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  1. Will have a go at United once I get home from work tonight and will look at the other two when I have time later on
  2. Do you have any specific team in mind or should I pick one at random to analyse?
  3. Ether it's: a lack of passing options (due to your tactic) lack of vision attribute (so that the player in question don't spot the pass) lack of composure attribute (the player will panic if put under pressure and kick the ball away) or most likely you are playing with a high mentality like positive or attacking
  4. Watching games (as many as possible) is by far the easiest way to do it, to get a feel of what type of players you need and how to set it up in the ME This along with a basic understanding of how the ME function is all you need really
  5. I think the cm's have to static roles for the formation you use, right now all 3 midfielders will sit back, hold shape and shield the defence, when the main point of using a dmc in this formation is that it will free up the cm's to be more involved in attack play
  6. You are playing with a high mentality, higher defensive line and offside trap, on top of that you are playing with an aggressive press that might pull your players out of position I hate to say it, but this is exactly the type of goals I would expect you to concede, you are using very risky settings and you will get punished for it from time to time, what you need to think about are the risks worth the reward?
  7. Played like this on fm14, my take on a Cruijff diamond, very tempted to recreate it on fm20, thought I'm also toying with the idea of doing a Chris Wilder tactic
  8. Its also viable to play both on defend and completely bypass the midfield with long ball's from defence, if you have suitable players Something like this: Will have a go at recreating this with Sunderland on fm20 I think
  9. About 6,7 is normal, the rating system don't really care if your guy made 100+ passes with 93%+ succes rate, the rating system is skewed towards things like key passes, assists, goals, headers, interceptions and tackles
  10. @ultrAslan your away tactic is very close to how I would set up a 4-2-3-1 with a top team, so it will 100% work
  11. Had a good run with them on fm11: Should be a proper challenge now, compared to back then
  12. My main save will be with Sunderland, where I will implement a cantera philosophy inspired by athletic club Other than that I have been thinking about doing a save with Austria Vienna, never played in that league before and it should be an interesting challenge to topple RB Salzburg
  13. You really should not care that much about ratings, what you should look at is how they contribute to your tactical setup For example I had a save with athletic where the job of my midfield duo was to recycle possession and they did there job perfectly, but they always got crap ratings While on an other save with stoke my midfielders got good ratings since they made loads of interceptions and successful tackles and then just kicked the ball out of play In both cases my midfielders did exactly what I wanted them to do, and that to me is the important part
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