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  1. Oh, and I want a big flashing sign on the screen when the opposition makes a substitution. I can never seem to notice until the player coming on scores or assists...
  2. My impressions so far are mixed. I love a lot about the match engine, especially the fix for the cross to far post goal every time feature. It is smoother, some cool new player moves, etc. Very realistic that Ed Woodward can't get any deals over the line too. BUT... Players still make stupid decisions all the time. Especially the famous "Messi under zero pressure decides to head the ball aimlessly towards the opposition, instead of taking the ball down and starting a counter attack" It looks tremendously silly still. Players have no situational awareness in terms of weather it is early in the game or late, behind or ahead, etc. Blindly following instructions, or not following instructions at all depending on personality I guess. My rant about the most difficult part of the whole thing I guess, so ok... The finishing of star players have been nerfed to oblivion. Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, all score half as many goals after the game starts as they do in real life. Zlatan only scores belters from 20 meters, cant make easy headers under no pressure to save his life. This brings me to the next issue. It seems to me that something has been done with the game balance. So it is very hard to consistently win in the Premier League. This is a good thing. I love going to Watford and struggling. But, when Barcelona are lucky to win 2-0 at home, and even luckier to go home with only 5 goals conceded from Old Trafford in the second season is just silly. Barcelona outgun us on basically all positions except goalkeeper, left back and one midfield position. Lingard, Martial and Icardi against MSN? Yeah... Struggling against Watford after crushing Barcelona like that makes no sense to me. So please stop nerfing Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Bayern, Juventus and PSG. Make it a supreme achievement to win the Champions League again, not something you feel entitled to do 5 seasons in... I loved the social media stuff at the start, but there are just too few different posts to keep it even remotely interesting. Journalists asking me why I have chosen Pogba to replace Fosu-Mensah from the starting lineup just because we had two easy fixtures before this game, and Pogba has 20 games this season and Mensah has 2 is, well, pretty silly again. Probably more to come.
  3. I don't really consider this a bug. As has been said here, it is not really the way the game is meant to be played either. But it does turn out that even without an assistant, the coach in charge starts making decisions contrary to my instructions as well. Seems like I fired a perfectly good assistant for no reason...
  4. Some saves I like to take more of a sporting director role. So I handle transfers, set up tactics and select the team, but holiday through all the matches. For a long time that worked fine. But then I managed to sign two wonderkid regens who are not only hugely talented, but also the two best players in the team. Now, I can't give them a rest, because even if I leave them out of the match squad, my Assistant manager puts them in the starting lineup, despite having the options ticked to use the selected team when possible. Had a match against one of the worst teams in the division followed by a game against the best team in the division. One of the wonderkids had a condition of 74% and the other 83%. So I left them out to get them fit for the big game. My assistant started the player with 83% and brought the player with 74% on at halftime. Result was both of them at 80% fitness for the big game. I tried hiring a absolutely useless assistant in the hopes that he would not have the confidence to make his own decisions, but that did not work. I tried using the editor and moving a world class Assistant to my squad in the hopes that he would understand the thinking behind my decisions, that did not work. I tried dropping the two guys to the U-21 before a game as an experiment, he still selects them. The only thing that works is going without an assistant, Whoever is in charge then still puts these two guys on the bench, but makes no substitutions. Not a big issue compared to my assistant anyway, because when the two wonderkids were starting, he always made 3 subs in the 90th minute, every single game. Sometimes he subbed the GK on 90 minutes for no apparent reason. My question is this: Is there a stat or ability in Assistant managers that make them more or less inclined to do as you say? Is it possible to design an assistant that follows your directions on team selection? Or does it have to do with squad status? As in, if key players are possible to put in the team, they will always do that? For now I will rock on without an assistant, as it is the only way to rest these to lads, apart from managing every game of course...
  5. It seems pretty clear to me that this "issue" has nothing to do with reloading the game. I have experienced devastating slumps of form after a big unexpected loss, but my interpretation is that it is related to the big drop in morale that follows such a loss. This morale drop seems to me to be a balancing tool, if you will, to make the game slightly harder. The game is designed to be "easy" and to emphasize attacking football because this is what most people want, and what generates the most sales. FM has always been this way, and always will. Because SI are not in it to make the perfect realistic simulation of football management, they are in it to make money. So no, they do not do anything that would "sabotage" the human player, and no, they wont do anything to alienate the average (casual) player, etc, etc, etc and so on. The bottom line is the bottom line and as in any business, it dictates most decisions. Everything else is myth, or wishful thinking...
  6. Anyone else noticing the "invisible walls"? I just conceded an own goal, where clearly the ball was nowhere near my defender, but appeared to hit an invisible object and go into the net. Have seen my attackers shoot and it looks like it is going straight into the open net, but then again hits this invisible object. Another interesting factor of this invisible object is that the ball accelerates upon hitting it, reaching supersonic speeds not normally seen in the game...
