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  1. I have taken Shrews from L1 and just starting my first season in PL. When do I get an U23 side? I thought I would have been invited to the U23 league.
  2. knowledge is 19% last season I finished in the play offs and then finished second see above, my scouts seem to be ok
  3. Hey I posted this in general discussion but now I am convinced it should be viewed as a bug. Season three I take Salop to the Premier League. Players gone on holiday and my scout sends me this report. League One!? (file: Shrewsbury Town (v02) (v02).fm)
  4. I have finished 2nd, we are going to the premier league and reports are recommending L1 players still.
  5. and thats is a major issue when you get promoted, when I went to the championship I lost out on loads of players waiting for the update on my league status The scouts bringing me L1 players is poor.
  6. I am in season three with Shrewsbury, last season we got into the Championship playoffs, I have played 11 games and I am top of the league. Is there a way to make my scouts stop rating L1 players so highly? How is this player a good signing for a team at the top of the championship?!
  7. Long term shrews save turned down a number of jobs, inc PL
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