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  1. Oh, and I want a big flashing sign on the screen when the opposition makes a substitution. I can never seem to notice until the player coming on scores or assists...
  2. My impressions so far are mixed. I love a lot about the match engine, especially the fix for the cross to far post goal every time feature. It is smoother, some cool new player moves, etc. Very realistic that Ed Woodward can't get any deals over the line too. BUT... Players still make stupid decisions all the time. Especially the famous "Messi under zero pressure decides to head the ball aimlessly towards the opposition, instead of taking the ball down and starting a counter attack" It looks tremendously silly still. Players have no situational awareness in terms of weather
  3. If the game is rigged, it is most certainly rigged in favor of the player. Rigging the game against the player would just be plain stupid. And to a large degree it is rigged in favor of the player. Think of all the saves where people take minnows to champions league glory in record time, and even a big team like Atletico Madrid can't keep their best players for love nor money... I just know when I am Southampton, we keep all our stars! How is that for rigged?
  4. After watching a lot of full games it seems to me that one major problem is that players lack any real intelligence. The decision, vision, anticipation and such stats seem pretty meaningless. I have world class players in pretty much all positions, but they consistently display lacking understanding of the game. In real life great players transcend tactical instructions. Top class DC's like Terry and Vidic are not considered ball playing defenders, but they don't hoof the ball aimlessly up the pitch when they are under no pressure and have easy options. Pirlo and Xavi can pick out long range
  5. I will start by admitting I have not read the 33 pages of this thread, so if my points have been made (as they probably have) I apologize in advance. My experience is with Manchester United, so some things might be different if you manage smaller teams. The new scouting system. I love the idea of it. I love that I can follow players for extended periods of time, and that there are doubts about young players true potential. No more picking up all the best youngsters out there and you are set for eternity. But the assignments don't seem to work. De Gea said he wanted to leave for Real Madri
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