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  1. <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Gfe4S-uBwUs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Let's see if this works
  2. weasel1976

    FM16 Demo on Steam

    scrap that, I see it came out on Thursday. Teaches me to keep my eyes open better. Missed a whole weekend of game time.
  3. I cannot see an official announcement, but it seems that I am currently downloading the demo for FM16. It appears as a download of approx 950mb, is that about right? Anyone else downloading it?
  4. weasel1976

    FM16 - best prices

    Amazon have the digital download for 30£
  5. weasel1976

    Moving back to the UK

    Thanks for the tips guys and unfortunately, due to work, I am already in the process of moving back Kalemlyco As you say Rob4590, the easiest way is the driving licence, but it can take 3 weeks or so to get it back, so whilst I will look to update the DVLA I would need a solution quicker. Apparently Lloyds may be able to offer me a solution (Natwest need other IDs that I cannot provide), so I will go to see them when I land. The other thing I need to do day 1 is to inform HMRC and they will send me a P2 letter which I have been told will hold up with the banks. I am currently with Santander, and was hoping that being part of their group it would make it easier to open in the UK, but was told that no as they are classed as different entities. If the thing with Lloyds falls through, I will check out the Credit Union. Good news is that it looks like I found a solution to the telephone issue (ASDA mobile do pay up front contracts, so no bank account nor credit checks are needed).
  6. weasel1976

    Moving back to the UK

    What a pain in the arse. Anyhow, I am moving back to the UK in 3 weeks time after 15 years of living in various countries (due to work). Honestly, I never realised how difficult it would be. For logistical reasons I am moving in with family that I have locally, and will be there for a couple of months (to pass the probation period, etc....). So I need to do a couple of things in order to make my life comfortable, like how anybody else lives. Firstly I need to set up a bank account in order to be paid and to pay for living, etc... Unfortunately it seems that I need a proof of address to be able to open an account, and they will only accept utility bills or bank statements as proof. Of course I do not have any of these and I only have my employment contract but that is not sufficient. ironically, if I was not British I could open an account for foreigners with the employment contract, not sure how that works like, but that is the way it goes. Also ironically, without a bank account I cannot rent a place to live and ergo cannot set up the likes of gas and electricity that is needed to open a bank account. Kind of going round in circles with this one, and it is very annoying. Secondly I need to get myself a phone contract but was informed by O2 today that I can only have one if I have been living in the UK for the past 3 years. I assume that this is disclosed during the Credit Check, otherwise how would they know. But again, why so difficult? How do big execs do it when they move to the UK, etc.... surely they are not using pre paids, etc.... Anyway just venting my frustrations here (especially when moving abroad in Europe has proved to be so easy and successful) and seeing if anyone else has made a similar move and if they have any tips to share. At least buying a car and its subsequent insurance and DVLA seems to be simple enough and straight forward.
  7. I have moved twice, first to the Netherlands 15 years ago, and then to Spain 12 years ago. Now I am looking to move again due to work, but decided on the country yet. Obviously research the country first before going (how to apply for the basics like a social security number, how to register with the police, registering your driving licence, public or private health care, etc....) Also Indeed.xx is a good way to indicate the job market for your field, and also look at the cost of living to ensure it is viable. When it comes to languages, the Netherlands was the easiest move I made. The Dutch really like to practice their English so it makes moving easier, but in the longer term it is a harder language to learn than say Spanish (at least for me). Look to move to a communal house at first to help out with the social aspect, etc.... Then basically it is all about how much you make of it.....have fun and enjoy life. I have never looked back despite making a lot of sacrifices to make it all happen/work.
  8. weasel1976

    Do you accept your place in the world?

