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  1. Fingers crossed this can be fixed ASAP. I know a few people have told me they had this issue on Twitter.
  2. Hey I am managing Shrewsbury and I can only offer Part Time contracts. My existing staff are on full time contracts.
  3. Hey Is it possible to use nicknames for hashtags? Shrews fans would use #salop not #shrewsbury
  4. Shrewsbury Town Assistant manager is Dean Whitehead, Graham Barrow left the club. Surprised Dean Whitehead is on more money than Sam Ricketts, the manager.
  5. Has anyone else found a lack of quality german staff when managing in 2. Bundesliga? The staff with the highest ratings I can sign are mostly English or other non German nationalities.
  6. Your comments are interesting. Are you not a fan of the default tactics from FM?
  7. So just this: - play out of defence, shorter passing and overlap left (and nothing else for starters) - no instructions (optionally counter-press on occasion) - higher D-line and higher LOE (or higher D-line and standard LOE + split block) Nothing else?
  8. Hey Thank you for taking the time to reply. When you say "clear surplus", you mean I should strip the tactics back to a more simple setup? Do I need to do anything to encourage finding a man in the final third rather than shooting?
  9. Is there a way I can direct my players to pass/cross rather than shoot. I am sick of my full backs and inverted wingers shooting when the ST is free in the six yard box. I have the IW and winger on shoot less, but it doesn't seem to stop the issue.
  10. I searched several times and have done again today, I cannot find any threads. Thanks for the comment, hopefully he will drop his concern soon.
  11. I made an error in committing to a promise to sign a friend, given I forgot, the player became uphappy. He has been unhappy for a year but still performed ok. 18 yr scored 8 goals in 22 games av. 7.17. Question: How long does it typically take for a player to get over a broken promise? At the end of the season I am one of his fav personel. I am also one of his fav personnel.
  12. Cheers, appreciate the comments I can make Rashford an inside forward attack and change Bruno to a Mezzala. This will get two additional players into the box. Sometimes I play with Chiesa as a winger, and he seems to give Dembele better service.
  13. Hey I started with the vertical tiki taka formation in a 4-1-4-1 DM (4-3-3). I then made the change to increase the tempo and make the formation wider I moved the bar to normal. How key is the width with this formation? Am I over thinking or have I cocked it up? Keen to hear everyones opinion the wingers seem to be in the right area and the wing backs have space.
  14. I have had the situation where my u23 played within 24 hours of a first team game and the team selection of the u23's included players in my starting line up. Old versions of the game wouldn't allow that to happen. Is there a setting where you can stop that from happening?
  15. Help! I am not getting scout reports in my inbox. Is there a setting to change so they come into my inbox? I dont believe I have ever received an analyst report.
  16. Cheers FrazT. No worries. I have shared lots of Mac feedback in the past and always seemed to be well received. Only just brought FM20
  17. Thanks for the comments guys. I will try him AP Right, especially as he likes to curl them in and my right hand flank is my best source for goals.
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