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  1. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    probably moved to an early kick off since there's a bit of a rivalry between supporters of the two teams
  2. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    tbf that pen was no pen at all, nice dive......only fair buffon saved it
  3. this is one I still struggle to understand, why on earth didn't Mourinho play Azpi as RB? I can understand why Azpi was chosen to play ahead of Felipe Luis, but not quite understand why there wasn't room for both of them in the starting XI
  4. I used this shape with united on fm14 for a season, im not sure how much help this can be, but maybe it could serve as inspiration or a starting point
  5. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    Juventus effectively won the title when we went on that impressive streak of 2 wins in 11 games....Napoli was always going to choke sooner or later
  6. I played with no cb's on fm14, not sure if you could call it strange or insane thought, since it was indeed based on a real life system
  7. dont think atletico will drop enough points for real to overtake them, so the top 3 will probably finish as it is now
  8. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    its a shame its a loan move rather then a permanent deal
  9. this is how I interpreted the dream team diamond on fm14:
  10. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    Fiorentina dont have the squad depth to pull it off, they will probably end the season around 3rd-5th
  11. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    well that was kinda expected, typical sort of game where we are going to drop points
  12. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    good deal for inter
  13. I was one game away from winning the league in the first season, finishing 3rd on 71pts, this was done with the original squad (I only sold a couple of players I did not need).in the secound season my league form is going similar, but city are playing much better then the year before so the league title is probably out of my reach...but since I reinforced and added depth to the squad over the summer im performing much better in the cups and thats more or less how far I got into the save before I got distracted by other things
  14. This is how I lined up on fm13, the most recent time I tried to play in this manner, the only tweaks beyond what can be seen in this picture is that I encouraged the fullbacks to play more through balls (more risky passes in fm15 terms) and do more crossing, lowered long shoots on the strikers and wingers and made the gk roll it short to the defenders, who could then boot it forward (since I had no confidence in my gk's ability to do accurate long kicks). I never really got around watching Stoke play before Peter Crouch arrived, as such I molded the roles of my forwards after how I pictured Stoke to play while he was in the team and I also looked at how Caparrós played Llorrente and Toquero......this type of setup will harm link up play, but also make sure that there is at the very least two tall lads to aim for once the ball gets lobbed into the box. right now im very tempted to rebuild my newly promoted Sheffield United team to play a bit like this again, but this time play 4-4-1-1 using a front two more similar to Sidibe and Fuller in order to see how that works out
  15. Selling your top players for maximum profit?

    more or less thisbut in my experiance there are 3 times where you should try to sell if you want to max out on profit: the first is roughly when after the session have finished, and players go out on international duty, this is when your players value peak, if you are lucky and a team have money at this point in time you can sometimes get very high fees the secound is as mentioned when the board tell you your new transfer budget and the third is 1st of july when most big league's transfer windows open (I supose you could also try when the english window opens which is a bit earlier)