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  1. Has anyone else found a lack of quality german staff when managing in 2. Bundesliga? The staff with the highest ratings I can sign are mostly English or other non German nationalities.
  2. Your comments are interesting. Are you not a fan of the default tactics from FM?
  3. So just this: - play out of defence, shorter passing and overlap left (and nothing else for starters) - no instructions (optionally counter-press on occasion) - higher D-line and higher LOE (or higher D-line and standard LOE + split block) Nothing else?
  4. Hey Thank you for taking the time to reply. When you say "clear surplus", you mean I should strip the tactics back to a more simple setup? Do I need to do anything to encourage finding a man in the final third rather than shooting?
  5. Is there a way I can direct my players to pass/cross rather than shoot. I am sick of my full backs and inverted wingers shooting when the ST is free in the six yard box. I have the IW and winger on shoot less, but it doesn't seem to stop the issue.
  6. I searched several times and have done again today, I cannot find any threads. Thanks for the comment, hopefully he will drop his concern soon.
  7. I made an error in committing to a promise to sign a friend, given I forgot, the player became uphappy. He has been unhappy for a year but still performed ok. 18 yr scored 8 goals in 22 games av. 7.17. Question: How long does it typically take for a player to get over a broken promise? At the end of the season I am one of his fav personel. I am also one of his fav personnel.
  8. Cheers, appreciate the comments I can make Rashford an inside forward attack and change Bruno to a Mezzala. This will get two additional players into the box. Sometimes I play with Chiesa as a winger, and he seems to give Dembele better service.
  9. Hey I started with the vertical tiki taka formation in a 4-1-4-1 DM (4-3-3). I then made the change to increase the tempo and make the formation wider I moved the bar to normal. How key is the width with this formation? Am I over thinking or have I cocked it up? Keen to hear everyones opinion the wingers seem to be in the right area and the wing backs have space.
  10. I have had the situation where my u23 played within 24 hours of a first team game and the team selection of the u23's included players in my starting line up. Old versions of the game wouldn't allow that to happen. Is there a setting where you can stop that from happening?
  11. Help! I am not getting scout reports in my inbox. Is there a setting to change so they come into my inbox? I dont believe I have ever received an analyst report.
  12. Cheers FrazT. No worries. I have shared lots of Mac feedback in the past and always seemed to be well received. Only just brought FM20
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