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  1. Some positive feedback: I love the replay system. Keeper had a dreadful game in Europa knockouts, allowed an own goal off his back in the first half and thought he had done it again in the second: But using the replay I was able to see the ball just had wild spin off the bar and bounced in itself:
  2. Finished 5th in the first season after Championship Group stage with Teplice and was put into the European Places Playoff Final which I won over the two legs. Into the next season, the Europa League 2nd qualifying round has already been drawn and I am not included. Only two Czech teams are listed in the seedings (3rd and 4th placed league finishers) despite the nation having three places. Cup winner also won the league so they are in Champions League. Here are the rules for qualification listed in the Championship Group League page: Here are qualification spots: Here are qualified teams: Champions League- Europa League- Czech Cup was won by Sparta Prague over Slavia, both had already qualified for Champions League. Unfortunate for me as we could've used any potential money from this and it will probably hurt our league coefficient. File uploaded as czecheuropaplaces.fm
  3. Season 5 - Vanarama North again: Alfreton easily won the league but we managed to go up from our usual 7th to guarantee we'd play all our playoff games at home. The two games couldn't have been much more different aside from the result. This is more drama than I needed for the whole year. A goal in the final minutes of every half, including extra time. Everyone was thrown forward at the end, and we got the vital goal through our star player and captain, Carl Corcoran. After winning this on penalties, the players decided to win the next game as soon as they could. Most of the important players were actually already here, though I did fill the team with a ton of free transfers. I tried to sign players who looked decent defensively and were faster than what we had before..... we still couldn't stop anything so we just played attacking all year. I doubt I end up offering either CB an extension, they are being paid too much to not play all that well. The final wasn't all good news either, Splatt's injury was a broken leg so he'll miss a decent chunk of next year. At the moment the board keep periodically investing to clear our debt, so that's nice. Hopefully this time now that we are a bit more established in terms of reputation we can do a little better in the Vanarama Premier.
  4. Season 4 - Vanarama North We signed better players and in the early season it seemed like we had improved as a team. After 15 games or so we were in the title picture, but it began slipping away and a terrible run in the second half of the season almost saw us miss the playoffs. Instead we finished 7th for the third time in 3 years in the Vanarama North. Just like last year, we wouldn't be able to re-create our first year run through the playoffs and we were bounced in the first round. I'm struggling to figure out what to do to fix our problems. Despite having seemingly good defenders they were constantly allowing balls over the top and just showing no effort to make good tackles as we broke the league record for worst discipline. I won't go over transfers in any real detail since most of them were on one year contracts and I'll be looking to completely rebuild the majority of this team again. The team is very young, with most of the players coming from the first waves of newgens to be released from the larger academies. Carl Corcoran gets a particular highlight as the former Forest academy player scored 9 and assisted 13 from central midfield to lead the league in average rating. We tried to mimic our opposition's tactics of balls over the top with us having close to the league lead in pace and acceleration, and it resulted in us being 1 goal shy of the most in the division. If we can just solve the defending issues next year we may have a chance. We did have our first sale for actual money as Swindon took our starting RB at the start of the year for 28k+50% of next sale, though I imagine he'll end up leaving there on a free as he isn't anywhere near their level. Board thought it was too good to turn down.
