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  1. Hey All.. When editing a tactic, is it more important to have team structure, or alter the player roles to suit the player more? So if you use 2 inside forwards, but one player, like Mane, is a better winger, do you change his role to winger or stick to your tactics structure? Of cause if you change the role, you better have your Wing Back right on support otherwise he will create to much overlap with Mane, which will leave a hole, so you change your DR to WB-S.. Or your central defenders? Tactic is for CD- De, but Matip is better at DCB - De.. Do you change his role to suit him? Or Milner, a B2B midfielder, but you use a Playmaker, do you change tactic structure to suit Milner, or leave it and hope he goes well? And so on...
  2. I really hope the new signings are in FM18 are don e correctly. Like OX plays CM, but in FM17 he is not even close to natural at it, Salah can play AML as good as right in real life, but not in game etc.. I downloaded an up to date database and I cannot really work with it. I have Mane, Salah and Ox only really capable of playing in the AMR position.
  3. Very interesting tactic, close to what I use but I use the 3 attacking mid formation with 2 wide, but never thought of 2 SS instead with no striker.
  4. Could you post your full tactic thanks?
  5. You guys let your players go to cheap sometimes. I got 85mil for Can with another 6mil if they win ECL, which won't happen as I will be winning it.
  6. Second season. And yes a lot of my goals are from crosses. Should I not be structured? Should I be something else?
  7. This is my first team and stuff.. Defenders are BPD-D, sorry I got that wrong, I thought they were on support, they are on Defend Duty. Depending on who is my main defender, I may change that to CD-D or what ever.
  8. Where is Origi? He is as good as Dybala if not better. Grujic, Woodburn, Ojo and Trent still in your team I hope? Even Wisdom is pretty good in my game.
  9. Just a 4-2-3-1, DL's as Wing Backs on support, both Central Defenders as there preferred role but in support mode. A DLP and BBM, IF each side of the AP-S in the AM position and a CF.. Nothing special.
  10. A BIG LOL..
  11. Got Hard Brexit, started again as it wrecks the game. Players like Grujic, and few others no longer got work permits, could not sell them at all either so I had like 5-6 players sitting in my club wasting wages.
  12. Grujic becomes as good if not better than Henderson, so keep him peeps, use him!
  13. FM 17: Kimpembe or Lucas

    Lucas is better mate, usually go Lucas, went Kimpembe this time and he has not done a lot.
  14. PSG purchased Coutinho, start of second season. You should always keep hold of Ojo, Wooburn, Grujic and Alexander-Arnold, those 4 can have high potential.
  15. All up front.