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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I will try him AP Right, especially as he likes to curl them in and my right hand flank is my best source for goals.
  2. I dont see how it does. I am asking simply if the foot is a factor the game engine takes into account. In real life it does...
  3. Does the players preferred foot matter in central midfield? My AP is left footed. Will he perform better left of the central three?
  4. Hi I have logos only. Weird as it was during the game when the pitch was in view.
  5. Game crashed for second time and I was winning 6-1 "cry"! Game has just frozen in a highlight and forced my Mac to crash. happened twice in the original and then the "replay"
  6. I have done two player before on LAN at uni and over the internet. I totally agree, you need both of you competition for league and cups.
  7. Whats your recommendation for two teams on a two player online game? Prefer European league, but two similar teams with potential to progress. Top tier I think would be better.
  8. Is there a way of starting a game that starts pre world cup squad selection rather than starting pre season 2017/18?
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