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  1. OK, it is working now. File uploaded is called Dave (v02).fm It's probably a day or two after I received the message.
  2. Ed, The SICloud won't open for me, it just keeps timing out. Is there somewhere else I could upload to? Dave
  3. Currently managing Hearts and at the start of the season one of my goals was to qualify for the Euro cup through my league placement. I have achieved this by finishing in 3rd place in the Premiership However, my board are disappointed that we only managed a top half finish and did not qualify for the Euro Cup. (It actually says #comp1 in the message) I'm guessing this is a bug?
  4. Stadiums that look like they were designed by someone who has actually been to a football ground would be a good start! What's with the picnic tables with sun umbrellas and giant footballs? And seats with massive gaps between them? Not to mention the fact that the stands don't seem to have any sides to them. Health & Safety would have most of the stands closed down.
  5. I signed a player and promised him that we would get promoted to the Premier League in 2 years time. When it was mathematically impossible to get an automatic promotion place, even though I was in the playoffs, he was angry that I had broken a promise to him and demanded to leave. So I had to drop him from the team and transfer list him. We then won the playoffs and got promoted to the Premier League. He was still angry. Ended up selling him to a Championship club.
  6. I've voted "No" but thinking about it I did once create a second manager to do this and sold all their players and took them to the Blue Square.
  7. Yes, apparently the functionality to load the current screen is not working in the current version of FMRTE. In addition this also means that MiniFMRTE also does not work, which I find the most annoying as that's the main thing that I use the product for. There's no information about whether this will ever be fixed either, which is very disappointing for what is now a product that you have to pay money for.
  8. I guess that there is no reserve league in Germany. I know that there isn't a reserve league in Italy and it's a real pain keeping everyone match fit. What I've always done when there isn't a reserve league is manually create a match against the reserve team of the next team I'm playing a couple of days either before or after.
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