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  1. I like playing with Toulouse in France so I am very familiar with the "PSG" issue! I had one season where they drop 5 points all season, 3 of those were to me! Really fancy trying this as I haven't been able to find a 4123 that works for me. Is it plug and play or would you recommend tweaking/man marking etc?
  2. Which BEOWULF 105 is working best at the moment? There are quite a few.
  3. Hi @knap Despite the fun of 4321 etc would you say a 442 (venom 109 or other) is more stable, especially for weaker teams?
  4. Perfect, thank you. Do you think it would help underdog teams if the WB were dropped back in line with the CB's?
  5. Sicilian was going to be my next point of call. I have quite a few good CM's but no natural DM's or AM's so I was wondering if they were struggling in the unfamiliar roles. I am obviously retraining them but still not sure they are up to the job to get the most of the good formations. I would replace them but I have virtually no budget at Toulouse. Even when I finished 2nd and got Champions League the boards gave me £3m to spend!
  6. Thank you. If you have time it would be great. I am hoping it will be a bit more solid for my weaker team as they do not seem to be able to be able execute some of the more attacking formations such as 4321 or 4312 to a good level.
  7. Hey @knap Do You have any 451 formations with a flat 3 in centre midfield this year? I have gone through the Google sheet but I can't find any.
  8. To anyone usuing the man marking, do you use it every match home or away or just against the better teams? Starting to use it with an underdog team so most opponents are better in the league until I start to improve and build.
  9. Welcome and woe, that is impressive with Forest! I am hoping to try something similar in France and not use the man marking as i also haven't seen it make a big difference. I am a poor team so that may contribute to that. When you say latest 4321 do you mean 103 and you have changed the crosses and GK.
  10. Hey @knap I am having a lot of problems with the discipline using FIRE 4321, any advice? Would I lose a lot by taking the tackling down a notch or is it essential to the tactic? Thanks Mike
  11. Like Mississippi? I am using Fire & Water 4321, which probably a bit suicidal but it at least has a go at them.
  12. Afternoon All Any got any advice for dealing with elite teams when you are underdogs? Playing PSG with my Toulouse team is bordering on the ridiculous! My players wont tackle but when they do it is ALWAYS a foul. Neymar and Mbappe in particular just run through or behind my defence for fun... I have tried the some of the advice of man marking the DLP and lower the defensive line but seems to make zero difference. Starting to think it is just something built into the game...
  13. Sorry for the slightly boring post but I think its really interesting to see how things have developed on here. It seems apparent that unless you are with an elite team you really need to work hard to achive success this year. In previous years a great tactic and astute signings were enough to do really well and over-achive but just doesnt seem enough on FM20. Do you think this is how its going to be going forward now? Awesome work from you guys on here including Knap (where would we be without the tactics??) to RDF and Rober for their awesome work on the training and tweaking side of things! I know at various times I have used ALOT of the advice on here from all sources. I have always been committed but lazy with Football Manager but after a slow start I am really enjoying getting me teeth into the extra work that is needed. Anyway, I will bore off now as I have a new Toulouse save with my name on it... Mike
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