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  1. I would not say it was that cheap really to be honest, but if you feel that this is needs to be looked at maybe you report this in the bugs forum.
  2. I had a great game on Fm14 with Gateshead got them into the prem within 7 seasons, first Season I saved them from relegation as I started unemployed really enjoyed, didn't have anywhere near as budget as they have on this year version so I would probably give them ago again if I had the choice. I like to start as unemployed and see where i end up, might do a save with them again this year.
  3. Having a nightmare start to my first season in League 2, 6 games in and still to win a game, and we only have 1 point!
  4. Cheers mate, ended up being taken over by a local businessman. very tight with the money, but managed to get him to upgraded our youth level so we will be level 3 come end of season, have had a few good prospects come through system last couple of seasons so hopefully pushing it on should see some more decent ones she up.
  5. Just won the league and the club is in the middle of a board takeover
  6. I play with a 4 3 2 1, you must be happy with how ur doing really good effort, i've just been hit with injuries which has affected our form, just into jan window so brought in some free agents to try cover some of the areas, and signed Ashley Grimes from Bury on a free after a very successful loan spell for 3 months. Managed to get to the 3rd round of the FA cup but lost to Brentford who are in the Championship in my save. Chairman status has recently changed to will to listen to offers so i feel we may be brought out, hoping for someone with money to help improve the facilities.
  7. I had this happen to me, you have to exit the game, so make sure u save ur game exit and restart fm 14 then it should fine, one time i did have to shut down the system to make it work so if no joy try that.
  8. I play a lone striker and have no problem with scoring or playing well, there is not a problem with the ME can only be your tactics!
  9. I did try to keep walker but he did not want to stay, carl magnay was injured for the whole of the season and wanted too much in wages, hatch did not fit in with my style of play and O'Brien agreed to move on before i offered a contract, but he was very good for me.
  10. Ye i started unemployed, have kept a core of players, still got Bartlet, Clark, Hay, Turnbull, Boyes, Maddison, Chalinor and Patton (sent him out on loan) rest of the squad are all new this year however some i brought on as fee agents in jan i also signed lee currie for midfield in Jan window. Just finished my August gone undefeated, but only in 10th too many draws but quite happy with start just need to turn them into wins more then i should fly up table.
  11. I'm just about to start my first full season with Gateshead, got offered the job half way through the first season, they were in the relegation Zone, managed to finish in 9th was i was quite happy with, aiming for promotion this season!
  12. 19MiRkO91 thank you, i will try an alter my tactics as u have advised and see how we get on, if anyone else has further advise it would be gratefully welcome
  13. I'm not sure where i am going wrong this year normally i can create a tactic that works of me and then adapt as i go through, but i just can't get it right this year. G D LFB D CD D LD C LFB D DLP S CM S BBM S W A WA AF A/TM S I play fluidity as balanced Mentality as counter Team Instructions lower tempo shorter passing drop deeper stand off opponents use tighter marking clear ball to flanks play narrower If some of you could guide me to where i am going wrong this year would be a great help. I would upload screen shots but won't let me from my mac.
  14. U need your save game file obviously and any tactics, training and short lists u have saved. They are located usually in the my documents folders under sports interactive
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