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  1. In terms of tactics I have elected to play exciting, attacking and possession oriented football. I am no Tiki-Taka fanboy, I pick possession based tactics in FM because it is the easiest way to win. And with the strict transfer rules I will be imposing on my self, I felt going the easy way tactically would take some frustrations out of it. If a patch arrives that makes a pragmatic Simeone style a viable option, I will look into it. Because in real life, it is the only way to compete with the bigger teams, and I do want a bit of realism. Back to my tactic. It is a 2-3-2-1-2 narrow formation. 2 central defenders, wing backs and a deep midfielder, 2 central midfielders, an attacking midfielder, and 2 strikers. I play a controlling mentality with a structured team shape, and all the instructions you would imagine with a possession based tactic. I can't post attachments (will look into why) and if I can I will post screenies of my tactics and formations, etc, because I just realized explaining everything with just words will be way too tedious... So, first transfer window is up. Should I buy an established player, maybe a foreigner too, and then have to wait 2 years before I can do it again? Or should I keep calm and see what shakes lose next season? Or try my luck with some promising youngsters? I will let you know my decision shortly (and it most definitely will not involve Balanta or one of the twin like Argentinians with the similar names...Romeo/Romero?). Going off the beaten path here folks...
  2. After watching Southampton horribly mismanage their youth, refusing to sell while there was still hope, then giving them away at 21-22, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I will take Soton to glory with homegrown kids, or die trying! So the self imposed rules for this save is as follows: Build the team around the current crop of youngsters (Targett, Ward-Prowse, Reed and Gallagher) And give at least 450 minutes of premier league football per season to the selected 2nd tier talents, unless they can get an appropriate loan. And the interesting rules, namely transfer rules. I am not allowed to buy players in positions that I have a promising talent (that is good enough to be involved in the first team, 15 year olds do not count). Meaning no left backs, no MC, and no target man striker for the foreseeable future. I am only allowed to buy one foreigner (non UK/Ireland) every 2 years. I am only allowed to buy one player over the age of 19 every 2 years. These transfer rules mean that I have to develop my talent. And that I have to make sure I keep our top players on contracts. The goal: Winning the Premier League with a completely home grown at club starting 11. And if I do that, why not the CL as well?
  3. Some general feedback. I have said before that I like the scouting system. But a couple of tweaks would be nice. My scouts are usually wrong in terms of ability by 1/2 - 1 stars. This is fine. But they always over rate the player compared to my coaches (I have great scouts and great coaches, so it is not a stat issue with either). I have yet to have a single transfer go through where my scouts under rated the player. So I can always deduct 1/2 stars from my scout reports, and that is the players real ability according to my coaches. There are many many examples of this in real life where players are signed as backups or squad players but end up being key players, or at least making a much larger impact than expected. Of course it goes the other way more often, but some managers seem to buy players in terms of how they fit in their system, and get more of these types of signings. Would be nice for this to happen sometimes in FM too. Also, the whole player development thing is so linear that that it gets boring. Shake it up a little to allow rare instances of Gascoigne- like implosions, and Cantona-esque explosions. A 23 year old world class star who turns to drink and cocaine, retires from non-leaggue play at 28. A 26 year old player who finds the perfect club with the perfect relationships and the perfect role, who rises from good to great. I know it is tricky to make this happen only a very few times every ten yeas or so, but it would be amazing. Also, if a player has x potential as a left back, but he has the perfect attributes as a attacking midfielder, and you retrain him to that position, his potential should change, no? So many players are clearly in the wrong position, but there is no point in retraining them when you are a top club, because if they suck as a left back, they will suck as an attacking midfielder, because the star rating won't change. Or am I wrong? Would love it if I am wrong, and just haven't found my Henry or Bale yet. Also, I don't understand the relationship between the star ratings for a position and the key stats for that position. I have a player who has the perfect stats for a deep lying playmaker, I mean 17-19 in virtually every key stat, and really great stats all around as well. But he has 1,5 stars, even though he has much better stats than a player with 3,5 stars. Does that mean that his hidden stats are basically all 1? And if so, why does he play so well? My point is this, if a player has great stats and plays well, how does the scouts and coaches know that he is not very good? It makes absolutely no sense. I see scout reports saying a player is not worth signing, but what I see is a player with great stats who played to a rating of 9.1 in the game he was scouted. So how the hell does my scout know he is really no good? Completely mystifies me. If the scout follows a player over a long time, he can say something about weaknesses, like inability to handle pressure, not enjoying big games, and other hidden attributes. But from a single