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  1. The only thing I was saying was that it was a friendly game, with a new coach and at least 4 inexperienced debutantes in their defense. Pretty normal they were looking a bit shaky back than. But you know they had time to adjust and gain experience. You know different circumstances. The game could go either way if we faced each other again this tournament. I'm not denying or doubting the quality or talent of the players btw. Not sure where the rest of you are on about.
  2. Err.. I don't get it. Georgie any chance you're working for The Sun?
  3. I don't get the hate for Germany on this board. They're well cool. Awesome team, great players.
  4. You can't deny a draw would've been the fairer result here. I don't think any team deserved the 3 points.
  5. Disappointing Ghanian side. I currently have the feeling there's only like 3 players on their team that can actually dribble a player (without losing the ball).
  6. That could have been some goal from Muntari. Almost saw it in.
  7. Not every good football game needs many goals. However, even with superior technical performances, it does need chances though in order the remain somewhat entertaining.
  8. The France-Honduras and Germany-Portugal games were very entertaining imo, albeit against weak opposition.
  9. Tempo is too low, quite a few technical errors and some absolutely shocking (mostly Ghanian) crosses.
  10. I have the feeling Bosnia will continue to play like this, get a few chances but fail to score and they'll get tired around the 70th minute. Some Argentinian player will receive the ball after a fluke long ball and score the 2-0 while cheekily pointing at the name of his shirt.
  11. Tino-Sven Sušić used to play for Belgium IRC. edit: Oyeah and let's not forget Haris Medunjanin for The Netherlands. Used to be hyped up pretty bad in the early stages of his career, being compared to Zidane even. Not sure what happened there. Well done.
  12. That Jefferson Montero looks like quite a player considering he's player for a random Mexican team.
  13. Surprising score so far. Switzerland was one of my dark horses.
  14. Yeah, hence 'about'. Don't know the exact number, but there were quite a lot of them.
  15. On a side-node the Holland game was 2 years ago when they were fielding a team of teenagers with about 10 debutantes and at the time we faced Croatia they apparently were seconds away of knocking out each others teeth. Different times, different circumstances. I'm still a bit worried about the next game. Tunesia in 2002, Egypt back in 2005, Morocco in 2008, Tunesia last month... these kind of North African teams really aren't our cup of tea.
  16. This game reminds me why I hate the Greek national team. There's something deeply disturbing at seeing these kind of teams prosper. Is there anyone on that team that can actually play? No disrespect to the Greek population btw.
  17. TBH I think he was off-side...only after the 4 repeat though, so brilliant decision if he was right. Edit: nah onside, apparently the 'assist' came from a Cameroon-player. Close call nonetheless.
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