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  1. If I remember correctly, then this playing style requirement only take into account how many shoots you fire at the opposing teams goal For example my board was extreamly happy with my cautious Brazilian box that averaged rhoughly 35% possession, but created a lot of chances on the break
  2. I thend to create a tactic during preseason (often inspired by something I observe while watching football) and then stick to it for a full season, I might make minor tweaks if I spot something that don't work as well as I anticipated but that's about it really During matches I never make tactical changes, I just alter how the team is playing with player selection and substitutions I might make a new tactic to accommodate how my squad is developing between seasons or if I'm bored with how my team is playing
  3. Second tactic goes like this: Gk: goalkeeper/defend Lb: wingback/support Cbl: central defender/defend Cbr: central defender/defend Rb: wingback/support Dmc: Anchorman/defend Mcl: advanced playmaker/support Mcr: box to box midfielder/support Aml: inverted winger/attack Amr: inside forward/support Stc: advanced forward/attack Balanced mentality Ti's: Much shorter passing, pass into space, play out of defence, play for setpices, take short kicks, distribute quickly, counter attack, regroup, higher defensive line, hi
  4. Not my native language, but close enough for me to translate it First tactic goes like this: Gk: goalkeeper/defend Lb: fullback/support Cbl: central defender/stopper Cbr: central defender/defend Rb: fullback/support Ml: inverted winger/attack Mcl: deeplyining playmaker/defend Mcr: box to box/support Mr: wide playmaker/attack Stl: advanced forward/attack Str: advanced forward/attack Coutious mentality Ti's: Shorter passing, pass into space, play out of defence, play for setpices, take short kicks, distribute to
  5. One of the guys over in the Manchester United thread in gptg was experimenting with this and did really well, so might be worth it to have a look Have never done 100% strikerless on fm (only lone striker dropping deep), so can't really offer good advice myself
  6. Think the couter press instruction used to be called hassel opponents back then
  7. Strikers should if possible both be right footed, while lcb and lb should be left footed, rcb and rb right footed For the whole midfield strong foot don't make a significant difference
  8. I thend to look for players with high dribbling attribute and composure (for every position), this will allow the players to hold onto the ball when put under pressure, before making a pass to break the high press
  9. AMC on AP support and the South Korean guy as first choice as an advanced forward
  10. Have a look at Andrea Petagna's attributes, you need a striker in a similar mold to him You could literally play Malen in every role there is and it would still not work, since he don't have the attributes to play striker in your system
  11. IMO don't look like a good striker for the formation you use, would play him out wide That being said, it's a bit hard to judge without seeing the whole tactic and what type of players you have in your team
  12. B is a bit better then the other two, but tbf they are all rubbish, even if you are playing in vanerama north/south you should be able to find a better keeper
  13. Wrote this in the Manchester United thread over in gptg If I was to set it up in the ME, it would be something like this: Attacking mentality, gk distribution to fullbacks, offside trap, shoot less often PI for all players possible Gk: goalkeeper/defend Lb: wingback/attack Lcb: central defender/defend Rcb: central defender/defend Rb: fullback/defend Lw: inverted winger/support Lcm: central midfielder/defend Rcm: advanced playmaker/support Rw: winger/attack Lstc: complete forward/support Rstc: advanced forward/attack
  14. Depends on the players you have, for me the main job of the cm's in this formation is to hold shape and recycle possession Back in the day when I was toying with my own ideas rather then real life replications I often used 2 dlp's An example could be this somewhat bizare tactic I used with Real Madrid on fm10 Since the old interface don't provide much information, the tactic was like this: GK: goalkeeper/defend LB: fullback/support CBl: central defender/defend CBr: central defender/defend RB: fullback/support CMl: deeplyining playmaker/d
  15. An other trick is to intentionally target players that have picked up a knock or are on low fittnes with the hard tackle OI Only OI I use, and from time to time an opposing player gets injured
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