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  1. Its also viable to play both on defend and completely bypass the midfield with long ball's from defence, if you have suitable players Something like this: Will have a go at recreating this with Sunderland on fm20 I think
  2. About 6,7 is normal, the rating system don't really care if your guy made 100+ passes with 93%+ succes rate, the rating system is skewed towards things like key passes, assists, goals, headers, interceptions and tackles
  3. @ultrAslan your away tactic is very close to how I would set up a 4-2-3-1 with a top team, so it will 100% work
  4. Had a good run with them on fm11: Should be a proper challenge now, compared to back then
  5. My main save will be with Sunderland, where I will implement a cantera philosophy inspired by athletic club Other than that I have been thinking about doing a save with Austria Vienna, never played in that league before and it should be an interesting challenge to topple RB Salzburg
  6. You really should not care that much about ratings, what you should look at is how they contribute to your tactical setup For example I had a save with athletic where the job of my midfield duo was to recycle possession and they did there job perfectly, but they always got crap ratings While on an other save with stoke my midfielders got good ratings since they made loads of interceptions and successful tackles and then just kicked the ball out of play In both cases my midfielders did exactly what I wanted them to do, and that to me is the important part
  7. Depends on what you describe as a challenge, if the aim is to maintain a spot in the European places and keep a squad of similar ability to what you start out with then it's going to be quite easy If you aim to fight real/barca for every title it's going to be a bit harder
  8. I give them professional contracts right away, when you play athletic you will run out of players who are good enough much faster then you run out of money
  9. Personally I like to use thight marking TI when I play with a lower mentality like counter, coutious or defensive, since these mentalitys have a bit of a tendency to make your defence to static and focused on retaining shape An example of this could be a fast technical player just walking past your whole team before finding a good spot to shoot, with thight marking TI your players will move to intercept and try to physically impose themselves on this guy when he gets close with out it compromising shape to much
  10. When I look at those team instructions and PI's I get the feeling that you are making things overly complicated without putting solid reasoning behind your choices Honestly you would probably be better of ditching all TI apart maybe from work ball into box, and all PI to, you don't need those either Switch the forward roles around so that your runner from midfield will have more space to run into (this will also create more natural link up play) Start like that, watch games on extensive highlights in the beginning, and make minor tweaks if you spot something that needs changing
  11. Personally I feel that the 1-2 midfield gives more protection for the defence and a bit more stability, while the flat 3 offers better attacking movement from the outside mid's So both are viable and it really depend on what you want from your players
  12. The b team work like an affility club, so you have to physically move players there and register them for them to play
  13. Personally I like complete forward/support and advanced forward when I use a two striker system that have no amc Two advanced forwards when the system does have an amc One advanced forward or a poacher if it's a lone striker system with an amc Complete forward/support, pressing forward/support or target man/support if it's a lone striker system with no amc
  14. I have not played fm in a while (due to work commitments), so my examples are just as ancient as yours, but lets be fair the ME is pretty much the same, and there are a few more options in the TC. but other then that it is pretty much still the same game, so we will have a look at 3 different tactical set ups I used with Manchester United on fm14, I used each of them for a full year and won the league every year: this one I used during the first season, and its probably the most attacking of the 3, control the midfield with numbers and choke the opposition this way, pretty basic well rounded tactical system this one is from the secound season, if you have seen it before, then its becouse its Uncle Sam's box midfield from an even older fm with a couple of minor tweaks to suit my style. lets be fair, this is not what one could call an attacking set up, but with the right type of players its a very effective system on the break and brilliant to watch a bit of a traditional italian 4-4-2, with the roles set up to create a zona mista like shape in possession to help with transition play, nothing spectacular but it does the job well enough
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