game? And if a player has never ever buckled under pressure, is basically leading the PL average rating table, how can my coaches say that he is basically crap? I understand strikers can have periods where everything goes in, and goalkeepers can have runs where they make strings of amazing saves that does not reflect their true ability. But as a defender or a midfielder, you will get exposed. And if he is not exposed, how can my coaches tell that he is naked? I have said it before, and I will say it again. The number of injuries are fine, but the effects of longer injuries 3+ months are all too predictable, and if you get a 7-8 month injury to a world class player, you need to sell him off the moment he is injury free, because he will never be the same. Every single player I have had over 24 years old who has been injured for more than 4 months have had their bright careers shot to pieces. Only young players can recover from injury. If this was the case in real life, nobody in their right mind would sign a player coming back of a longer injury. And yeah, lots of careers are ruined by injuries, but 100% of injured players are not reduced by 25% in terms of ability, which in my experience is the case in the current FM. Secondly I would like to say something about the fees demanded by medium clubs for young players. In the past versions of FM, where the scouted ability was pretty much absolute, it was perfectly understandable that a club like Atalanta would hold out for an enormous sum for a 4,5 star potential youngster. Because they know he would be a star. But a 16 year old player with 3 yellow stars and 1,5 black stars is so far from a sure thing, that pretty much every club in their right mind would jump on a 10 million pound offer. Nottingham Forest saying "NO!" to an offer of 10 million pounds now and another 5 million after 30 games for a player like this is absolutely ridiculous. Look at Bale, Ox, Zaha, Walcott, Powell, etc. How many of them went for more than that? And were they not considered top tier talent? Championship clubs can't say no to these offers from the big dogs. It is just that simple. The top teams in Europe raid the smaller teams of their young talent all the time, and unless we're talking established first team stars at a very young age, they don't have to pay 20 million pounds or more for them. So instead of making the smaller teams demand ludicrous sums for untested youngsters, make the AI teams interested in promising youngsters and create some real competition for them. Now for the ME. Psychic goalkeepers. GK have gotten a lot of stick in this ME for good reasons. But I find that all of them are mind-reading psychics. How so? A shot is blocked 30 cm from the boot of the attacker. What is the goalkeeper doing? He is on the ground in a corner trying to save a shot he would have absolutely no way of knowing the trajectory of. This creates easy goals because the goalkeeper is crawling around in a corner of the net. But more importantly, I think this is part of the reason GK save so many shots from close range. Instant reaction times coupled with instant knowledge of where the shot will go. In real life, a finish at close range from a cross will basically be a goal if the attacker hits anywhere between the sticks, except where the goalkeeper is standing. In many cases, as save that involves moving the arm 30 cm is considered world class. In FM, the goalkeeper can dive into the corner and save a good hard finish from 2 meters. Only possible if you somehow know that that is where the shot will end up even before the attacker shoots. The ball covers the distance in an amount of time that is basically identical to normal reaction times, which means, unless the ball hits the goalie, he won't be saving the shot. Improve other parts of the defense to limit the number of goals please. Straight legged sliding tackles from behind. You see players in real life getting red cards for this even when they get the ball. In FM, it is absolutely kosher as long as you get the ball. And the number of sliding tackles in the box is pretty ridiculous. There would be 5 penalties pretty much every single game if real players behaved like this. I know defenders can't mark, can't shield the ball, can't cover the shot, can't do anything except tackle, so it has to be this way. But it does look stupid, and it reduces the effectiveness of defending deep. Because there is no way of preventing the ball reaching players inside the box (no marking and no coverage of space), and when he gets the ball, you either make the tackle or concede a big chance. I play extremely possession oriented, even though I would much prefer to play a Diego Simeone style. Simply because it seems to me the only consistently working defensive strategy is to have the ball.
  4. After a bit of testing with the patch, it does indeed look like there is a definite improvement in terms of defending against wide players, and against crosses as well. Seems fair to ask now for a buff in conversion rates for top strikers when the few good crosses reach them? My big target man striker can't get a goal from a header to save his life (has scored 15+ goals for 3 consecutive seasons, not a single one from a header, and that is not from lack of trying, or bad stats), and the very best strikers regularly miss tap ins from whipped crosses by putting the ball straight to the goalkeeper. Doesn't seem to affect just me either, the opposing teams seem to suffer from the same malady, curious to see players like Benzema, Ronaldo, Diego Costa, etc consistently miss these chances. Underhit passes seem to still be an issue. But not a huge deal. Then there is throw ins in the final third that are chucked into an area with no teammates, in spite of an instruction to throw short and retain possession?
