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  1. I used to love the PC games when I was litle (Dune 1 and 2, didn't play 2000) so when I grew up I started reading the books and seeing the movie. Love it all. Buzzing for this.
  2. I'm currently off from work with Tonsillitis, resulting in an irritated throat and a cough. Went to pick some simcards in the shop the other day and coughed once. The guy at the desk immediately looked up at me in horror! Afterwards I was waiting at the doctor's and had to cough again, this women with kids looked at me in anger and disgust. (Just to be clear I was covering my mouth) This is getting stupid. Everyone who has a cold or throat infection already seems to be a 100 % case of corona to the public eye.
  3. Mad Men The Knick Game of Thrones Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Stranger Things Parks & Recreation Rick & Morty Fargo ?
  4. I think the quality of football has been pretty mediocre and sometimes even bad. But you got to admit that the "turns and twist" and the surprise exits have been pretty exciting. I also feel that there are some teams like France and Uruguay that are starting to grow in the tounement.
  5. From what I hear from people around me almost everyone kinda expects us to easily beat Japan and be eliminated after Brazil. (with a cautionate "but Brazil haven't been playing that great so far") Also when you realistically look at the tournement I feel France, Uruguay, Croatia, (home team) Russia and (maybe even) Mexico had a more impressive tournement than us so far. You got to be honest, Belgium-England was a game between 2 reserve sides, and with Panama and Tunisia our group was maybe the weakest of the first round. A bit surprised the Colombia comment. Because again "in my surr
  6. Laughed myself through that movie, although not quite what I expected from an Oscar nominated movie and when I read some reviewers comparing the war scenes to "Saving Private Ryan". Action scenes which appeared to be taken from the latest Rambo movie (the sergeant shooting his machine gun with just one hand, while being carried away on the cloth and shooting 10 Japanese soldiers who ofc are running at them nicely lined up in a straight line), some proper Friday the 13th kills (if you didn't at least snort out your coke or popcorn at that first kill scene, you have no sense of humour ), a
  7. Mad Men was fantastic. I still rank it as the second best TV show ever made (after The Wire, before The Sopranos). Such great writing in the first seasons and brilliant characters. Didn't enjoy the later 'Jessica-centered seasons' as much though.
  8. Went to see A Monster Calls last weekend. I know it got some negative reviews in this topic, but tbf I absolutely loved it. Long time since I've been this moved by a film. It's not a perfect movie and some things work better than others, but as a fantasy drama it does hit the right buttons. As in The Impossible JA Bayona can be very manipulative in getting the sadder scenes across, but you can't deny he's also very effective and I felt the movie was rich enough and characters realistic and likeable, to make those scenes at the end feel earned. Also Felicity Jones is really
  9. Good film. Didn't know it had an (American?) remake though. Do you mean The Awakening with Rebecca Hall? Because it has some similarities but on a whole I'd say the story is pretty different.
  10. Really psyched for Alien: Covenant. Watched the trailer 6 times already. I'm a big fan of the Alien franchise anyhow (third one is still good imho, Resurrection and the AVP franchise can GTFO). I'm also in a minority who thought Prometheus received an unfair amount of criticism. Agreed, it's flawed but is still think it's a solid SF-Horror film despite these flaws.
  11. My sister is the same way. She dismisses pretty much every movie purely based on the label SF. So about 6 years back my brother proposed watching The Thing with her, describing it to her as a violent alien on the Antartic. Ofcourse she immediately declined. Last year I suggested watching The Thing again, only this time I changed to premise to the thing being a ghost as I know she does love horror. So eventually she did say yes and ended up loving it.
  12. Caught up with the latest episode last night. I'd say this was the most confusing episode as far. The part where The Man In Black was talking about Ford creating a new storyline with Wyatt and his gang, it almost seemed to suggest that the William/Dolores storyline took place after his, instead of before as been suspected up to this point? Teddy again unable to shoot the masked people, surely they're human right? Also, I keep waiting for Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and The Man in Black (Ed Harris) to be killed off. Surely their status as actors is too big to bind themselves too long
  13. My trick in age related discussions with older women is generally when they ask "how old do you think I am?" estimate their real age and deduct it by 5 years. That never failed me. If they're really old and hagard looking and you fear they'll might be way younger than you'd suspect, estimate their age somewhere in their 20's. They'll appreciate the humor.
  14. Yeah I concur, again great episode. The final part really reminded me of a re-rolling or creating a new character in an RPG. Didn't like the part were the tech lady was unraveling all those secrets though and then went "and wait until you hear about this...!" while some sinister figure is obviously approaching in the background, just to grab and silence her just before she can reveal the big secret. Thought it was stupid and something for a lot of dumber and cheaper shows.
  15. I'm actually pretty pleased TWD had the balls to kill off a main character in such a brutal manner. I honestly believed that the "who gets killed" riddle from last summer was just a cheap publicity stunt where at the end they would take the safe road and only kill a non-character like Abraham or Eugene. (which they have done quite a lot so far) The fact they killed off a rather important main character shows they're willing to take a risk for maximum effect even if it potentionally means losing some viewers? The death of (Breaking Bad spoiler incoming) was a similar m
  16. Yeah that confused me as well. I assume we're meant to be kept in the dark about that? Personally I thought this episode was the least of the 4 episodes so far, but still pretty good. I can't quite put my finger on it, I think this episode felt more plain and a bit more standard than the others? The lunch scene with Hopkins and board lady was still top-notch. And Jeffrey Wright is such a terrifc actor. I'm getting a bit frustrated by the increasing amount of mystery and lack of answers though. I think it's possible to add new plotlines and questions each week, while answering/
  17. Game Of Thrones killed of one or more pregnant ladies and a few babies as well irc. It's HBO though.
  18. He means the things that killed Teddy (again) I think. I figure they must be guests no? As Teddy's gunshots had absolutely no effect on them.
  19. Watched it a few minutes ago. Thought it was absolutely horrible. Seemed like something from the SYFY channel with a bigger budget. The writing was absolutely atrocious (basically it's just a lot of things 'happening' without a real narrative) and one bad acting performance after another. Maika Monroe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bill Pullman, William Fichtner... all fine actors, but in this movie. ugh. I also disagree that the visuals "were good". Thought it looked awful from both an artistic as a technical POV. A lot of bright indistinct CGI stuff combined with fast confusing camera shot
  20. Out of curiosity can we speculate in this thread with things from the movie or are these considered spoilers?
  21. I'll be very disappointed if this really turns out to be one of those overcomplicated time-travel/multiple timelines kind of thing again. So many shows and movies are doing it now these days and very few of them pull it off. I like a good mystery and a multi - layered storyline, but I prefer the payoff to be senseful and simple.
  22. I think it's a safe bet to assume that he's the one who left the picture for Dolores's dad right? To me it seems he wants to ignite the revolt, make them question their existence and that's why he's doing all that brutal stuff. But then you'd wonder how could he know they will remember? Otherwise all the killing he's been doing seems kinda pointless as you know that the robots will just be repaired and reset the next day?
  23. High praise Better than"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"? Casey Affleck also a very underrated actor indeed.
  24. The original is like a comedy in the first hour, which turns into the Terminator in the final third. I like the show, but it does come across as very self-serious in comparison.
  25. Shadow of Mordor is one of those games... the graphics are very good, the combat's pretty great and as you said the Nemsis system is revolutionary imho. More developers should pick it up. Yet, I got tired of the game after only a few hours. Can't quite put my finger on it, but there was something severely lacking. For me at least.
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