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  1. Don't forget to hunt English talent, as you will be restricted to 16 foreign players soon.
  2. Did sumfin stupid, maybe, I loaded up the game, new save, and using editor I terminated most of the teams contracts, lol. Added up the cost of every terminated player, added that to funds, and got a new team. Kept Robertson, TAA, Fabinho, Keita, VVD, Becker, WIlson, Woodburn, Solanke, Gomez, Brewster, Jones and most under 23 and 18 team players. Signed loads
  3. Injuries have torn me apart, playing RM, got torn to pieces cause 3 of the players on pitch are in wheel chairs..
  4. Inside forwards are more like WIngers who just cut inside and supply, rather than a player who also like to score. Only way to get Salah to score heaps is play him as an AF upfront on attack..
  5. Keita 82% passing and over 4 tackles per game is performing. Salah missed loads of games + time to get use to formation again, kind of harsh on him.
  6. Why get rid of Keita and Salah? I can understand Lovren and Milner.
  7. There is no role in the game that works with how Salah plays in real life.
  8. I have always spent the cash available at games start, if I took over from Klopp and they said you got $XYZ left for transfers, I would likely spend it. In saying that, here is my transfers. OUT Lallana 71m (80m) Moreno 16.25m Sturridge 22m Origi 16m (22.5m) Markovic 10m IN Tierney 26.5m de Ligt 36.5m Joao Felix 35m Fiete Arp 17.25m Myron Boadu 8.5m Nikola Milenkovic 33.5m As you can see, I scouted these players when the Beta was live, lol. Defence depth is a must due to the insane amount of injuries I usually get.
  9. If you really really want to find them, use a scout program or something.
  10. Yet to start my final save, played around a bit and worked some stuff out.. Think my signings will be Tierney, De Ligt. Also peoples, the game generates a few NewGens as soon as game loads up, hunt for them cause there is usually 5-6 real good ones. Check Germany, Belgium mostly.
  11. De Ligt and Tierney are must buys. Sell Moreno, Lallana.
  12. Late in game, always switch to a defensive tactic, game is clearly coded in a way that you tend to concede late.
  13. Play Firmino as a Pressing forward on Attack.. I used him as an AMC that dropped back, so not a low fo goals for me, I had Werner up front. But the few times I did push him up front if Werner needed a rest or was injured, he did well.
  14. Lucas Paqueta Marin Pongracic (won 25 headers in 4 games) Jacob Bruun Larsen
  15. Fabinho is so a must have. Got him at start of save for 40mil, but he wanted 240k wages but I went ahead with it anyway. He has been playing at Right Back as I got loads of injuries, been doing awesome there too.
  16. Call it what you wish, but I am using the winter update and this is how he developed. You're quite welcome to do it yourself, just play him every game as an inside forward, re-train him in same position and this is what happened. I do not know his CA or even PA.
  17. He just won best player in Europe, beating Lewan and Messi.
  18. Yup. He is a machine as an Inside Forward, he is now fully trained (bright Green) for a winger, but his inside forward is still Orange.
  19. Ok guys.. Attached is a picture of a players stats, he played the whole season as an Attacking Midfield Right, Inside Forward, he is now worth 66mil and won most awards he could in that one season. Firstly, how did he go stat wise? And who is he? You should get this player ASAP!
  20. I am doing stupid stuff.. Like training TAA as a AMR-IF..
  21. Darn this FA Cup. You can play the same team twice in 7 days, first game is EPL, you win 3-1 and do well. Second game is FA Cup, the exact same teams play, you get belted 5-0 and don't have a shot cause they play like Barcelona in their prime.
  22. I must be doing something wrong. This happens nearly every year too. I cannot sell players, I decided to sell Coutinho, knowing I would not get his real life price, but happy with hopefully 80-90mil if I can convince a team to pay that. I got offer 32mil max.. Nice.
  23. Hate this game at times, made all 3 subs early, had 3 injuries in next 10 minutes, so was 3 short on field, lol. Lost Coutinho (4mths), Dolberg(8mths), Ox(2mths) in the one game!! Still have Lallana and Clyne out too. with Matip not injured, but down to 20% condition for some reason, must of had a bender last night. Just lost Milner for 5 weeks now too. Going well!!!
  24. Does anyone else get rid of Mane as soon as they can? He is a reasonable player, but I use IF not wingers, and as a IF Salah on the right and Coutinho on the left is so much better. So I sold him. Ox and Woodburn are my backups for those positions.
  25. I got Asensio cheap, but he makes Sturridge look fit and healthy 24/7..
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