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  1. I have no issues getting anything out of Coutinho, he and Firmino with Berardi on the other side have all performed pretty much the same.
  2. What on Earth has Ings got?
  3. Play as narrow as possible, use both flanks. Play him as IF-S.. See how that goes.
  4. I know this is said a lot, but it is your tactics. Play him as AML - IF, but the rest is your tactics, he averages 7.2 in my save. Play narrow and exploit both flanks.
  5. Everytime I start a new save, I already know I will be getting rid of.. Milner Leiva Mignolet Karius Lallana Now, sad part if, I am lucky to even sell those players or if I do, it will be for peanuts. Just started new save, got rid of Sturridge first day to maximize his sale money. I usually wait a season or so but only been able to get 20mil for him then, got 40mil first day.
  6. The whole transfer system is a joke to be honest. You offer a team 40mil for a player, you get rejected, then someone like City sign him for 15mil. CPU teams are willing to pay big money for players from other CPU teams, but not for yours.
  7. Also. 2016/17 Was restricted due to financial fair play. End of season, got the word it is all good, was looking forward to be able to buy some players again. Next day, I cannot adjust budgets or anything, I cannot make signings as I have massive negative wages and I am under financial fair play AGAIN!! I am only spending 2.4m per week on wages too.
  8. So... This happened. Apparently, I was not Fluent in English, so I was sent on a course, by?? Anyway, just got the word back that I am now Fluent.
  9. Was season 2, but I quit that save already and started a new one. Not happy with that either, I just can't get anything going this years game.
  10. So I got bored. Sold near everyone. When finished I will post my first team. So that mean Mane, Coutinho, Firmino, Henderson, Sakho and all are gone. Kept Origi and a few younger guys on lower wages.
  11. 2020 For me.
  12. Darn Brexit!! I am now having young talent from European nations fail work permits.. Actually a lot of players are, my attempt to sign Lucas (DL) from A.Madrid failed as he could not get a work permit. Also, any decent player will cost you 100m by the year 2020, and since you can't get young guys from different countries no more, the game has hit a point of restart, and sign EVERY decent young player you can for the first 2-3 seasons.
  13. Hope this works ??? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1J38OSY31tucVFib3ZsZENXbmc/view?usp=sharing This is a tactic that someone else built around 2 years ago, I have only made slight changes to it so I will not take much credit. I do however change the WIngers to their favorite positions, such as Countinho as an Advanced Play-maker support in the AML position, and if using Mane on the right, change to AMR Wing Support etc.. Also change to the AMC position to suit whom ever you wish to play there, I use Woodburn as AMC-SS. Basically your backline will do it's job, but you need fast good defenders, minimum 14 pace. The DLP is important position, he will be the back playmaker who will link it to your BBM then onto you AMC, the AMC must always be in attack, your wingers are always on support, they will hang back a little, I try to have one of the as IF-S though so an extra man can cut inside when the time to do so is there, I use Berardi as he is simply awesome for this tactic. Coutinho AML AP-S and Mane AMR W-S worked ok though.
  14. I am in my 3rd Season, Woodburn is 100% suited to the AM-SS role, and is brilliant sitting behind Origi.. I have Coutinho on the left and Berardi on the right, those front 4 are chaos to control for any side. Origi just put 5 past Arsenal..
  15. I have been able to sign big names for loads of cash because I have been able to work the market for major profits. Witsel, purchased for Free, sold for 14m. Lingard for free, sold for 21.5m. Berahino for 3m, sold for 18m. M'Vila for Free, sold for 5m. Muniain for Free, sold for 20m. Castillejo for 13m, sold for 20m. Llorente for 8.25m, sold for 15.25m. 89.5m in profit from these alone.. All this was done within 12mths, so from Summer window to Summer window Maximum.