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  1. Sorry, thought you talking about the best tactic for this year so far.
  2. Open question to all...how do you deal with the mid season dip? Do you get it? Every season I seem to start strong (very strong in some cases) but come December my form goes off a cliff and doesnt really recover. I have tried all the things suggested by FM Scout but cant seem to snap them out of it! Players morale very good or better, made signings, given new contracts to top players. Does switching tactics help even when its been working well? Any help/advice much appreciated. Mike
  3. Not from my experience. It doesnt seem to matter if it is 20.4.0 or 20.4.1. The linked Google Sheet has all the tactics and a lot of info about how well they did in testing.
  4. You should have a look at the Knap thread, there are some really good tactics to suit all types of teams. Good Luck
  5. I wouldn't mind but the season before when my Toulouse side were punching well above their weight and in second chasing PSG, PSG dropped 4 points ALL season. Where is the match engine realism there???
  6. This game sometimes!!! Headhunted by Monaco in my second season. Started like a house on fire winning 13 of the first 14 including beating PSG 5-1 and conceeding only 4 in the process. Using one of Knaps recommended 442's. 3 of the next 5 matches are against teams in the bottom 4. Lost 4, won 1 including getting done 5-0 against newly promoted Le Harve. No massive rotation, no issues with morale, in fact the exact opposite! I appreciate top teams can be beaten by bottom of the league but come on! It's the equivalent to Liverpool starting the season the way they did then over Chr
  7. Does anyone on here set the PPM's based on the player instructions on the tactics? I have not done it before so wondered if it will enhance or not really? Alternatively, will it hinder if the player has a contradictory PPM to their role in the tactic.
  8. Sadly not, lost to the bottom of the league following game and started the next match poorly so switched back. On the plus side my 4141 seems to have come back to form, including winning the cup on penalties vs PSG.
  9. Currently 3/4 way through a season using Pilgramage 4141 and been really strong but the results are starting to slip. Can anyone recommend a good alternative tactic that would compliment the 4141?? Maybe a 442? Cheers
  10. I like playing with Toulouse in France so I am very familiar with the "PSG" issue! I had one season where they drop 5 points all season, 3 of those were to me! Really fancy trying this as I haven't been able to find a 4123 that works for me. Is it plug and play or would you recommend tweaking/man marking etc?
  11. Which BEOWULF 105 is working best at the moment? There are quite a few.
  12. Hi @knap Despite the fun of 4321 etc would you say a 442 (venom 109 or other) is more stable, especially for weaker teams?
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