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  1. Ok, new project, new save. I will target any transfers made so far in real life, including getting rid of any that have left, such as Ibe. And as i play, if any other transfers are made, I will make them. By the time I rech in game mid 2016, hopefully most transfers are done.
  2. Where do I get this database? Steam store?
  3. I am beside myself.. I purchased a backup player by the name of Yannick Ferreira Carrasco... Got him for 13mil, thought it was reasonable. 1 year on, I just had to accept two bids worth 70mil for the guy.. WHAT!!! He is off to Man City for 50mil upfront and 20mil over the next 12mths.. Dayum!!
  4. This guy.. 16 years old, played him in the COC final due to injuries, it is his debut.. He does this.. To make it even better, he is my second best young striker, I have a guy who I feel will be better.
  5. Tough decisions were made in my 2nd season. Players were moved on if they didn't fit my tactics and were constant whiners and so on. So some big names have left the club. Some I have even let go because i simply cannot offer them game time, or I hate them in real life, lol. Mignolet Firmino Can Lallana Balotelli Benteke Allen Leiva Skrtel Wisdom Ilori Alberto Flanagan Origi Milner. So those are the outs, a lot of them as I reshape the team Klopp style.. The ins are not so bad either, some big names and some quality backup. Martial (yep, 70mil!!!) Goretzka Rugani Tah Many regens and a few players I have never got before, like: Cancelo Mendy Dragowski Arana Carrasco Almamy Toure Manea Fossum Mere Donnarumma I have kept a few from the original team, my first team will look like this.. Of cause there is a lot of youth and fringe players in U/21's. To name a few.. Mere Fossum Manea Any many good looking Regens. Still got 75mil in bank and 200k of wages up my sleeve. Transfer figures are huge. 274mil in / 278 Out.. Balanced the books nicely.
  6. When Aston Villa, who cannot score a goal this season, ties 3-3 with you and you scored all six in the game..
  7. What on earth!! I could not register anyone for Euro Cup.. I have now 4 registered in the team, lol.. Stupid game.. Above is my Euro Cup squad top play Kobenhavn. This squad ties away leg 1-1, today is home leg... Wish me luck, lol. 5-1 Winners on Aggregate!! Bring on Dortmund
  8. I think I cannot sell anyone because I load up to many nations and players??? How do people set up their databases? I use around 145k data base, so I can search the world... Is it to much and teams have to many options so hard to sell?
  9. I have been playing this game forever, I have 2000 odd hours in it.. I have never seen youth like the ones in this thread. Not in my team or any other. Do people use the editor?
  10. Cannot sell anyone!! I put every player up for sale for their value, no bids, lol.. Game is stupid.
  11. How you sell Lallana for $55m? Wow.
  12. Think I am in trouble. Lost Sturridge, Coutinho, Firmino and Henderson to long term injuries!! Lol..
  13. Started again. New rules though. No signings over the age of 19, try to sign English players. As young as possible so quality for HG etc.. Unfortunately I lost all the best young guys, straight up, bigger clubs out bid me on most of the players I really wanted.
  14. Hhhmmmm.. 2018, made FA Cup Final no worries. I play Huddersfield, who are in the Championship, lol. Should be an easy win.
  15. Cleaning up everything this season after a struggle to start with. Now I need to decide what to do with transfer kitty. Everton got relegated, thinking of chasing Lukaku.