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  1. Woodburn looks insane on my save, would have to say high 160's to nearly 170 PA!!
  2. Lewis Cook always goes great for me, even early on. But the star in my team is Renato Sanches. Cost me 17mil and averages over 8.
  3. As said above, most who play this game are of older generations, and life has progressed where playing the game is an after thought. The young generations these days will never play this sort of game.
  4. Just started second season, finished first in first season, after a bad start. Promised board I will make Champions League Semi's, so went on a huge clean out, sold over 200mi worth of players and signed just as much. Gimenez Laporte Yarmolenko Sanches Rodriquez Horn Donnarumma Manea Brandt And quite a few more Younger guys to develop.
  5. He does ok for me, but there are better options, i only keep him most of the time because he is English.
  6. Straight away if they are class, not as full time, just give them a match here and there, bring them on at half time and so on. My game has gone nuts, 4 players with broken legs, of cause one of those is Sturridge.
  7. Had to sell Sturridge, he is maybe on the park for 10 games a season, just about to turn 29 years old, he is on the decline already due to injuries. With his high wages and the ability to still get 20mil or so for him, I had to do it. I feel so sad.
  8. Won 3rd EPL in a row, with 6 games left, still got Champions League to play out, so will be resting a lot of players and throwing a few games. I have not lost an EPL game in 78 matches!! Would of not been so lengthy but I got kicked out of Europe early the last two seasons.
  9. I tried my hardest to get a release clause out of Ousmane Dembele's contract, could not do it, I already re-contracted him twice in a year to raise that release claus. Could only get it to 56mil, but he is like god on the right wing for me and now real Madrid have bidded his release. Now to try find someone as good!!
  10. Just had Benteke score 5 goals in one single game!!
  11. Ok so, started my final new save, started with the updated transfers thus far, so Mane etc were in the squad, had some left over coin to do a few more deals. 2015/16 Transfers INS Cook - 20mil Gray - 8.25mil S.Bender - 7.5mil Trachsel - 625k Rajkovic - 7.75mil Gimenez - 28.5mil Duarte - 5.75mil L.Walker - 1.2mil Vlasic - 6.5mil B.Silva - 22.5mil Zivkovic - 4mil Slattery - 2mil Total = 114mil OUTS Can - 43.5mil Balotelli - 10mil Wisdom - 4mil Alberto - 3.8mil Williams - 325k Total = 62.75mil 2016/17 Transfers INS Sobhy - 12.5mil Hojbjerg - 26mil Luis Henrique - 5mil Manea - 4.6mil Ajer - 5.75mil Ousmane Dembele - 22.5mil Ricardo Rodriguez - 22.5mil Total = 98.85mil OUTS Moreno - 30mil Leiva - 18.25mil Lallana - 16.25mil S.Bender - 15mil Ilori - 3mil Stewart - 400k Total = 82.9mil As you can see, this is sort of like what Liverpool would do in real life, no HUGE transfers, some around the 30mil mark or just under, a lot fo good value ones, Bender was a backup player who I sold 1 year later for double, so good business there. Benteke is performing well for me, I am not sure what to do for striker position. Sturridge is injured 1/2 the year most fo the time, I have Ings, Benteke and now Henrique as strikers, but I have the likes of Firminio and Mane who can play as a shadow striker etc, might even leave it at that!
  12. Goretzka? He has a release clause I believe, mid to high 40mil??
  13. Lallana is to slow for my liking, he best position is winger but yet he runs like a 4 legged chook..
  14. Sell everyone, buy whom ever you can... Na seriously. Moreno and Clyne are good in game (despite Moreno in real life). Coutinho, Firminio, Can, Sturridge, Sakho, Lovren, Mignolet, Gomez, Allen, Henderson, Milner, Ibe, Ings, Origi. Can ditch the rest. Now this all depsends on whether you want to keep it close to real life as possible, then you may have to sell a few and sign a few players we have done IRL. Now if you want to be smart, you have many options, can Play Markovic a little and make some big cash off him. Ojo and Ibe develope ok, Ibe is the better and worth keeping around for first team, Ojo is squad player, rest of the youngsters are rubbish. If you use latest update, Grujic and Matip are worth keeping around.