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  1. scrap that, I see it came out on Thursday. Teaches me to keep my eyes open better. Missed a whole weekend of game time.
  2. I cannot see an official announcement, but it seems that I am currently downloading the demo for FM16. It appears as a download of approx 950mb, is that about right? Anyone else downloading it?
  3. Amazon have the digital download for 30£
  4. So, I have decided to restart my NUFC game with the updated Jan transfers. I kept my favoured 4-2-3-1 tactics Defence: 2 ball playing central defenders and two attacking fullbacks that can cross in that ball Midfield: One defensive ball winning box to box alongside a deep lying playmaker. Attacking Midfielders: Two Inside forwarders swapping sides and one supporting Advanced playmaker Striker: One attacking advanced forward I permitted myself 3 purple buys: PEA, Sakho and Siem de Jong (as they are my dream buys this summer). As the window drew to a close I was able to snag Berghuis, Fierro and Jano on the “cheap” as well. Out went Simmo, Obertan and Gutti (Gutti going for a price tag of 12M) to try and balance the books a little. My aim was to fight for Europe and come the winter I was in with a shout, but injuries were decimating my squad, and then came the ACoN, so in came Adam Maher and Allione, with Willo leaving . In fact, come the end of the season we finished 3rd, a long way off from 1st, but in to the champions league. Domestic cups were nothing to shout about but the Europa League was rather more a success in that we won it. The following summer saw us bring in Ninis and Marin on the cheap for the first squad, along with Tomas Martinez, Daniele Rugani, Lorenzo Tassi, Alen Halilovic for back up and 5 newgens for the future. Out went Tiote (picked up too many reds), Colo, Gosling, Shola and Amalfitano. Net spend was a profit of 8M. In winter I brought in another 5 newgens for the future at a cost of 2M along with K Honda on a freebie. This season though was not so successful though, dropping to a lowly 5th, due to the toll of taken on the Champions League. So next season was going to be a matter of a rebuild. We managed to make it through to the quarter finals of the CL. That next summer we brought in 5 newgens for 20M along C Eriksen on another freebie. Paying for that was essentially Rob Elliot, Tavs, Anita, Gouffran and Marveaux for a combined fee of 37M. Just before the winter break we were taken over by a local business man who decided not to invest any money, so big money buys will need to be a lot less in coming forth going forward. During the winter break I brought in 3 newgens for 16M, subsidised by the sales of Marin and Saylor for 12M. Now, just need to concentrate on Champions League qualification (currently 3rd with 10 games left). The only issue I have is based on goal scoring. I am playing the % game, having a high number of shots and a good number on target, but I am low on actual amount scored. Any ideas on how to improve my usage of the striker or the 3 AMCs???
  5. Half way through season 2 (just closed the Jan sales). Brought in Victor Andrade (7M), Mario Goetze (35M) and my DoF brought in Oscar for 16M. I will need to do some serious juggling now to keep everyone happy. Sitting top of the league with a 7 point gap over Man City. After 23 games, we are still unbeaten. Biggest victories this season are 6-3 home win against ManU and a 3-0 home win against BCN. My bogie team in this edition seems to be Stoke.
  6. 10 games in to the 2nd season, and we are going well. Managed to beat ManU 6-3, and drew 1-1 away to Barcelona. Currently sitting top of the league by 4 points.......cannot help but wonder when will it start to go downhill. At least I have decent quality in the squad, and suprisingly Goetze is joining in Jan (along with Andrade).
  7. Bare in mind my values are in euros not GBPs, although not sure of the ex. rate used between the two. I sold Tiote as he was getting too many red cards n my formation, and ended up costing me a number of points. Ben Arfa went out as he was not a top performer for me, and I wanted to look for a replacement. I sold Ba, Guti and Marveaux as they did not fit in to my structure. As for Goetze, I may just have to wait another season, but by then I may have located a cheaper option.
  8. Finished the 1st season in 3rd place, behind the 2 Manchester teams. Spurs finished fourth, but again Chelsea won the CL, meaning for it must suck to be a Spurs fan. I sacrificed the FA Cup and League Cup, allowing me to reach the semis in the Europa League. Going through the off season, and so far my transfers have been: OUT Xisco (free) Marveaux (3M) Obertan (5M) Ranger (1M) Ben Arfa (30M) Guti (5M) Tiote (26M) Ba (loan for a monthly fee of 1,1M) IN Destro and Cica (free) Prestia (3M) Emerson (3M) Muniain (47M) Ayew (47M) + a couple of regens. I am still trying to get Gotze, but he is not willing to negotiate. Players up for grabs next season include Ward-Prowse, Olinga, Pogba and Xavi (if only). All of this gives me a strong squad, and if I can these few others, I should be set for a good few months. I see some very strong regens coming through (alas, not for me), but are expensive to get.