  5. Whitby season 3, back down in Vanarama North: We were the third best team at home over the course of the season but were mid-table level away. Couldn't figure out any sort of consistent tactic on the road and it showed in the playoffs where we went from a dominant 2-0 performance in the first round to being played off the pitch in an 0-2 semifinal loss to Chester. I ended up dumping almost everyone, mutually terminating quite a few until we only had 4 left. Two more will leave in the summer because they aren't justifying their wages. I want to get rid of the last two, but no one will sign them and the termination fees are too high. Our best player and top scorer was a loan signing with 5 finishing and incredible physicals. We will look to build again this summer with more young players who didn't make the cut at their larger academies. Our facilities are still crap. Finances are terrible but the board has provided enough cash to keep us running. Reputation is still quite low, so we struggle to bring in players, but we were also predicted 20th this year despite coming in from a higher league so the board still have me at very secure. Hopefully with some additions we can win this league next year and get some recognition. Edit: Almost getting promoted wasn't enough to see us better in rep than most of the regional teams lol
  6. Season 2, Vanarama National League. ****. We had 22 points after 15 games and then for some reason everyone forgot how to play. Worst in the league in defending corners, direct free kicks, and most penalties given away while only being less porous than Dulwich Hamlet and I wanted to fire every defender into the sun. In desperation to prepare for next time (if we can make it back up) I tried to get the board to let us go professional, but they said no. It makes sense, financials are insecure and we don't look like it'll be easy for us to come back up. Season stats don't even fit on a single page as I tried anyone and anything to save us but was unsuccessful. Anyone with an expiring contract has been set for release; even our second highest rated non-loan player (he is 32). We are also losing our top goalscorer to some League Two side. Platt (our best player) and Mondal have told me they want to leave, I told them I'd allow it if someone came in with a reasonable offer though I doubt anyone will want to pay their value this low down the pyramid. All non-contract players are also being released and my tactics will be re-defined based on whoever I can sign over the summer. This leaves us with 12 first-team players at the moment, so this could be an adventure. Here's hoping I don't get sacked. Should also mention training and youth facilities are poor (and youth level 0), so I don't expect any young players to develop here but we'll see. Edit: We went under a takeover bid a day before the window opened and it's now been almost 3 weeks, this is a nightmare lol
  7. Ah, so it's not just me then. Whitby Town, 2019/2020 Vanarama North: Easily the most confusing season I've ever had. I came in expecting to struggle as we had in the first season in FM18 but it was just cake at the start. We conceded only 7 goals in the first two months and were the better team in every game. After 12 unbeaten to start the campaign, we lost a 4-1 game which must've been pretty close to even in xG. Bouncing back with two straight wins had me thinking it was just bad luck, then the ship started to take on water. Our offense stopped clicking and our defense was getting picked apart. I may have signed a few too many players as I kept finding people who should've been improvements but played worse than the players who were already at the club. We went through a number of tactics until finally settling on the thing that seemed to be beating us the most: just pumping balls over the top. Thankfully we saved all our luck until the promotion playoffs. Plenty of drama filled games in FM18, but here is the first in FM19. 2-0 up after 6 minutes and I was feeling great. We held on to a 2-1 lead going into the break and I thought we'd be able to hold on to it. Instead we allowed 4 goals in the first 20 minutes of the second half. Throwing everything into the attack, we managed 2 relatively quick goals to keep our chances alive, and an equalizer had me scrambling to decide what to do tactically. We rolled back to a controlling style but managed to push in a 6th in injury time. With 7 goals already scored, we still had another 5 minutes to defend after that. This is where the season should've ended. We held them to mostly half chances as we tried to play on the counter and we actually never trailed this game despite Kettering's absolute dominance. Very interesting that another newly promoted team was as good as us for most of the season (the third promoted team didn't fare as well, going down in 20th). A drama-free final would've been fine. Or some late drama is fine, I guess. This was a brutal game to watch, as their 65% passing (384/582) was a shining example of the beautiful game compared to our 53% (227/421). Transfers were anyone who showed up in my scouting meetings and looked good while on trial with us. Some didn't work out, others did. I'm gonna try to keep anyone (save one player) who played in more than 10 games; with a new wage budget this allows us to get 3 or 4 new players in so hopefully I won't be signing as many next year. Dale Hopson was my favorite transfer as he left in July before the season. He refused to re-sign for under 800 p/w even though we could only offer 500 (I think because 800 was our highest earner at the time) and when I tried after he was released he said our squad wasn't strong enough. He changed his mind and signed for 300 p/w in January after not finding another club. Season stats leave us with an interesting problem. Junior Mondal was a key player for us, leading the team in appearances and contributing 5 goals and 10 assists from the right midfield position. He is on 800 p/w though and wants a slightly larger contract now. His attributes look pretty good even for the Vanarama Premier, but he only had a 6.83 this season so despite being ever-present I think we may be able to find someone better. Other than trying to find new players, this will be the biggest transfer decision of the summer.
