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  1. Opposition Instructions, where do we all stand on using those in FM21? A couple of years ago Knap recommended NOT using them as they could weaken the tactic as it could result in players going against their positional instructions. Then last year man-marking seemed to be huge (not that I was a fan personally). It would be interesting to hear what people are doing this year. If you are using them does it seem to effect the tactics?
  2. Thanks both. So the status is relative to the league the team are in. Previous saves tell me that the board do not give any sort of budget when promoted so a major rebuild is not really on the cards. I will go for one of the better all-round tactics.
  3. Might be a strange question but how would you all define underdog? I am starting my Toulouse save and while they not a great side they were relegated last season so they are currently the best side in their league and promotion favourites. Trying to decide whether to go with an underdog tactics straight away and get them used to it ready for next season when they will, hopefully, be promoted to Ligue 1. Any ideas?
  4. Hey @knap I loved the Warrior 4141 in 21.5, is it on the list to be updated? Also, there doesn't seem to be many positive mentality tactics this year but mainly attacking, have you found they are less successful in FM21?
  5. I am using Warrior in my first season with Toulouse and really liking it. Most stable formation I have tried this year, only conceeded 9 in 25!
  6. @michaeltmurrayuk I love these match panels but for some reason they change between matches and even mid match. I simply have my teams stats on general view and the match stat (bars) but they frequently change to the oppositions stas and other variations. Is there something I can do to lock them in? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey @Ceyvol. Really like this skin, thank you. Do you have plans to make any changes to the match screen, specifically the boxes like the "assistant advice"? Not a big fan of the 'between highlights' match screen this year.
  8. Open question to all...how do you deal with the mid season dip? Do you get it? Every season I seem to start strong (very strong in some cases) but come December my form goes off a cliff and doesnt really recover. I have tried all the things suggested by FM Scout but cant seem to snap them out of it! Players morale very good or better, made signings, given new contracts to top players. Does switching tactics help even when its been working well? Any help/advice much appreciated. Mike
  9. Not from my experience. It doesnt seem to matter if it is 20.4.0 or 20.4.1. The linked Google Sheet has all the tactics and a lot of info about how well they did in testing.
  10. You should have a look at the Knap thread, there are some really good tactics to suit all types of teams. Good Luck
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