  5. I have been working on a replica of Simeone's Atletico Madrid style for over a year. Got reasonably close in FM14, but now with FM15, lots have changed... It is very hard to consistently avoid conceding goals. Because Defending without conceding free kicks, corners and throw in in dangerous zones is so hard. My current version is incredibly effective against any virtually any opposition in open play, but as soon as the other team gets a set piece high up the pitch, I start sweating bullets. Not because they always score directly from the set piece, but because it is so hard to clear the ball far enough to push out and avoid getting that panicky defending in an overloaded box after the set piece. I have no idea how to remedy this, but I also know that this is super tricky in real life. The Champions League final comes to mind, with Real only looking dangerous from set pieces for most of the game. My biggest problem with this tactic, however, is the attacking play. My forward line has terrible movement off the ball, and I guess as a result my deeper players have to pass the ball straight to them. With longer passes this makes it very easy for defenders to break in front, or close the forward down. It is extremely rare to see an effective through pass into space with a good run to match it. Happens once or twice every 3-4 games. This is only a problem against very strong teams. Against weaker teams my tactic allows us to dominate possession and set up chances with overlapping wingbacks and shorter passing in the final third. But against a very strong team, we need to have good runs and passes into space to create chances. I understand from the feedback thread that these issues are being looked at, so hopefully a patch will improve things for those of us who want to go an alternative route to total possession. But I think the game is set up to favor possession based tactics in the first place, most likely because that's the way most people want to play.
  6. If the game is rigged, it is most certainly rigged in favor of the player. Rigging the game against the player would just be plain stupid. And to a large degree it is rigged in favor of the player. Think of all the saves where people take minnows to champions league glory in record time, and even a big team like Atletico Madrid can't keep their best players for love nor money... I just know when I am Southampton, we keep all our stars! How is that for rigged?
  7. After watching a lot of full games it seems to me that one major problem is that players lack any real intelligence. The decision, vision, anticipation and such stats seem pretty meaningless. I have world class players in pretty much all positions, but they consistently display lacking understanding of the game. In real life great players transcend tactical instructions. Top class DC's like Terry and Vidic are not considered ball playing defenders, but they don't hoof the ball aimlessly up the pitch when they are under no pressure and have easy options. Pirlo and Xavi can pick out long range passes when they see Tevez or Neymar in acres of space up front, even though they are instructed to build from the back. If Ronaldo sees 5 guys closing him down from the center, but has acres of space wide, he goes wide even though he is an inside forward who is supposed to cut inside. The examples are pretty much endless. In FM, players seem to strictly follow the instructions until they don't. And when they don't it is not to take advantage of an opportunity, it is a mistake. Also, I find the most gifted technical players to be really bad at controlling the ball. World class strikers needing two touches to finish, when any striker worth his salt would volley it home in real life. Especially annoying with completed crosses and my striker gives the defenders an eternity to get in and block. And one touch passing is almost non existent because of the poor technique/first touch. I have seen Ronaldo and Messi fumble the ball and use several touches when it clearly is not necessary. They were not on my team, so it certainly helps me, but it looks absolutely ridiculous. And I would like an instruction to my wide attackers to anticipate the target man flick ons. Right now they just don't seem to realize or care that I have instructed the deeper players to play long onto the target man, and amble around wide even when they should know the long ball is coming, and they have plenty of time to make the run. But then, as it has been said in other posts, player movements appear to be lacking something as well.
