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  1. From the OT or ¬FM18.3.3KnapARGUS343VOL4P102ALLCUPS.fmf???
  2. Cool, thank you. I wasn't sure if the lack of familiarity with a winger in the IF role would have a negative effect but I will go with it and see how it plays out.
  3. Hi Knap, more great work again this year, thank you. Do you think this tactic could be used with wingers rather than Inside Forwards or do you have any winger tactics in the pipeline? Thanks Mike
  4. Hi Knap Really enjoying your previous 3430 tactic (won French league and cup double first season with Toulouse). Brilliant work, thank you! Fancy trying this one, how rigid do you stick to the Home and Away? Would it depend on opposition or simply use Home when at Home and Away when Away? Thanks again Mike
  5. Thank you for this... I started using this tactic around the Christmas of my Toulouse save (first season) I had been doing ok with the 3421 version but the opposition had started to find me out. WOF has absolutely demolished everything in front of it!! Walked away with League and Cup Double first season. No signings and sold a couple of fringe players. Won the final 15 matches of the season (including putting 7 past Lyon) As suggested, I simply used it plug and play. Team and match training left to AM and I set the individual training to the players relevant position. No Opposition Instructions. I am hoping to keep it going into season two with a couple of signings. Wont be much though, the board have only given me £4.75m, so I bet the Champions League are bricking it! Fantastic work Knap! Thanks again Mike
  6. I would also like to echo thanks Franky. Brilliant work especially with Hustler where I have had a lot of success, something that hasn't been easy to come by this year. Enjoy your time out, hope to see you back for 2017/8! Having had months using Hustler I am itching for a tactic with wide players so I have decided to have a go with Total Dominance with Toulouse in France (a favourite of mine over past few seasons). Pretty average team so should be a good challenge. The only change I have applied is the long range shooting PPM training from Hustler and early signs seem pretty positive but only 3 games into the season. I will let you all know if I get some success. Mike
  7. Sith Lord

    Installing from disk.

    Working much better thanks Neil:)
  8. Sith Lord

    Installing from disk.

    I did have the Demo but not the BETA. Updating now and the time started at est.20mins and has now gone to est.52 mins!! Really want to get on now!
  9. Villa is a good challenge, the players mentioned are all key players but do need padding out with some more quality so you need to do some wheeling and dealing. Club aren't too tight with the cash when you are doing well! I won the quad in my second season, good tactic but a lot of luck!
  10. Just trying this tactic with Getafe and really liking it! Finished 3rd in La Liga, 9 points ahead of 4th place and got to the cup final. Predicted 10th. Just going into my second season but not much money so had to go for a loan and a couple of free's. Will keep posted on the Champions league campaign. Has anyone else had a lot of success with the corner routine? Cata Diaz, my CB, finished the season with 18 goals. Would probably have been more but swaped him with my striker to see if I could up his goals tally but it didn't work.
  11. I think your right, my current save is with Atalanta and I am playing 4-4-1-1 and even 4-5-1 (flat 5 in midfield) and they seem to be really effective. Early results had me putting 5 past both Parma and Palermo, beating Napoli and getting credible draws with both Milan clubs and Roma. Last 6 games have dropped off alot though with my striker not scoring, not sure why though as I haven't changed tactics!?!? Has anyone else found that with one up front you can get alot from your wingers??
  12. Wow, that is quality! - did you just use the tactic as it is or have you tweaked it at all? Who is your striker? I assume he is doing the business for you. Hoilett was a definate buy for me in FM11 is he as good in 12?
  13. I like to play abroad in Spain or Italy (usually Fiorentina/Atalanta or Almeria/Getafe) so I will give it a go to see how it works and let you know. Have been hoping for a good 4-2-3-1 with CM for a while. Used it with DM in FM11 (credit to el_magico89) and it worked a treat but I want to get Montolivo and Moussa Sissoko playing in the same team in their natual positions! Good Luck
  14. Have many of you had success with this tactic on the demo?? I have been using the 4-2-3-1 on FM12 demo and doesn't seem too bad at the moment, not quite as effective but I don't think I have had the players to make it work yet! el_magico89 - I hope you are looking at it again, it has been quality using the tactic in FM11. Thanks