defensive), sticking to the same tactic and done really well, so it can definitely work
  18. I don't think the problem is tactical (there are only minor issues with your set up, but nothing that should make you underachiev really) Where I think you are going wrong is player selection, different types of styles/formations requires different types of players, if these two don't match, then you will probably end up losing a lot of matches horribly
  19. I think there is some misunderstanding on how the counter attack instruction works. If my memory serves me right, then what it does is to max out mentality and tempo when there is an opportunity to counter. so for example, if you use the gengen pressen preset on an attacking mentality, then the counter attack instruction litteraly does nothing since your other instructions already does the same thing
  20. First stamina and then strength For you players you should always start with physical attributes, mentals you can train later
  21. They did quite well irl to so it's probably fair enough, for a long time last season it seemed like they would challenge for the title prior to lockdown
  22. Indeed, attributes look superb, much better then most keepers I have had, so that can't be an issue
  23. Very much this My preferred role would be pressing forward on support since it's the role that produce a movement pattern similar to what you would see from Messi or Totti irl
  24. What's his attributes like? Can you post a screenshot?
  25. The rating system for cm's is skewed towards things like interceptions, tackles, headers, key passes etc The game don't really care if your player completes 120+ passes with 97% accuracy even if this would indicate that he infct was the best player on the pitch So you really should not worry so much about ratings, it's more important to ask yourself if the player is doing what you expect from him, if he is doing his job than that's all you need to know really
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