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  1. For cm's and dm's it don't matter that much For cb's thought, it's very important since it impact how players move backwards in the ME, for example using two right footed cb's and a left footed lb, will create a small gap between the lcb and the lb that can be exploited
  2. Seams I'm not that bad at predictions after all
  3. Honestly think that out of all the big teams we could have faced we have the best chance of winning against England, so hopefully they will beat Germany
  4. That is definitely racism, thought just saying siptare is not I don't think they realize just how accurate this is, it's just simply how Balkan peapol argue, been on the receiving end of a couple of those jibbes from my ex gf, well deserved I might add, acted like a knobb and she called me out on it
  5. Lets get this straight, is it racist to call an Englishman, English? This is pretty much what some of you are implying
  6. Agree completely with @(sic) and @GunmaN1905 , the rest of you guys are just trying to find a problem where there isn't one
  7. Seams like Pellegrini is out due to injury, Castrovilli called up instead
  8. If the old interface is anything to go on, then the main difference is that a wb have hug touchline (so he will play wider) and is set to cross higher up the pitch (this will make them run/dribble a bit more before crossing)
  9. To add to this, there is a community wide trend to focus way to much on youth development This leads to a lot of ppl icorectly assuming that an aggressive high intensity style is more effective, since it works better for the type of squad they are building
  10. One of the main changes that started to take place between 10-15 years ago irl, was the type of player being used in the trequartista role, nowdays it's extremely rare to see a pure playmaker, now it's ether a hardworking guy who is reasonably fast (attributes to look at: pace, acceleration, stamina, workrate, teamwork, strength) or someone who would have played as a winger for an English team (attributes to look at: pace, acceleration, stamina, flair, dribbling, tecnique, of the ball) Some playtesting on older fm's have also shown this is the way to go
  11. Probably sounds odd, but I would only consider using him as a creative striker in this formation, he is way to slow for the AMC role and don't have the defensive ability to play deeper in midfield
  12. If I remember correctly, then this playing style requirement only take into account how many shoots you fire at the opposing teams goal For example my board was extreamly happy with my cautious Brazilian box that averaged rhoughly 35% possession, but created a lot of chances on the break
  13. I thend to create a tactic during preseason (often inspired by something I observe while watching football) and then stick to it for a full season, I might make minor tweaks if I spot something that don't work as well as I anticipated but that's about it really During matches I never make tactical changes, I just alter how the team is playing with player selection and substitutions I might make a new tactic to accommodate how my squad is developing between seasons or if I'm bored with how my team is playing
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