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  1. Do you use the 442 for every home game and 4141 for every away game? Just wondering if it changes depending on the opposition?
  2. Which is the best 4141? I am currently using the 4132 IWB but I want to switch to 5 in midfield as I am a massive underdog in the premiership. TIA.
  3. I use the 4132 (112 No loss) and 442 (109 All Cups) but not sure which 4141 is the best at the moment?
  4. Cheers mate, sooo many quality players I was interested to see how you used them. A lot of quality in centre midfield as I have De Jong and Artur to try to fit in too as I want to bring the average age down considerably. Nice problems to have!
  5. I have Just been offered the Barca job summer of 2020. I take it you would recommend this tactic? Used the 109 All cups 442 at previous club with a lot of success but not sure how it would fit...
  6. Knap, do you have an up to date 442 diamond working well or is it just flat this year??
  7. Yeah trying to keep to the most recent even though i started my save a few weeks ago. Will try the winger poacher version. Is the new 4141 still proving strong? I have players that can do both.
  8. Am getting bit lost with the different variations of 442. Is one proving more effective/consistant or does it depend on the players you have?
  9. I can get some quality but since I only have 3m I am going to need buy wisely and maybe loan well, maybe go for potential. Usually find the game doesn't seem to like it if you buy too many players at once. Going to take your advice on the formations, cheers.
  10. I am still on my MK Dons save. 3 promotions on the bounce using 424 and with just a couple of loans so about to start PL with basically a L2 squad. Got a bit of money but not enough for a complete overhaul of squad. 4141 seemed a sensible change to make. Any advice?
  11. Ok, don't you take any notice of the green/red role familiarity ratings??
  12. Struggling to find someone who can play complete forward in this. Is there a role change that would work to give me more options?
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