  8. I will start by admitting I have not read the 33 pages of this thread, so if my points have been made (as they probably have) I apologize in advance. My experience is with Manchester United, so some things might be different if you manage smaller teams. The new scouting system. I love the idea of it. I love that I can follow players for extended periods of time, and that there are doubts about young players true potential. No more picking up all the best youngsters out there and you are set for eternity. But the assignments don't seem to work. De Gea said he wanted to leave for Real Madrid. I told him we would sell if they met our valuation (50 mill) and asked my scouts to find a replacement, and gave it high priority. Not a single report. Same situation with Di Maria, no reports. Now this is not a huge problem when I am managing United, because there are only a few players out there that can replace these players, and I know who they are. But if I was managing in lower divisions, some scouting help would be great... Injuries. I have had 3 players over the age of 25 injured for 6+ months, and all 3 were absolutely destroyed. As in career at the very top level over. Down from 4-4,5 stars to 2,5-3 stars, and only able to recover 0,5 stars over the next year of training and playing (I really tried to get them back to their old level because I liked them, and replacing them would cost 30-50 million each! But no dice. Had to sell all of them because they were no longer anywhere near their required level of performance. I know 3 players is not a big selection, but it seems like there is a problem with the way injuries affect older players (by older I mean 25-30, not 35). If this was the case in real life, Smalling, Jones, Van Persie!, etc, would all be retired or playing non league football. I know some injuries ruin a players career in real life too, and I know some players never get back to their original level, but a lot of players have long injuries and come back better than ever (stronger and more agile for instance after a lot of alternative training). In FM there seems to be no randomness in how injuries affect players. But of course, maybe I have just been unlucky and my players all got specific types of injuries that are hard to recover from (2 x damaged cruciate ligament and torn hamstring (only 3 months, but it was the second occurrence of the same injury). Dribbling. There seems to be a "no dribbling zone" in the center of the last third of the pitch. And a "super dribbling zone" along the wings. Rafael (and Jones, Smalling, Stones or whomever I put on the right back) can blow past 3!!! defenders and get the cross in, but Januzaj (now a world calss player with great dribbling, flair and pace) is really struggling to get past even slow and mediocre defenders in the center. When I play him on the wing he blows past any number of world class full backs and what have you, to put in the cross. This makes wide players really over powered. Heading. And it seems like the attackers heading abilities have once again been nerfed to FM13 levels, to the point where my big man with great strength, jumping and heading abilities simply cannot score with his head no matter how good the cross is. My target man striker has 17 goals. Not one with his head. And it is not for lack of trying, or lack of quality crosses. Rafael has 15 assist, not one of those came from a header. All but one were from a cross. Home vs Away. There seems to be a mechanic that really exaggerates the difference between playing at home or away. yes, I know there is such a difference, and that it is significant, but hear me out. At home I have 60% possession and create tons of chances against teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and City. In fact, I consider home games against these teams a sure win. Points in the bag, if you will. I have lost one home game against the top teams in 3 seasons, and that was a blatant highway robbery by Chelsea in the first season. Then I play the same tactic against newly promoted teams, bottom of the league and on a long painful losing streak. 50-50 % possession and a well deserved 2-1 loss. Please understand it is not the score that pisses me off. It is the possession stat. Barca has 60% possession against everybody. They lose sometimes, but they always control possession. Home and away. My question is this: Why would a tactic that allows me 60% possession at home to Chelsea (not to mention against Real Madrid in the Champions League final) not work away against a much weaker team? Makes no sense. We should be having 60% possession against Burnley and the like, home and away. Might not create any good chances, might miss our chances, and we certainly are vulnerable to counter attacks when our pressing fails so they could get a goal or two. But never in a million years would they equal us in possession. Or am I just wrong here? Tactics in general. I have not tried everything, so I can't say for sure, but it does seem like the current match engine really favors attacking, possession based tactics. I cannot find a tactic that allows me to soak up pressure effectively for the life of me. I can't find anyone else who have come up with such a tactic either. Tons of possession and attacking tactics out there, but so far I have not found a single one that consistently works as intended in terms of soaking up pressure, keeping a clean sheet and getting in a few counter attacks. But I might find it. I just doubt it exists at this point. At this point I am experimenting with counter intuitive instructions for the team and individual players, but sadly no joy as of yet. If anyone reading this has such a tactic, please share! Lastly a point that is no huge deal for me, but does seem to reduce realism a tiny bit. Ready? Here goes... Real Madrid and Barcelona does not come in and take my best players. Say what? You heard me. When Ronaldo left for Real Madrid, United had won the Champions League and were winning the Premier League pretty much every year (slight exaggeration). He still left. Now, We have finished 2-1-4 in the Premier League and gone quarter final-first cup round-winner in the Champions League. Adnan Januzaj have absolutely dominated all season, including a fantastic display against Real Madrid in the Champions League final, he is 22 and rated as world class (4,5 stars) and not so much as a sniff from Real and Barcelona. Come on now. Please. Like I said, not a big problem, but in real life Real Madrid would be mortgaging the entire city of Madrid to get this guy. Just saying.
