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  1. I don't think the problem is tactical (there are only minor issues with your set up, but nothing that should make you underachiev really) Where I think you are going wrong is player selection, different types of styles/formations requires different types of players, if these two don't match, then you will probably end up losing a lot of matches horribly
  2. I think there is some misunderstanding on how the counter attack instruction works. If my memory serves me right, then what it does is to max out mentality and tempo when there is an opportunity to counter. so for example, if you use the gengen pressen preset on an attacking mentality, then the counter attack instruction litteraly does nothing since your other instructions already does the same thing
  3. First stamina and then strength For you players you should always start with physical attributes, mentals you can train later
  4. They did quite well irl to so it's probably fair enough, for a long time last season it seemed like they would challenge for the title prior to lockdown
  5. Indeed, attributes look superb, much better then most keepers I have had, so that can't be an issue
  6. Very much this My preferred role would be pressing forward on support since it's the role that produce a movement pattern similar to what you would see from Messi or Totti irl
  7. What's his attributes like? Can you post a screenshot?
  8. The rating system for cm's is skewed towards things like interceptions, tackles, headers, key passes etc The game don't really care if your player completes 120+ passes with 97% accuracy even if this would indicate that he infct was the best player on the pitch So you really should not worry so much about ratings, it's more important to ask yourself if the player is doing what you expect from him, if he is doing his job than that's all you need to know really
  9. Honestly, on fm you can overachieve with any tactical system as long as it's well constructed and suit the players you have at your disposal
  10. He is one of the players I have had my eyes on, definitely a better player then Marcus Edwards (that everyone seemed to go crazy about on the beta)
  11. 4-2-3-1 is probably the most sensible choice with the current squad, it's a good formation for a high defensive line (sensible since most of the defders are a bit rubbish in the air) and you will not run into trouble trying to replace Raul Garcia
  12. Martial needs to be the spearhead (as an advanced forward) or play as AML (as an inside forward), can't really do a deeper role well since he don't have the ability on the ball or the strength and the ability in the air So he ether needs an AMC behind him or a striker dropping deep next to him if you are going to use him upfront
  13. Seams like Telles jumping reach and crossing is better now thought, even if some of the defensive stats have gone down So it's not all bad
  14. Agreed, his attacking and physical attributes would be wasted there, in a 4-2-3-1 he is better suited to play AMC and Bruno is probably a bit better for that position A 4-3-3 with Bruno and Pogba as the 2 cm's should work better if you want to play both of them on the same time
  15. Only first team That being said, I'd rather give a better basic wage rather then add clauses like that one
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