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  1. I have taken Shrews from L1 and just starting my first season in PL. When do I get an U23 side? I thought I would have been invited to the U23 league.
  2. knowledge is 19% last season I finished in the play offs and then finished second see above, my scouts seem to be ok
  3. Hey I posted this in general discussion but now I am convinced it should be viewed as a bug. Season three I take Salop to the Premier League. Players gone on holiday and my scout sends me this report. League One!? (file: Shrewsbury Town (v02) (v02).fm)
  4. I have finished 2nd, we are going to the premier league and reports are recommending L1 players still.
  5. and thats is a major issue when you get promoted, when I went to the championship I lost out on loads of players waiting for the update on my league status The scouts bringing me L1 players is poor.
  6. I am in season three with Shrewsbury, last season we got into the Championship playoffs, I have played 11 games and I am top of the league. Is there a way to make my scouts stop rating L1 players so highly? How is this player a good signing for a team at the top of the championship?!
  7. Long term shrews save turned down a number of jobs, inc PL
  8. Does negotiating yourself a lower wage give you more money to spend on player wages?
  9. What is the most goals your F9 has scored in FM21? Games and goals would be interesting.
  10. Sorry, I just checked, the auto saves are days before or days after. will try harder next time.
  11. I have 108 on there, I employed an extra scout but still no progress... help would be appreciated
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