  9. I did state in a previous post that it is indeed the total number of goals compared to the total number of CCC's, and that is obviously not correct. It does however paint a picture. I also stated that I have watched many games for the full duration. And for this season my opponents needed radically fewer chances, shots, CCC's, what have you to score than we did. We did not concede a high number of goals from CCC's, the whole point is that we allowed very few chances against us, yet conceded an inordinately high number of goals. When I create many great chances to score, and allow the opponent very few chances to score, I fail to see it as a tactical issue. Especially when their chances are not of a higher quality than ours. Which they were not. This season I have kept 7 clean sheets in 9 games so far. Scored 19 goals and conceded 5 in two games. Undefeated. So is the issue gone? No. This season this same issue is now benefiting us. Because of some tactical tweaks resulting in us creating far less chances, we are now the "lucky" team, winning games we should not win, and escaping without conceding in games where the opponent clearly had more and better chances. So in my mind this current set of tactics are much less effective than the one I used last season, but now we are reaping the same rewards if you will, as our opponents did last season. Granted only 9 games into the season, so it will be interesting to see how it works over the full season. But the tendency is pretty clear to me. And it irks me that it apparently pays off to create fewer and smaller chances than the other team...
  10. I agree that Fm counts many things as CCC's that aren't. But that is not the actual issue that I am raising. My entire point is that my opponents score too many goals in relation to their shots, shots on target, CCC's, half chances, crosses, and what I see happening on the pitch, compared to what my team does. These goals consist of a ridiculous amount of luke goals from crosses (which we should get even more of since we almost always dominate the cross statistic), long shots (could admittedly be an issue related to defending too deep or not closing down effectively, but still, this is the Skrill Premier...) and goals from 10-12 pass tiki-taka sequences with ridiculous positional errors from my defenders that I can't find a solution for (again, how many goals are scored in the Skrill Premier after that many passes? I am guessing 3...). I also think that the kind of goals my team scores does not reflect the way we play. We have incredibly effective wingbacks, a great mobile AMC and DLF (again, Skrill Premier level) resulting in a stunnign amount of crosses, and shots and headers from these crosses, but we convert very very few of these huge chances. Instead we score a bunch of "goal of the year" type goals that I really don't see my players being capable of consistently pulling off. It is frustrating to watch my prolific striker miss 5 easy tap ins from crosses, but score a screamer from 30 meters (long shots rating is 5) and losing 2-1. And no, it is not 5 isolated games. More like 40 isolated games out of 54 (no, we did not lose all of them, but the conversion of big chances was extremely consistently low, while we scored a boatload of ridiculous goals).
  11. From watching the games I have concluded that there is not a significant difference in the quality of the CCC's created by my team and the opposition. I agree that shots from ridiculous angles are counted as CCC's that should not be, and that finishes from crosses should be counted. If those were counted realistically, the statistic would be even more demonic, as our opponents rarely find an answer to my wing backs, and we have many shots and headers from these crosses. The vast majority going straight onto the goalie, or high and/or wide. There is certainly something about a lot of the goals against coming in short spans of time. But they are still not "better" chances than the ones we create. This season I will look into further tweaking of my tactics in the times in question (opening 15 and final 15). I have also signed my Terry and Makelele ( in terms of Skrill level at least) and will experiment with a straight back 4 while strengthening my midfield with an additional player. Perhaps a skilled Halfback or Anchor man will prevent some of the ridiculous long shots we have been conceding. I will still be going for a deep defence and counter attacks though, as this is the whole point to the exercise. I know I can dominate possession with a different setup, but this is not what I am trying to accomplish in this save (and I don't have the players for it, as I have gone for different qualities suitable for my tactic). I want my opponents to curse our defensive outlook, not laugh at how easy it is to score despite it...
  12. After giving it some more thought, I have concluded that the game does not favour the AI, but rather favours the team creating less chances. This is in my save almost always the AI. I understand that usually in real life, the team that creates lots of chances and has lots of shots, has the lion share of possession, and pushes forward while leaving lots of space for counters. But as we saw in the world cup, Holland created much more CCC's and out scored Spain in spite of their opponents domination in possession. This is what I do with my Wrexham team. I give the other team possession, and go forward quickly, creating many chances and many shots. The game does not seem to consider this possibility at all, and behaves as if we are Spain and not Holland. I have also tried many different tactics with many different teams, among them tactics with glowing reviews. Yet the result is always the same, my opponents consistently convert much more of their chances than I do. And I have been extrememly successful with several teams (but also sacked a few times), but never able to play like Chelsea under Mourinho or Atletico under Simeone. Which is the new challenge for me, but so far, extremely frustrating. Like I said, the game appears to not understand that it is possible to be safe at the back and create chances at the same time. But maybe I will find the key one of these days...