  8. Really sad start for me as I had an incredible player (for this level) at the club when I joined: But his contract ran out on July 3rd and he absolutely refused to sign a new contract. He scored 30 for Whitby in a season in the Northern Premier League IRL! Why does this game have to tease me like that
  9. Well, didn't complete the challenge (think I probably needed at least three more seasons tbh, City are miles ahead of me), but the final season was also an historic one for Whitby. A loss away to Wednesday on the 37th matchweek and a United draw on the final day meant we missed the top 4, but we did set our new high league position. Cruised to the semifinals of the Europa League where we ran into a challenge but made it through to face Tottenham in the Finals (held at City of Manchester stadium), where 61,000 lucky fans got to see us earn qualification to the Champions League. It's the first trophy we had won since the 2022 FA Trophy. Three days later we had another big game: Honestly we were ripped apart by City but our keeper stood huge and it looked like we had the winner in Mejia's first game back after twisting his ankle in the Europa semifinal. City weren't done though and forced extra time where they had chance after chance. In the end it was a scramble for the ball where Marzec beat City's keeper by half a second and poked it home which completed an unexpected double for us. Many records were broken for us this year, clean sheets (previously held by Sam Johnstone in 2020 in the Vanarama North), goals (2022), and assists (also 2022 by the same player, Reece Webb-Foster). I'll make sure to start this earlier for FM19 so I have more time to finish :P
  10. 2032/2033 Premier League: We got our first ever win against Arsenal on the last day to get us into a potential Europa League spot, but then we had to wait for the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and West Brom. Luckily, Chelsea dominated the game and won 2-0 so we'll be in a new competition (for us) next season. Big transfer spend, but I thought we could make a push for top half this season and it paid off. Andre Ricardo- A key member of the 2030 and 2031 Copa Libertadores winning side, I was looking for some changes to the defense and found him. Beat out a couple of decent sized European clubs for his signature. Yamil Ponce- One of two players I tried to get on frees from Boca Juniors, Ponce also made his first appearance for Argentina after joining us. Jake Turner- Needed a new backup GK, so I took United's after his contract expired. He never played. Nassim Willems- We ended up with 3 really good center mids, so we'll be rotating them a lot next season. Chris Gray- Another move for the defensive overhaul. He's been dominating the Scottish league so I figured it was worth a shot. Bart van den Berg- Had a breakout year in the Eridivisie and quite a few Premier League teams were showing interest. I think I was probably the only one who offered him a key role. Kevin Dingwall- The last piece of the new defense was the most expensive, as he was already playing in England for Brighton. Luckily, they've been stuck in the Championship for three seasons so my league standing was enough to convince him. Jochen Bittel- I didn't need another CM, but when my scout found him I decided to go for it anyway. Last guy doesn't get a screenshot because he was an emergency loan when both my LMs were injured for a game. :P Didn't rotate much, but we didn't need to. Ran into a bug or maybe it's just me not understanding registration rules, but when I went to re-sign Huang Bin the game acted like he didn't have a work permit even though he's been on my team for a few seasons now and he can't get a new one since he's retired from international football and China isn't rated high enough so he'll be gone this summer. Got another huge transfer budget, but I think unless I see a superstar it'll be spent on youth players since our facilities are still only average despite my best efforts.
  11. 2031/2032: Premier League, 2nd try: We were able to secure our spot next season but our defense was very frustrating. We spent £43mil on transfers, but quite a few didn't perform well. The financials are fine with these, though. We are still the smallest payroll in the league with over £30mil annually separating us from the next closest team that avoided the drop. How I felt about the new players: Pablo Gomez- We had to wait until he was 18 so he could leave Belgium, but he was pretty good in his first season. He made the European Golden Boy shortlist. Victor Fajardo- He was ok, but nothing better. Edouard Lemoine- Probably the most disappointing signing this save and possibly ever for me. 12mil for him to be one of the worst defenders in the league. Moses Whiteside- Would have been most disappointing if he wasn't a free. 6.51 average rating for a starter is horrible. He won't be back if I find anyone competent. Andres Alzate- Didn't get a chance to do anything, but he was signed as a high potential backup anyway. Federico Garcia- Led the league in saves. Good first season. Cheick Kouakou- Played almost every game and had a 7.00 average rating. Very good. Ilyas Amrani- Backup. Hernan Lopez- Supposed to be our best player but he struggled early on. Will hope for more next season. John Arce- Another guy who looked good but played badly. Team needs a lot of work for next season