    I have a beautiful wife with a great child, x money in the bank, car, motorbike, my own house, access to my own beach house, live in a city where the sun shines pretty much all year round, access to friends in many different places, etc....so am I happy with my place in the world......**** no.......!!!!! and all because I cannot get out of a depression. A depression that essentially got me the sack from a job and has rendered me unemployable.......over qualified for jobs that exist and bugger all jobs exist for my level. So what happens...... I get a recovery from my previous depression to a certain level only to get a different depression from being unemployed for a year now. My prospects now centre around the possibility of moving back to the UK. Upsides: back to see friends and family; Downsides: rain, grey skies and back to cold weather So overall, not very happy, and a little pissed off with my place lately, despite the logical, clear headed medicated side of me telling me how lucky I am. in general.
  9. weasel1976

    Fantastic cover versions

    NIN - Hurt NIN - Reptile perhaps not strictly a cover
  10. So, I have decided to restart my NUFC game with the updated Jan transfers. I kept my favoured 4-2-3-1 tactics Defence: 2 ball playing central defenders and two attacking fullbacks that can cross in that ball Midfield: One defensive ball winning box to box alongside a deep lying playmaker. Attacking Midfielders: Two Inside forwarders swapping sides and one supporting Advanced playmaker Striker: One attacking advanced forward I permitted myself 3 purple buys: PEA, Sakho and Siem de Jong (as they are my dream buys this summer). As the window drew to a close I was able to snag Berghuis, Fierro and Jano on the “cheap” as well. Out went Simmo, Obertan and Gutti (Gutti going for a price tag of 12M) to try and balance the books a little. My aim was to fight for Europe and come the winter I was in with a shout, but injuries were decimating my squad, and then came the ACoN, so in came Adam Maher and Allione, with Willo leaving . In fact, come the end of the season we finished 3rd, a long way off from 1st, but in to the champions league. Domestic cups were nothing to shout about but the Europa League was rather more a success in that we won it. The following summer saw us bring in Ninis and Marin on the cheap for the first squad, along with Tomas Martinez, Daniele Rugani, Lorenzo Tassi, Alen Halilovic for back up and 5 newgens for the future. Out went Tiote (picked up too many reds), Colo, Gosling, Shola and Amalfitano. Net spend was a profit of 8M. In winter I brought in another 5 newgens for the future at a cost of 2M along with K Honda on a freebie. This season though was not so successful though, dropping to a lowly 5th, due to the toll of taken on the Champions League. So next season was going to be a matter of a rebuild. We managed to make it through to the quarter finals of the CL. That next summer we brought in 5 newgens for 20M along C Eriksen on another freebie. Paying for that was essentially Rob Elliot, Tavs, Anita, Gouffran and Marveaux for a combined fee of 37M. Just before the winter break we were taken over by a local business man who decided not to invest any money, so big money buys will need to be a lot less in coming forth going forward. During the winter break I brought in 3 newgens for 16M, subsidised by the sales of Marin and Saylor for 12M. Now, just need to concentrate on Champions League qualification (currently 3rd with 10 games left). The only issue I have is based on goal scoring. I am playing the % game, having a high number of shots and a good number on target, but I am low on actual amount scored. Any ideas on how to improve my usage of the striker or the 3 AMCs???
  11. weasel1976

    The MotoGP Thread

    I believe pedrosa admits to making a mistake
  12. weasel1976

    Benidorm - old town.

    My sentiments are with the above. Benidorm is a mess of a place aimed for drinking and drinking alone. If you wanted beach and culture you would have been better off anywhere else (Alicante, etc...). I did not even realise people still went there except the oldies on specially reduced fares. Personally I think you would have been better in Alicante or Valencia (nice beaches, plenty of culture) or Sevilla and Granada (lot's of things to see and then rent a car to the beach). But that is all my opinion as I just do not like Benidorm and what it stands for.
  13. weasel1976

    TV Series You Are Currently Watching

    I mean falling skies
  14. weasel1976

    TV Series You Are Currently Watching

    Have been trying to get in to Falling Sky (watched the first 5 episodes) so far. Not doing anything for me. May try to give the end of the first season, but I doubt I will continue with it. Anyone else watch it? Does it get anymore interesting?