  13. At first I thought this was the case. But I have watched a lot of games for the full duration, and there is not much suggesting it is my own tactical shortcomings. Certainly my players make a lot of mistakes, as they should at this level. But that is (or at least should be) the case for my opponents too, no? Like I said in my initial post, it is my opponents ability to convert the very few shots and even fewer CCC's into an unbelievable amount of goals. If we my tactic had poor defensive structure, my opponents would create lots of chances, and have lots of shots. If that was the case, I would not be posting here, but hard at work finding the tactical cure as it were. I defend deep, with a solid back three helped out by two wingbacks, a b2b and a ball winning midfielder. We allow very few shots and rarely more than 1-2 CCC's against. We control the games by forcing our opponents to play into the middle where I have a solid unit of 5 forcing them to pass outside of the dangerous third. We do not attempt to control possession, and therefore almost never lose the ball while the team is significantly off balance. Like I said, it is the rate of conversion from my opponents I am complaining about. Not that they score at all, not that we score less than we should, but that they score so much more than the stats suggest they should.
  14. I am in pre season now, and I don't know how to find these stats for last season. But after this season I will check my players stats. But like I said, it is not really an issue of my team scoreing less than we should, we probably score more than we should, but the issue is our opponents scoring much more than they should from their amount of shots and CCC's.
  15. Ah, my mistake. I looked at the top table in the same link. But my argument is still solid in terms of chances converted against us. Reading tops the charts with about 55%. And like I said, I am not complaining about our conversion rate, I would have been pleased with it, if our opponents did not consistently outperform us by a huge margin throughout the season. West Ham is at the bottom with 27% conversion of CCC's. If there was a way to pull out the goals that were not scored from CCC's, I am absolutely confident our conversion rate would be significantly lower than 27% while our opponents would be significantly higher than 55%. My issue is mainly with the unexplained difference between our finishing, and that of our opponents. We consistently had much more shots, much more CCC's, and from what I could see, much better quality CCC's than our opposition. I am not saying we should have scored more (at least not a lot more) but that our opponents should score significantly less than they did. Also, with the huge amount of CCC's we created, a much larger portion of our goals should arrive from these chances. Because we do not have CR or Messi in our team, nor anyone of such a level that they would be the "Messi" of the Skrill Premier.
  16. Also, I am aware that my "accounting" is off because there were obviously a lot of goals scored that were not from CCC's. But I included all goals in this statistic because I don't know how to find these statistics isolated in game. But as an example Suarez scored on 53% of his CCC's in 2013, while getting 47% of his goals from CCC's. When I have world class strikers (I mean absolute top class like CR or Messi) they are nowhere near that percentage (probably closer to 15-20%) from their CCC's, and get only about 20-30% of their goals from CCC's. Meaning when they have a decent season and they score 30 goals, about 20 of those goals are "goal of the season" type goals. Of course I expect these kind of players to pull off these types of goals regularly, I do not expect them to convert only 1 in 5 CCC's. There is absolutely no doubt in my mmind that FM completely nerfs the top strikers, and that the AI is given a huge advantage in terms of converting chances and shots into goals.
  17. I don't know that statistic, but we're nowhere near 20% conversion on total shots. And according to OPTA, like I said, Manchester United topped the stats while converting 21% of their CCC's in 2013, so that is a valid statistic.
  18. I just finished my first season with Wrexham in the Skrill Premier. A good season. Finished 5th, set new record for goals scored and lost the playoff final against Braintree. Also got the top scorer. But looking at the conversion rates for CCC's, the season was absolutely ridiculous. My opponents scored 74 goals in 73 CCC's. 101 % conversion rate. We scored 114 goals in 209 CCC's. 55 % conversion rate. If we had been playing Real Madrid and Barcelona, I would have no problem with this statistic. But we are playing other rubbish teams, with rubbish players, in the Skrill Premier. In 2013 Manchester united converted 21 % of their CCC's. So 55 % is actually insane. The lower teams in the premier league converted around 10% of their chances. So I repeat, my opponents in the Skrill premier converted 101% of their CCC's against us over the season!!!!!! And no, we don't play a patient possession based style with lots of people forward at all times. In fact, we play a counter attacking style, defending deep with 3 CB's. So the opponents CCC's were absolutely not bigger and better than our CCC's over the season, in fact it was actually the other way around. And no, my goalkeeper is not rubbish compared to the other teams goalkeepers, in fact he is likely one of the best in the division. And no, my strikers are not rubbish compared to the other teams strikers, in fact they are likely two of the best in the division. And how can it possibly be a problem with my tactics when we create 209 CCC's and give away only 73? My tactics makes my players fail to score easy tap ins from crosses and blow one on ones? I dont' think so... I have had this feeling for a long time, and have seen it when I manage world class teams with world class strikers who can't score sitters to save their lives. Now I have gathered the statistic, and the conclusion is pretty clear. The game absolutely favours the AI in terms of converting chances. So all the people moaning about single results going against them and being shot down (I could mention a 1-1 game with 0-11 in CCC's) are right to be frustrated. My strong belief is that this is an intentional measure from the developers to avoid cricket scores caused by the AI's absolute inability to defend. If we had the same conversion rate as our opponents we would have scored over 200 goals in a single league season... If my opponents had had a slightly better conversion rate, say 10% better, I would have said, "ok, unlucky this year". But double? So crazy I am lost for words. And all though I have not bothered to gather the statistics from my Wolves save, I know from the constant frustration at our inability to convert CCC's compared to our opponents, it was the same there. As with my OM save, my Atletico save and my Manchester United save.