  9. So, after 2 plays on the demo, my new laptop came and so I started a full game save. As always, first game loaded in Newcastle. I used the skeleton of the tactics used in FM12, being a narrow 4-2-3-1. The standard team being: Krul (sweeper keeper) Simpson Coloccini Taylor Santon Tiote (ball winning defensive midfielder) Cabaye (defensive deep playmaker) Ben Arfa (inside forward) Ba (advanced playmaker) Obertan (inside forward) Cisse (advanced striker) - the 2 inside forwards are marked as swapping positions during the game, as are the stiker and advanced playmaker. I then went out and hired Lubos Michel as the DoF. He may not survive the cull come the end of the season though. Next came the transfers. - Firstly out went Elliot, followed by Simpson for 5M (prices in euros) - Other loans included Ferguson, Abeid, Ranger and Campbell. - Best piece of outgoing business was asking 12M for Guti and Fulham offering 850k per month loan fee and 10M end of loan clause. - Incoming included Okore, Wellington Nem, Hiljemark, Mattheus, Berghuis, Dragovic, Adryan and Corchia. 21 games down, and we are 3rd, behind the two Manchester teams. We are scoring plenty, but letting in too many at the moment. Right now we have to see how we will cope without Cisse (EPL top scorer) for the ACoN. Our boy Cabaye is a top bloke as well, getting twice as many assists than anyone else in the league. Currently in the January sales (half way through), and Marveaux has left on loan, whilst Doria, Romario and Isco have all joined. At the end of the season we have Cica and Destro joining on free and Prestia joing for 3M. High up on my wanted list includes: - Luke Shaw and James Ward-Prowse (help keep up the numbers) - Andre Ayew (if Tiote leaves - rumours are growing) - Kiyotake, Gotze or Muniain (depending on value, availability and if they want to join) - Dybala and Olinga - Labyad Unfortunately I was unable to get Dzagoev, as he signed a new contract on day 1.
  10. ah cool...that solves that question then.....cheers.
  11. So, against all hope there is no way to be able to d/l via Steam, using my authenticity code?
  12. I have FM12 on DVD on my current laptop, which is on it's way to laptop heaven. I am looking at the ultrabooks that are currently out (HP to be specific), but it does not have a DVD player. Not wanting to buy an external device, how can I transfer the game from one machine to the other?
  13. So, about to start my 3rd season, so figured I would give a progress report. Transfers to date: Season 1: Christian Eriksson 10M€ Yaya Sanogo 3M€ Lenny Nangis 10M€ Sime Vrsaljko 3M€ Xherdan Shaqiri 12M€ Darren Gibson 1M€ Managed to get rid of Smith and Ameobi for a combined fee of 5M€ Season 2: Mateo Kovacic 3M€ Kyriakos Papadopoulos 32M€ Lucas Moura 45M€ Daniel Sturridge 3M€ Let Best, Ba, Obertan and Xisco go, bringing in about 22M€ Season 3 (to date): 6 regens Khoumar Babacar 8M€ Alberto Paloschi 6M€ Felipe Anderson 6M€ This time I have let Williamson, Marveaux, Tiote and Coloccini go for roughly 15M€. Still chasing a centre back (in for Boyata for 2M€ and a left back.....seemingly cannot afford my first choice of Alex Sandro). Also tempted by someone like Willian or Andre Schurrle. First season I finished 5th, nothing spectacular to note. In the 2nd season though, i came 2nd, missing top spot by 4 points. Also got to the semi fainal of the Europa League, but suspensions and fatigue took it´s toll, and I succumbed to a heavy defeat. This seasn, I have built ready for a title challenge. Currently playing a free flowing 4-2-3-1 with a lot of emphasis on attacking and creativity. Krul / Forster Sime / Simpson Papa / Kadar Taylor / ?? Santon / ?? Eriksson / Abeid Cabaye / Gibson Shaqiri / Ben Arfa Vuckic / Anderson Moura / Kovacic Sturridge / Paloschi This leaves me with Sameobi, Babacar, Sanogo, Campbell and Nangis all pending to come through. So, I am a bit heavy on strikers, and not much else. I figured with Boyata, a left back and either Schurrle or Willian, I should be set for a few years. Stand out players so far: Staylor: 7.2 average with about 10 goals Simpson: 7,3 average Cabaye: 7,2 average with 13 goals and 22 assists Abeid: 7,2 average with 11 goals and 14 assists Shaqiri: 7,15 avergae with 20 goals and 17 assists Moura: 7,3 avergae with 6 goals and 10 assists Vuckic: 7 average with 8 goals and 10 assists Sturridge: 7,1 average with 16 goals So, now to proceed in the coming season.
