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  1. Thanks. I'll do that with Foden. I made him attack coz I was worried otherwise no one would get forward. But maybe I just crowded the area too much. Let's see how my tweaks go with Arsenal coming up
  2. initially I started with dribble more at Arsenal, but they were just dribbling from everywhere all the time! DROVE ME MAD! so I took that one off and made it dribble less. I've removed that as part of my tweaks this season. Kimmich fair, I'll try that. KdB has been absolute class, I don't think I can take him away from deep play maker. I will try to find some other changes to make around him
  3. my next game is against Arsenal, so I'm going 433. Really want to win this to get to the League Cup final and, hopefully, get some silverware. This is probably my first XI for big games
  4. tactics have developed like that. it worked at Arsenal, pretty well at Madrid and well at Sporting. I was sacked from Real for coming second and being a missed pen in the shoot out away from the champions league final after having hitting the woodwork 3 times and having Hazard and Vinicius Jr miss a load of sitters. So it's all things that have worked for me. It surprised me to be honest. I started out playing control possession, I got more attacking because that seemed to work. Now i've got into a situation where what has worked before isn't working as well. Ordinarily I'd have the two centre mids the other way around, so the CM(D) on the left to counter the more open flank but Foden is left footed and likes to play on the left so I've tried him there. What specifically should I be changing to get the better balance?
  5. I've got Bournemouth in the FA cup. Still lots of injuries and players too tired to play. Given all you've said I'm trying this
  6. Thanks. I've done some of that. I have Frank Kessie as my next player in centre mid who is usually a box to box, but he could do a job as carrilero
  7. I'll spend some time on my first choice tactic, but yes, this is essentially the point. I have moved my AMC to CML and my CML to DMC. You are right about the 3 play makers. I am a bit uncertain because I don't want it like this, but I don't know how much to change because I have just taken over and options are limited. KdB and Foden have been unreal for me. Braganca was unreal for me at Sporting. I bought him mainly because I needed leadership. I'm looking for a world class CM(D) who can also play DMC. At the moment I might have to play Kimmich there because I can do without him at right back on balance (probably could have lived without signing him, but too late now).
  8. So if I make my left AM and striker to support and my left back to attack, how about that? Coz then I have FB attacking, mezzala (A) going wide around there, and my striker coming back a bit like this?
  9. Thanks guys, that's really helpful. I actually ended up winning that game 5-0 away to Southampton. This is my first XI when everyone is available I started a more balanced and conservative system at Arsenal but developed into something the attacking rather than positive. I like to play with a CM(D) to balance everything out but couldn't find one given the really unbalanced squad I took over so I'm making do with a deep playmaker (D) to stay back there. Any thoughts on that? In big games, where I have struggled a fair bit, I play the 433 below. Any tips?
  10. I started with Arsenal, went to Real Madrid, got sacked and went to Sporting Lisbon. I've always played roughly this - 4231, attacking, passing. I won the league and Europa League with both Arsenal and Sporting so I'm the 8th most successful English manager of all time. But my City team play like strangers. I'm in the midst of the English christmas programme so have to make a load of changes game to game. I try to stick to the same XI as much as possible. Did that early in the season to try to get familiarity but that hasn't happened. I'm 3rd, so not bad, but I should be much better and I don't want to get sacked
  11. I've played CM/FM since about 98 but I seriously need some help here. I started up a nomad game and got appointed Man City manager on 3/July/2024. On paper I have an amazing team and squad. But I seriously underachieve. I'm not nearly as good as I should be. I need some help. Anyone up for helping me out here?
  12. some reasonably minor changes but Sam Barratt is still injured IRL but is not in game Matt Rush is a striker IRL, but a right winger as in the game. He also plays a bit for us so needs his current ability and potential increased Emile Acquah is a regular squad member too so needs to have current ability of a current League Two player at the very least. He's also a target man rather than a poacher, Isaac Hutchinson plays wide right, wide left and through the middle. Through the middle, both CM and ACM are his best positions. Stephen McLaughlin can also play wide right and our wingers used to regularly swap sides. I doubt that Luke Hyam is our highest earner IRL. Simon Cox comes deep to get the ball and argues with officials. Constantly Brandon Goodship has played wide right and wide left and he brings pure workrate. Not much quality but lots of workrate. Dieng has played centre back, defensive midfield, centre mid and central attacking mid.
  13. you saved me! Finally it's clicked for me that the non-EU play needs to leave FOR ANOTHER COUNTRY! I kept moving my non-EU players within Italy and wondering why nothing was happening. Sold one abroad and it's all fine. Thanks!!
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