  19. But that would make the game harder. And that would mean less sales...
  20. The news/opponent feedback needs a total revamp. It seriously breaks immersion when I am told that we (Manchester United) are clear favourites away against european powerhouses like Juventus or Bayern in the first few seasons. Also when the experts predicts we will win because the opponents back up goalkeeper is injured. Not to mention news saying that we are doing well after a rocky start when we are 1st in the league with 18 wins and 2 draws. Pundits asking for in form players to be called up to the national side when they are either not playing at all or actually in **** form. The list goes on and on and on and it pisses me off when it gets so ridiculous. As for the ME I'd like to see several tweaks. 1. Occurances like crosses hitting crossbar turned way down, over hit crosses turned way up. 2. Players actually caring about conceding set pieces close to own goal. 3. Players shielding the ball out for goal kick or throw. I've never seen this, but it is pretty common IRL. 4. Player decisions in alignment with skills and prefered moves. Examples are abundant along the lines of Messi hoofing the ball clear when in acres of space, Pique clearing to a corner against with open pass available. Also players with prefered move of looking for pass rather than going for goal taking ridiculous shots with teamates in much better positions. 5. The shot feint followed by actual shot or pass/cross. Never happens that I can see in FM. Happens all the time in RL. 6. Ball hitting people in the back of the head. Either fix the animation so that it actually shows what is happening (bad touch) or fix the rate of occurance to almost never. Off the top of my head...
  21. Low bids for good players/big talents is nto so much of an issue for me. I make these same bids all the time for a variety of reasons (short time left on contract, new manager, undervalued in terms of salary, etc), sometimes it works, most times it does not. My biggest issue is when I am a top european club, have fostered up a truly great regen to world class status, he is a key player on 150000 a week with 4 years remaining and Real Madrid tables ridiculous bids of half his value. CR and Bale went for what 80 million? And they offer 22 mill for my 45 mill rated superstar who is on a long term great contract, and we are his favourite club and I am on his favourite peoples list. If that is not similar to the CR situation, I don't know. But in my 30+ seasons of management ot the top level Real Madrid has never made a galactico bid for any player whatsoever. As in never signed a player for more than 40 mill. The highest bid I have ever received was a total of 53 mill from Manchester United for a Messiesque regen at OM. And that was just 8 mill above his current value... Reals bid was 7 mill up front and 15 mill over 48 months.
  22. I have to say I am struggling a bit with the ME right now. First off, I have had to stop playing wingers because a) they can't cross the ball regardless of crossing stats (most crosses end up in the crossbar or tipped to a corner by the keeper) and b) they won't cross when inside the box, but rather shoot from dead angles regardless of the number of open and clear teammates in front of goal. Reminds me of FM13 where I played 3 seasons without a single cross from inside the box. Oddly enough, central players will cross the ball inside the box occationally. I guess wingers all idolize CR7 and want to be just like him? Secondly, strikers (at least not mine) never go around the keeper, nor ever lob the keeper. They are excellent finishers, and one has both those moves in his prefered moves list. But he has not done either even once in over two seasons (and he has been clear on goal too many times to count). Thirdly, defenders can't judge the flight of long balls to save their lives, much less prevent a through ball. I know playing a high defensive line makes through balls more of an issue, but defenders see the long ball coming and push even further forward. Then the ball lands where they were when the ball was in mid flight. And so many of these balls are coming from the opposition keeper. In real life a 50-60 meter kick is so high and easy to judge that even slow defenders usually get on it. My defenders are not slow, just stupid I guess... Fourth, players occupying the same 3 square feet on the pitch. It seems like players sometimes have separation axieties and want to be as close to their teammates as possible. Admirable and fine when forming a wall, not so much when your teammate is running with the ball and you step right in front of him. I don't know why this happens, but it certainly a rare sight in real life where players would most likely try to find a position where they are open for the pass rather than trying to steal the ball from their teammate. That's all I can think of right now. And just so it's clear, I don't feel cheated by the match engine at all, even though I have lost and drawn games where I created 7-8 CCCs to the oppositions 0. It happens. And I have adapted my tactics to account for the fact that wingers are useless. But I am sad, because I love a good winger, and would rather play with wide players. Oddly, wingbacks are really good. So they will have to do. Oh and I just remembered. When FM14 just came out it didn't count clear on goal and tap ins as CCCs, now it seems they count chickens and aunts as CCCs. I watch the highlights, see maybe one CCC, and the stats tell me we had 6. Maybe tweak that back a little, as it is very frustrating to see my team consistently under score related to the amount of CCCs we create.
