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  1. I think the quality of football has been pretty mediocre and sometimes even bad. But you got to admit that the "turns and twist" and the surprise exits have been pretty exciting. I also feel that there are some teams like France and Uruguay that are starting to grow in the tounement.
  2. From what I hear from people around me almost everyone kinda expects us to easily beat Japan and be eliminated after Brazil. (with a cautionate "but Brazil haven't been playing that great so far") Also when you realistically look at the tournement I feel France, Uruguay, Croatia, (home team) Russia and (maybe even) Mexico had a more impressive tournement than us so far. You got to be honest, Belgium-England was a game between 2 reserve sides, and with Panama and Tunisia our group was maybe the weakest of the first round. A bit surprised the Colombia comment. Because again "in my surr
  3. I hear what you're saying, I just don't understand it. Are you saying they didn't deserve to go through because they didn't play as well as they wanted? Or are you saying purpose is the keyword here? So a team that goes through after a cross ending up in the nets does not deserve to be in the next round? Because basically that would exclude pretty much every team. Every team aims for 3 wins and every chance resulting in a goal. But that's just not happenng. And in the end they relied on the the rules of the tournament which said the best top 3 teams were through to the next round.
  4. I don't understand why that actually matters. The goal of the group stages is to acquire enough points to proceed to the next round, which they succesfully did. There seems to be this weird obsession with some English users on this forum that somehow you need to win the match within 90 minutes otherwise the result is deemed invalid, set by the rules determined in this time and place.
  5. Nah Greece were still worse. Portugal had some shaky defensive moments combined with some nice moments of flair by Ronaldo, Nani or Sanchez which defintely added to the entertainment. Greece was basically parking the bus for 90 minutes and waiting for that one counter.
  6. Gave it a 6/10 as well. Maybe 4-5 attractive games which I really enjoyed, no super memorable great games you'd remember more than 2 years from now, lots of mediocre games and I think about 4 really dire ones. At the end not a very attractive tournament with a (deserved but) not very attractive champion. I still wish they'll go back to 16 team next time.
  7. The Christano Ronaldo marketing machine working full hours again. Even when another player scores when Ronaldo is has been sitting on the bench for almost a full hour, it's all thanks to him ofcourse.
  8. I find it very comforting that even great teams like Germany have these rubbish players like Schweinsteiger in their squad and getting regular gametime, despite everyone except the manager knowing they'll have zero impact on the game. It's like Brazil WC 2014's Fred.
  9. In all fairness I'm pretty sure we won our group and Wales came in second. (we lost the quarter final though, details)
  10. Croatia were the best team in tournament until they were beaten (fair and square). I don't see why it would matter that it happend during extra time.
  11. It wouldn't be the most glorious or sexy champion but at the end of the ride - whether it's after 90 or 120 minutes - they've shown themselves better than their direct oppononts and that's all that matters surely?
  12. Wow that's amazing. Especially considering I'm saying the exact opposite in the paragraph you're quoting me on.
  13. Let's be honest, everyone in this thread knows Scholes was not even close to being the best midfielder of his generation, although granted he was pretty great. The fact Zidane supposedly said it, is a bit suspect to say the least. So if it's not one of the 2 first options, you're kinda implying he's a blatant fool. (which would kinda depreciate the previous argument that a world class player has some sort of superior foolproof judgement or sense when it comes to rating other players)
  14. Apparently (supposedly) highly-rated Icelandic attacker who players for AZ. Plays for Iceland National -U17. Read somewhere about a month ago that his mother is Belgian and therefor Belgium is interested in having him as well. Trained with our national -U17 2 months ago. Truthfully first thing I heard about him as well.
  15. Speaking of Iceland talents, how good is Jonatan Ingi Jonsson?
  16. Well did he literally say that quote? Because I've seen that quote written down in all forms and shapes but never the same. Also I beg the differ that former world class footballers opinions about you automatically makes you "a world class footballer" because I've seen the like of Marco Van Basten, Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gillit having some high praise for some pretty terrible players. And then there's again that definition of what is a world class player? I also like to repeat Mr Walin's argument that apparently for the Ballon D'or neither Zidane, Guardiola or Lippi ever voted for the midf
  17. Ha cheers mate. I hope it'll be a good game. If we come up short, good luck to you guys as well. You're a cool gang, and I enjoy the Welsh team more than Ronaldo.
  18. The Nazario is a bit redundant tbh. There is only one Ronaldo.
  19. Vertonghen in the center instead of Vermaelen, would've been no (or barely a) downgrade. I'm really not that confident about Denayer (or Ciman for that matter). I'm not doubting his talent, but he's definitely not there yet and a step below our other options. Didn't leave the most secure impression on me in his previous appearances. Jordan Lukaku is good offensively, but his spot in the team means Hazard is required to do a lot more defending, as Jordan is prone to leave a sea of space in his back. I'm/I was a lot more confident about meeting Hungary and Portugal than Wales, who really do not
  20. Myeah in the end the Zidane quote is no more than him saying to - minor nuance - the English media that he was the toughest opponent he ever faced. That does not necessarily mean he was the best midfielder or opponent at the time. Personally I think Paul Scholes was absolute class. But some people have a different understanding of the term world class. For some there are about 40-50 world class players in the world. For others there are only about 5, maybe max 10. So it is something you could argue about. Was there any point in his career when Scholes was one of the 5 or 10 best players in t
  21. I've read that argument quite a few times the past years in the Dutch media about young Dutch players - especially affter their previous campaign - and also about a lot of Anderlecht youth players after they lost the title last year. I don't think it's an English thing rather than a worldwide phenomenon. I think it's more about a generation gap, where a lot of older players see how much has changed in comparison to when they were young. There are a lot more arrangements concerning training and school, the facilities have changed immensely, and there are constantly agents hanging around the tr
  22. Population, economy and sports culture are probably the 3 determining factors tbh. Hence why I also pointed out 'small football country' and 'football powerhouse' as in the status of the sport in those countries. Saying population means nothing is not true ofc.
  23. Surely this must be one of the biggest upsets ever in international football? A small football country with about 330.000 inhabitants defeating a football powerhouse (well yeah ok) with a population of 53.000.000. Not in a qualifying stage, but during the actual tournament. Amazing really. I honestly can't think of a bigger one.
  24. Rooney in being dreadful shocker. Get on Rashford ffs.
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