  12. 2030/2031, Championship part 2: Back up on the first time asking, we sealed promotion with a draw in matchweek 44. A stretch of 8 wins from 30 Nov. to 4 Jan. played a large part, though the 3 straight losses immediately after put us in competition with Brighton for the final automatic spot. They managed only 11 points in the last 14 matches and actually missed the playoffs while we were able to keep our form. Our transfer budget was large, but I couldn't find anyone I thought was better than what we had. These transfers ended up being forced on us a bit as we lost top striker Craig Thompson to Burnley due to his relegation release clause. Huang Bin was brought in as his replacement. A former Real Madrid prospect, he ended up being well worth the money. I brought in two new goalkeepers to replace Almqvist, though the amount paid for the backup was more than for the starter. Kenneth Eze had been replaced as Middlesbrough's starter, so he came very cheap from the transfer list. Late in the season he suffered a dislocated shoulder, which put all the pressure onto our backup, Mark Caldwell. He had been Aberdeen's starter for the past 2.5 seasons when we bought him this summer. The two January transfers were more or less just spending the money that was burning a hole in my pocket. None of our defenders were playing particularly well, so Sven van Asten was pulled off West Brom's transfer list. He was meant to be a rotation option to motivate our current players to perform better, but when starting CB Michael Kamau went down with a broken collarbone van Asten actually became a regular starter and played fairly well. Grzegorz Marzec's transfer was a very strange saga. We already had a Polish LM who suggested a player from his former club, Legia. While I sent a scout to look at this player, I found Marzec at Legia as well. With Tottenham and Man Utd sniffing around, I decided to make a play for him despite us being a bit overloaded at the ST position. He's quite a good player but it probably wasn't the best decision. I'm worried that we won't be able to play everyone enough next season so we'll probably end up with at least one unhappy player, but maybe everything will work out. After a 4 month delay at the start of the year we finally moved into the newly completed Whitby Stadium. It currently seats 13,341 with a planned expansion of 2,000 seats set to complete before next season. We finished the year with 11 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses in the league at the new stadium and lost to a late goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup. Season stats- Huang Bin led the team in both goals and assists and provided that superstar player we had lost when Thompson left. Ross Reach was a rock in defense; by far the most reliable player we had back there. A surprisingly good year from Arkadiusz Markiewicz on the left side kept us from spending big on a new LM, but it may be something to look at for next season. Kevin Gonzalez, who has 233 apps with a 7.09 average rating in his career here, really struggled this season and eventually we made a change in tactics so now he wants out. Sad to lose a player with that much history at the club but I just can't find space for him in this team at the moment. Going into next season I need to figure out the striker situation, decide if Eze is a good enough keeper for the Prem, and sort out the bench. We've been given a 90mil transfer budget so if I can find a superstar who is willing to sign I may finally splash the cash.
  13. Thanks..... unfortunately it was short-lived We had a chance near the end of the year but fell short. On the final day it could've been a miracle with a win and Leicester loss, but we got neither of those things. Season stats were obviously worse than last year since we weren't as good. Transfers. No superstars since they wouldn't really join us but some very good players. A lot have relegation release clauses, but I already convinced Morrison to re-sign rather than go to Celtic so we'll see what happens. Here are the new lads: Ross Reach didn't play all that well this year but I think he looks really good. I don't know. Paul Morrison looked too good for Rangers and was pretty good for us. Almost left to go to Celtic for 8mil on a relegation release clause but we convinced him to stay. Kamau joins permanently. Arkadiusz Markiewicz did well enough for us that I kept being asked if he should get a Poland cap so that's good for him. Evans, Tall, and Rubio were signed in January for depth in case we lost players when we were relegated. Also got a young Belgian despite interest from Arsenal and Tottenham but he can't join until he is 18. We are rich now though so we should hopefully come straight back up and be fine next time.
  14. 28/29 Championship Our first 7 digit transfer fee this year as we pick up GK Johannes Almqvist for 1mil from Bournemouth as he was after more playing time. Picked up Ross Ferdinand on an expiring contract from Liverpool to be our every-day RB and James Poole for 350k on the August deadline day to start at CB. Kamau and Johnson re-joined on loan along with Hugo Vikberg and Mark Roberts. We'll be playing in the KCOM Stadium next year. Season stats. Gary Chantler struggled for form at times but Malyke Tufton more than made up for it and won Player of the Year. Vikberg on loan won Young Player of the Year, Craig Thompson won top scorer for the second consecutive season; those 3 and Gary Goodwin and James Poole were named in the Team of the Year, and I won Manager of the Year.
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