  23. I will start by admitting that I have not read the previous 24 pages... So I will go on with the positives: The graphics in the match engine are very pretty. Now that's out of the way, let's get down to the important stuff. The possible improvements. My goalkeeper is holding the ball in his hands. He wants to get the ball to a defender 3 meters away. He kicks it to them. Why? No good reason for this exists in this world. No tactical instruction in the world should make this happen. Fix it. My goalkeeper is starting play after a wide shot. My central defender and my anchor man is standing holding hands. Not literally, but close enough to do it if they wanted to. Why would this ever happen? Free kicks hit the bar or the goalkeeper gives a rebound. Striker scores. Goal disallowed for offside 100% of the time. Fix it. Defender has huge advantage over attacking player in the race to the ball. But makes an abrupt halt to allow the opposing player to get to the ball. As in "Whew, I thought I was having a heart attack, but turned out I was just a little tired. Good thing I stopped to make sure though, even if the other team scored because of it" Dominating possession away from home is tricky, no matter who you play and what team you field... The other team plays a pass to nowhere that is on it's way across the line. Defender races to save it and promptly plays it back to the other team for a goal against. Never happens IRL. Why in FM 14? Attacking fullback has ball inside opposing teams penalty area. Passes 45 degrees. Textbook, right? Except he passes it 45 degrees to my holding midfielder 40 meters from goal... And this happens regardless of team instruction (retain possession, direct play, attacking, defending, etc). It's all the rage, everyone is doing it... So the really interesting stuff which I understand is really really complicated and difficult to fix... My star strikers (Van Persie, Rooney, Chicarito) can't score a sitter to save their lives. While Rafael, Shaw, Fabio and whoever else playing central midfield or further down the pitch scores 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 "good" chances. I know if you just tune the success rate of my strikers I will beat everyone outside the top 4 between 5-1 and 10-1 (because if you dominate possession the opposition needs only one chance to score, it's the law). The reason for this is that the match engine is unable to simulate a situation where your star studded team is unable to create good chances. The solution is make the main offensive players have a stupidly low success rate in front of goal. I find my United unable to put games to bed because no matter how many and how good chances we create, my strikers refuse to score sitters. I still win the league, but it is incredibly frustrating to watch, because there is no solution. Why change a tactic that produces 3-5 100% chances per game when you have amazing finishers on the end of those chances? This issue will be incredibly hard to fix, because it is such a complicated issue. I understand this. With all this said, I find the game to be really good. Just a little frustrating to watch the games is all... Especially since the animations do not truly reflect what is happening (stats compared to what I saw, etc).
  24. Oh, and a way to tell my U-18 and reserve managers not to play certain players right before cup games so I can give them some first team experience. As it is now, I have to meticulously plan ahead and promote all the kids to the first team a few days before a cup game to ensure they are available. So a way to add players to a list where the players on said list are not available for reserve or U-18 games withing 3 days or so of a cup game. All in all I would like the support staff to be more useful than it is currently. The opposition reports are a joke, in game advice is a joke, and you can't ask your assistant to really do anything useful... Oh and for crying out loud, let me talk to a player and tell him that he is not getting a new freakin contract 6 months after he signed the last one, because his squad status has not changed, and even if he plays a couple of great games, it is just not enough to warrant a brand new contract... There is time left on your contract and there will be no talks now, is fine and dandy, but what it would be nice to be able to explain why there will be no talks now. I mean, if a back up player gets into the team and becomes a key player, I give him a new contract even if he has 4 years left.
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