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  1. Lucas is better mate, usually go Lucas, went Kimpembe this time and he has not done a lot.
  2. PSG purchased Coutinho, start of second season. You should always keep hold of Ojo, Wooburn, Grujic and Alexander-Arnold, those 4 can have high potential.
  3. All up front.
  4. First time ever I have sold Coutinho, but I could not turn down a 120mil offer..
  5. Origi end of 17/18 season, 24 goals in EPL and a huge 22 in the ECC.
  6. Had to start AGAIN!! Was 5 seasons in, signed lots of free players and so forth but then realized I was so far over my wages I failed FFP, I could not sell the players I needed to and decided to quit and start over. INS Donnarumma Melegoni Goldaniga Bonglovanni Bernadeschi No outs. I signed 4 Italians and a Belgium guy, lol. Beat Leicester 0-5 in first game, Bernadeschi the star.
  7. Good choice. I never ever got an offer for Coutinho, however a Developed Woodburn took his place in my last save.
  8. Firmino and his usual whinging.. I always thought if I got a really good bid for him, he would be shipped off. I got $78mil up front, so I said yes. He was not listed or anything, bid just came in.
  9. He has always performed for me when I play him. I started mine again. Only out is Lucas. Ze Gomes, Donnarumma, Melegoni, Goldaniga, Robertson and Leon Bailey are my ins. Besides Donnarumma, the others I don't usually sign. Got a few tactics going, all seems to be working well.
  10. Wages are out of control. My first team are all on 150k-250k. So 2.2mil in wages eaten up just by them! Then you have the players who are on high wages that have been pushed out of the 11, like Henderson, Coutinho, Lucas, Sane, So basically the rest of my team have to be regens, I am not sure if I should sell Coutinho, Henderson and Sane, I am just about to enter 2021.
  11. What about just bring a crap team to Glory? Try Arsenal or Liverpool for a save like that.
  12. Season finished in 2020... Few things to Note. Origi has played a career total of 191 games for 124 Goals (League Games Only), 76 of those coming in the last two seasons alone! I won everything, 100 goal season in EPL, 109 points. West Ham and the Wolves finished top 4 and made the ECC! Mbappe is a god. Woodburn and Trent are going to be world beaters, already first teamers, Trent keeps Clyne on the Pine...
  13. Rashford is real good, always has a high potential. Woodburn can Vary from real good to good squad player, all depends what he was given in your save. On my current save Woodburn looks to be world class, but my last one, he was only a rotation player. 40 and 60 million seems around right for them both.
  14. Darn it.. Henderson and Coutinho will not re-sign with me.. So either I try again later on and hope, or sell now and cash in.
  15. I can't believe people sell Origi, Coutinho and Mane.. 3 awesome players and really not many if any at all do a better job in game. Origi has 67 goals for me with the Champions cup final to come.