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  1. How many has Trent scored for the season and not a one off game? On FM2008 I had Michael Dawson score 4 goals one game, he didn't score for me again.
  2. Don't believe so unless you make it yourself. Or disable first transfer window and use real world fixtures, start in December and just sim the results
  3. Anyone else struggling with increased frequency in penalties? I have given away 10 penalties this season by January and have given away 4 pens in a row now. I have had 2 pens in the same time frame. Also animation for pens is very very bad, either you clearly take the ball and its a pen or there's no contact at all and it's still a pen.
  4. Yeah, pre season would always take so long and we would argue over who could sign who
  5. It's not a bug, it's his tactics. He's playing a 4-4-2 with his wingers+Strikers man marking CB's leaving his two CM's to mark 5 players (3 central and two full backs)
  6. You could go old school and "Add New Manager" and take it in turns, me and my friends used to do this when we were 12 back on FM2005
  7. There's a very old screenshot somewhere of a guy who finished with 100 points in the championship and didn't get promoted.
  8. It's either your friend or your PC/laptop isn't great at running FM20 so it's slower online or one of you or your friend's internet isn't great.
  9. So 3 season's running it's happened to the best side in the league yet you think it's stupid to happen in a game because "Palace don't have the defence of Atletico".
  10. If he gives you the save I believe you load in as the hosts team. Atleast thats what has happened when I have done it before.
  11. I live in China so have been in quarantine for 2 months now, I'm racking up 162 hours every 2 weeks on FM according to steam. Thank god for this game otherwise i would have died of boredom.
  12. Been playing FM since 2005 and support Leeds so have been promoted and relegated a fair few times (especially Ken Bates era). Put near 1000 hours into every edition so many relegations were bound to happen
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