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  1. Staff Ratings

    Thats not really what i was asking but thanks for trying to help anyway. Basically all staff attributes are missing .I know you can mask player attributes but I have no idea why staff attributes are missing.maybe i will post this in the bugs forum.
  2. I've just started playing fm 12 and i don't no if its something that I have done wrong on setting the game up but all my staff ratings are blanked out.I have done a quick search in case it was a known bug but didn't come up with anything.Any help would be appreciated.Cheers
  3. Going back to FM11

    Still playing a long term save on Fm11 and will carry on with it until the final patch has been released on FM12.Will then get a full year out of that game.I can never understand why people rush in complaining.Its the same every year.If your not prepared to play the latest game until its near on perfect just wait.Its always near on sorted when the final patch is released[fm 09 aside lol]Just be patient!
  4. FM2011 low on memory Galore

    Try downloading alacrity.It seems to do a better job than gamebooster,well it did for me anyway,with a massive improvement in pc performance.
  5. Same here.I have no idea how to solve it.Its just very annoying!!
  6. As it says in the article[ the series gained infamy for its ability to predict the promising futures of top players before they became famous, having foreseen the development of the likes of Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney years before the pair gained widespread notoriety]it readily admits that stars have been predicted by cm,fm..Its just looking at a few wonderkids that never made it at the highest level,Alex Notman [a personal star at the time for me] and the infamous TONTON ZOLA MOUKOKO to name but a few.Just interesting to see what happend to them.
  7. I have just read an interesting article basically on ex cm/fm wonderkids. Well worth a read. http://www.footballfancast.com/2011/02/football-blogs/how-championship-managers-finest-fell-by-the-wayside
  8. Raver training + sets

    If i only had a brain.Cheers mate all sorted
  9. Raver training + sets

    I have tried downloading the link,but i cant open the file as it says the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.Create an association in the set associations control panel.As i am virtualy clueless to what any of this means i would be grateful for any help.Thanks in advance.
  10. I was wondering if anybody could tell me the name of the progam that shuts down any unnecessary progams running in the background of your computer when gaming.I remember i used it a couple of years ago and it helped speed up Fm quite considerably but i cant remember what it was called.Thanks in advance
  11. Best add-ons?

    FM G Live have a great selection of add ons,but the site has been down for around 3 weeks.Does anybody know why?
  12. FM Genie Scout 2010

    Works fine now.Thanks again mate
  13. FM Genie Scout 2010

    Thanks for the quick reply.I haven't searched for any players as I presumed it wasn't working.Does it take long to load?I will try again now.
  14. FM Genie Scout 2010

    I am hoping somebody on here may be able to help me.I have just downloaded FM Genie Scout 2010 and i have opened it without any problems,but when i go to load my save game on it,all I get is a message saying that I need to load language database to be able to search divisions. Has this happened to anybody else,as I have no idea how to fix this problem and I am unable to use it.Cheers in advance
  15. Sorry for being the idiot that i am,but where exactly do i extract the file to.I am able to save the players rating to the text files,but i cant find where to run fmrole,i was thinking that maybe its because i extracted the file just into fm 2010?Cheers