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  1. probably moved to an early kick off since there's a bit of a rivalry between supporters of the two teams
  2. tbf that pen was no pen at all, nice dive......only fair buffon saved it
  3. this is one I still struggle to understand, why on earth didn't Mourinho play Azpi as RB? I can understand why Azpi was chosen to play ahead of Felipe Luis, but not quite understand why there wasn't room for both of them in the starting XI
  4. I used this shape with united on fm14 for a season, im not sure how much help this can be, but maybe it could serve as inspiration or a starting point
  5. Juventus effectively won the title when we went on that impressive streak of 2 wins in 11 games....Napoli was always going to choke sooner or later
  6. I played with no cb's on fm14, not sure if you could call it strange or insane thought, since it was indeed based on a real life system
  7. dont think atletico will drop enough points for real to overtake them, so the top 3 will probably finish as it is now
  8. its a shame its a loan move rather then a permanent deal
  9. this is how I interpreted the dream team diamond on fm14:
  10. Fiorentina dont have the squad depth to pull it off, they will probably end the season around 3rd-5th
  11. well that was kinda expected, typical sort of game where we are going to drop points
  12. good deal for inter