  14. Actually, I have the demo for a few days now but today it will not play. Keeps telling me that the game is temporarily unavailable. Anything to do with this update?
  15. Perhaps I am doing something stupid, but done the above, then go to start new game, and I only have the original database, and not yours......also, if I take a look in the editor I do not see it either.....
  16. So, just finished the 2013/14 season......finishing top of the league. YEAH!!! I spent a lot of money to get there though; Summer: Sergio Canales 3,5M A Ramsey 6,5M Winter: Neymar 27,5M (to replace Sanogo who is leaving on a freebie) Coutinho 15M (training him to be a LW) 3 regens totalling almost 27M Sold Ben Arfa and Fazio totalling 17M Coming in this summer is a regen for LB as this was my problem area and I am chasing a regen wonderkid from Madrid as a LW. No intention of buying anything else, unless they are young ones. I have 3 Brazilians pending over the next 3 seasons. Team stands as: GK Krul / Forster / Alnwick RB Danilo / Onuoha (Gosling to be sold) LB Kadar / Forren (to sell) / Ferguson (to sell) CB Galeano / Boyata / Gesualdo (regen) / Di Gennaro (regen) CM Gago / Rosa (young regen) / Cardoza (young regen) / Barton (to sell) / Coeff / Canales / Ramsey AM Kovacic / Vukic RW Wilshere / Shaarawy LW Hazard / Kakuta ST Castaignos / Neymar
  17. So, finished my 3rd season, coming in 2nd, 4 points behind Man Utd, won the League cup, and was knocked out of the Champions League in the semis by Barcelona on away goals......FA Cup was a disaster. During the Jan sales, I brought in 2 regens and Boyata to aide the defence (Jonas and STaylor both left). In August my dealings are: In Sergio Canales 3,5M€ Aaron Ramsey 6,5M€ Out Lua Lua 3M€ Xisco / Nolan / Best / Livaja / Edmundson all on a free Fazio 11,5M€ (he wanted to move to a bigger club, so went to Toulouse) Ben Arfa 5,75M€ (was causing issues in the squad) Still 20 days left on the transfer window, but not likely to bring anyone else in, unless I find more defensive recruits (regens), also I need to be careful for squad numbers from next year, as the quad will be too big. Squad stands as: GK Krul (Forster) RB Danilo (Gosling) LB Forren (Ferguson) CB Galeano + Boyata (Kadar + Onouha) CM a mixture of Gago / O´Hara (wants to leave) / Barton (getting older now) / Ramsey / Coeff (doubting his ability now) / Kovacic / Campanharo RW Sharaawy (Wilshire) LW Hazard (Gakuta) ACM Vuckic (Castaignos) ST Sanogo (will not sign a new contract) (Ranger) In back up we have: Soderberg (loaned out) Alnwick (loaned out) Andersson (loaned out regen) Moyo Inman Spear
  18. OK, so completed my 2nd season, coming in 3rd, only 2 points seperating us from 6th, so it was pretty tight. Jonas got my player of the year, with him and Ben Arfa really starting to come in to their own. Vuckic also came of age in my support role. However, what a disasterous pre-season I had. During the season I could not get Enrique tied down due to caps on the salary. So he left and created a cloud over the squad. Next thing I know, STaylor, Ben Arfa, Guthrie, O´Hara, Jonas and Tavernier are all putting in transfer requests. I managed to seel Tiote (3M)and Smith and Carroll both left on a free. I still cannot sell Nolan nor Best. Both Col and Williamson left (1,5M and 1M respectively) and I left Ben Arfa go on loan (2M with a sign on for 10M) - players even said that this was best for the team. I managed to bring in Kovacic (2M), Andersson (regen for 0,5M), Onohua (4M), Forren (8M) and Danilo (16M). I changed my tactics mid season to 4-2-3-1, and so my team stands at: GK: Krul / Forster RB: Danilo / Onuhoa (to sell Taylor and Tavernier) LB: Forren / Ferguson (prefer to bring another LB in) CB: Galeano / Kadar CB: Fazio / (Onuhoa + Forren can cover here) CM: O´Hara / Campanharo CM: Barton / Kovacic (also have Gosling and Inman to cover if needed) RW: Shaaraway / Lua Lua LW: Hazard / Moyo AMC: Vuckic / Kakuta (still have Jonas to sell, along with Assulin to cover) ST: Sanogo / Castaignos (also Livaja is covering) Also, the following are out on loan: Coeff Moyo Ranger Spear (pending) I have planned buys, if I have the money, for Pastore (if I can sell Jonas), Ramsey (if i lose O´Hara, etc...). Now to find another LB.....
