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  1. Rashford is real good, always has a high potential. Woodburn can Vary from real good to good squad player, all depends what he was given in your save. On my current save Woodburn looks to be world class, but my last one, he was only a rotation player. 40 and 60 million seems around right for them both.
  2. Darn it.. Henderson and Coutinho will not re-sign with me.. So either I try again later on and hope, or sell now and cash in.
  3. I can't believe people sell Origi, Coutinho and Mane.. 3 awesome players and really not many if any at all do a better job in game. Origi has 67 goals for me with the Champions cup final to come.
  4. I sell him after 6 mths, but I play him every game for those 6 mths to get his value high. Usually as a MC - DLP..
  5. I sell them anyway. I got the god like version of Origi, 41 games, 51 Goals so far this season, in all comps. He is being a pain with requests, but I think I can crack the 100mil for him.
  6. Because you're also paying him 25k per game!! If he plays twice a week, that would be 50k extra in wages to that 120k.
  7. Jorge Mere? Can be quite good if he is given the higher end of his PA..
  8. Grrr.. Players that were already in the team at the start of the game are now requiring work permits!! Seriously.
  9. 8 out of my starting 11 in the last 2 or so weeks have requested to leave to their "Dream" club.. I am thinking of letting them all go for the heck of it!!
  10. I tell you what I am sick of.. I have so many matches where I score 6-7 goals by half time. I never, ever, score anymore goals for the rest of the game..
  11. Gimenez - 40mDonnarumma 22.5m (27m)Afonso Sousa 12.25m (13.5m)MBappe 55m (66m) Sousa is a 16 year old who usually is a wonder kid, he is a bargain and will dominate midfields later on. I think he is the Son of Ricardo Sousa and the Nephew of António Sousa in real life, so huge footballing background. I could not sign a left back what so ever, none of them wanted to come at all, I tried all the usual suspect, I did however find a young guy that looks ok, his name is Theo Hernandez, 18 year old Frenchman, joins start of next season though. Scouts rate him very highly.
  12. I have started a save probably 6-7 times, I worked out pretty quickly who the good CB's are, so as soon as I started my final save, I bid for all the good ones and see where I get, I usually am able to land Rugani, but couldn't this time, Gimenez came without issue as I set my season objective to win the league and then promised him that we'll win it. Doing this also set my transfer budget to like 100mil, and 600k I think for wages, which I didn't need that 600k, so I slid it a little to give me around 130mil in transfers. Gimenez - 40m Donnarumma 22.5m (27m) Afonso Sousa 12.25m (13.5m) MBappe 55m (66m) So total of 129.75m with a few million taken of next years budget, there was no 48mth deals in this. Sold Bogdan, Williams and Ojo for 5.5m all up too.
  13. Ok, Transfer window thus far, first season, first Window. In Gimenez Donnarumma Sousa MBappe Out Just some scraps like Ojo and Bogdan..
  14. Alexander-Arnold got a fair boost in PA it seems, not given away secrets as I am just looking to see what has changed, but his PA can be, pretty darn high! Edit: Ok, Loading up a new final save now. Hope I get good versions of Origi, Alexander and Woodburn, I will not be checking PA's or anything so will have to develop them!!
  15. Actually, I will start again too. I screwed up the start, spend to much for too little gain.. I want to be smarter, not use the 48mth bidding trick, which really hurts me for 4 years as every year my Transfer Budget falls..