  7. Goalkeepers are an absolute mess of contradictions. On the one hand they have zero reaction time, and can not only save, but hold "perfect shots" that would be unstoppable in real life, and have some kind of ball magnet in their gloves, allowing them to pick balls out of the air that has just been smashed against the crossbar. Ridiculous. They also know where shots are going even when they are blocked 3 feet away from the point of origin, as witnessed by GKs throwing themselves after these blocked shots that they have no earthly way of knowing the trajectory of. On the other hand, they will get up with the speed and agility of a 90 year old after making a save but dropping the ball right next to them. Completely disinterested in the ball resting 2 feet away. Or they stay down for a full 5 seconds (I timed it, but of course I don't know how long their nap would actually be, because after 5 seconds the opposing striker scored.) without moving for said ball easily within their reach. How about fixing the ridiculous amounts of shots hitting the woodwork, and then fixing the ridiculous catches that the GKs make after the ball hitting the woodwork? Should cancel each other out, and make for an infinitely more realistic ME.
  8. First post goals from corner. Low crosses to the first post. The player tasked with marking the near post moves out, no one marks the attacker, easy goal. A: Low crosses to the first post are "always" cleared in real life. Why? Because it is easy. B: The player marking the post does not move out in real life. His job is to make sure nothing pops in there, yet in FM, he does not seem to understand this. C: In real life, as a manager, you can tall a player exactly where you want him, but in FM you can't. Conceding a couple of first post goals from corners, put a big brute in front of the first post, making sure a cross has to be at least 8 feet high to pass him. Problem solved. In FM, you are powerless. Apparently not possible to combine "retain possession" with a "defensive" mentality. Sure you can select it, but the defensive players, and most importantly the GK, will hoof it long 100% of the time, regardless of his personal instructions. Why is it the GK can't find defenders to pass to when we play a deep line, but easily picks them out with a high line? Players still losing the ball and then promptly turning around to run back to their defensive position instead of closing down, allowing the player who just won the ball a good half hour to pick out the through pass. And if he is a defender it will be a damn good one. If he is a passing midfielder, eh, not so dangerous. Makes sense, yeah? Sweeper keeper does not sweep. Plain and simple. ..
  9. I have decided to drop Dusan Tadic, in spite of his two extremely prolific seasons. He seems to be soft mentally, and never plays well when we are struggling. So Martin Odegaard and Patrick Roberts will be first choices with Dusan as backup. We will see how that goes. There are also 3-4 very young players I want to groom this season. 2 DMCs that I want to replace Wanayama and Cork in the long run, Nick Hider who came in and bagged 9 goal points in 11 games at the end of last season, as well as a very talented MC I bought from Bolton. They will play a lot more than their abilities justify, and I am sure we will drop points as a result. But I want to take the long view, and the board is not very ambitious, and still only demands a respectable position, so I think we can do it. The Champions League might have to wait. But Ward-Prowse is making noises about leaving for a CL club. I told him I would let him go if a club met our valuation. I value him at 60 mill...
  10. Unlucky and just not good enough I think. We played Everton in the 37th round at home, and lost it in the 88th minute. A draw would have sealed 4th for us. But my youngsters lost their heads and let one in, even though we completely controlled the game, and were defending deep and not taking any chances to try to make sure we got the draw. Oh well... Who knows, maybe we can get lucky and win the Euro League instead? That would be nice.
  11. Third season is under way. Here is the starting lineup I want to field most of the time.
  12. I also picked the team for the Euro League. Out of 25 players, 9 were homegrown at the club, and 19 were homegrown in the country. Pretty amazing stats there, and shows that I am moving towards an all homegrown club. I have picked up so many promising youngsters around 16-17 years old, and 5-6 years from now, we should be fielding all homegrown teams pretty much week in-week out. The only position that causes me worry is the GK. I don't know how I am going to find someone who can push Forster for a starting spot. International scouting is not very good, and there are virtually no UK/Irish GK talent to be found. Hope to get lucky and get one in the youth intake. A few words about the youth intake. It has been amazing both times for us. There are probably 7 players from the two intakes that my coaches feel will be excellent first team players down the road. So that part is going swimmingly. Now all that remains is finding ways to win when the stakes get high.
  13. Preparation to the third season. I have a sneaky feeling that this season will be harder than the previous seasons. Maybe it is that feeling that we have been significantly overachieving for the majority of the last two seasons. Maybe it is the fact that I have decided to give another couple of youngsters key roles this season to further help their development. And maybe I am just a pessimist. Anyways, here is the transfer activity. As expected, a bunch of youngsters in, but at least there was not a lot of important outs. Stephen Davies was no longer needed, so I let him go. James Wilson is the only big signing, and I hope he can push Berahino to better performances, and chip in some goals of his own.
  14. Here you can clearly see our abysmal end to the season...
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