  19. OK, so I managed to complete the first season and almost completed the summer transfer session. In the first summer my transfers were: INs Fazio 625k€ Hazard Loan Assulin Free Naughton Loan Lansbury Loan OUTs Routledge 1M€ Ameobi 3,5M€ Lovenkrands / Nolan / Donaldson / Vuckic / Soderburg all on loan During Winter I also brought in: O´Hara 2,1M€ Campanharo 400k€ Liukkonen 200k€ (regen) I finished 7th after a topsy turvy season, 9 points of CL qualification. Spurs finished top, just above Arsenal and Man Utd. My team set up was a 4-5-1 GK: Krul / Harper RB: STaylor / RTaylor LB: Enrique / Naughton CB: Fazio + Colocini / Kadar + Williamson DM: Tiote / CM: Barton + Hazard / O´Hara + Guthrie RW: Ben Arfa / Asulin LW: Jonas ST: Caroll / Xisco Man of the season was Jonas, and ben Arfa was a bit disappionting, although during the season I got the board to buy him outright. Caroll was not so good, 10 in 18, and now is listed due to his issues with STaylor. Xisco managed 10 in 10, so plan on keeping him as back up. In the current transfer window I have brought in: Hazard 3,3M€ Kakuta 4,5M€ El Shaarawy 2,5M€ Coeff Free Castaignos Free Sanogo 13,5M€ Galeano 13M€ My outs include: R Taylor 2M€ Lovenkrands 1M€ Nolan / Best / El Shaarawy / Ranger / Soderberg / Tiote all out on loan This season I will aternate between a 4-5-1 and 4-2-3-1 GK: Krul / Forster RB: STaylor / Tavernier LB: Enrique / Ferguson CB: Coloccini / Williamson + Kadar / Galeano DM: Fazio / Campanharo CM: Barton / O´Hara + Vuckic / Guthrie RW: Ben Arfa / Kakuta LW: Jonas / Hazard ST: Castiagnos / Sanogo / Xisco Leaving Assulin as a floater. It is impossible to sell, as commented many times, but also to loan. I tried to get Ashlet to set up a club for me, but he refused. So, I need to find time to fit in the following: Coeff Moyo Inman Edmundson Airey Spear
  20. So I completed the first demo run through. I finished 6th, 1 point from a Euro place. Team set up was 4-5-1: GK Krul played 24, 7.11 average, played very well RB R Taylor played 17 7.14 average LB J Enrique played 20 7.37 average CB Coloccini played 19 with 6.94 CB Williamson played 7 with 6.67 (later changed with Taylor played 9 with 7.13) DM Tiote played 18 with 6.88 CM Barton played 11 with 6.92 and was then injured CM started with Inman (played 13 with 6.75 average), then Lansbury (11 with 6.90) and finally Guthrie (9 with 6.90) AMR Ben Arfa played 19 6.97 average. Injured now for 4 months AML Jonas played 20 7.07 average ST Carroll played 20 7.25 average scored 6 I brought in the following: H Lansbury In the full game, will do the same, with a buy out clause Pv Aanholt Excellent player, and will try to sign in the full game (averaged 7.88 over 4 games) D Agyei Solid player (averaged 7.03 over 6 games) I sent out the following: Nolan out for loan for 250k Smith out on loan for 150k Next time round, I will need to go for a top class centre back from the off (sell Campbell and Williamson) and a right back (sell Perch and Simpson)
  21. I cannot recall, but how much money does Newcastle start with, or is it random? I look at my finances, made a profit throught the season of 26M€......but I only have about 2M€ balance, so I make the assumption that the beginning balance was around (24)M€ - not quite in line with the openning post.
  22. So, I managed to get in some game time yesterday (and my first impressions are good - did not get it last year, but might invest this time round - looks like the fun factor could be returning). Ins & Outs: Nolan out on loan Smith out on loan Could not get takers on Best nor Ameobi Van Aanholt in on loan DM from Fiorentina (name escapes me right now) in on loan Lansbury in on loan So, playing a 4-5-1.....Typical team being: GK Krul (plays very well) RB Taylor (wished he was this good in real life) LB Enrique CB Colocini CB Williamson DM Tiote CM Barton CM Inman (outstanding in this game) RAM Ban Arfa LAM Jonas ST Caroll Some players seem to be better than I expected: Moyo is very good on the left wing Inman has a wicked shot on him scoring a few wonder goals Edmundsson is also very adept So far played 9 games in the league and up to 8th, so performing beyond expectations. Still in the league cup, playing mainly young lads
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