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  1. deefus

    Stadium architecture

    Stadiums that look like they were designed by someone who has actually been to a football ground would be a good start! What's with the picnic tables with sun umbrellas and giant footballs? And seats with massive gaps between them? Not to mention the fact that the stands don't seem to have any sides to them. Health & Safety would have most of the stands closed down.
  2. deefus

    Player Promises

    I signed a player and promised him that we would get promoted to the Premier League in 2 years time. When it was mathematically impossible to get an automatic promotion place, even though I was in the playoffs, he was angry that I had broken a promise to him and demanded to leave. So I had to drop him from the team and transfer list him. We then won the playoffs and got promoted to the Premier League. He was still angry. Ended up selling him to a Championship club.
  3. On my Home screen at the start of the game for some reason it is showing fixtures in April.
  4. I've voted "No" but thinking about it I did once create a second manager to do this and sold all their players and took them to the Blue Square.
  5. deefus

    The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Yes, apparently the functionality to load the current screen is not working in the current version of FMRTE. In addition this also means that MiniFMRTE also does not work, which I find the most annoying as that's the main thing that I use the product for. There's no information about whether this will ever be fixed either, which is very disappointing for what is now a product that you have to pay money for.
  6. deefus

    Reserve Squad Advice/Help

    I guess that there is no reserve league in Germany. I know that there isn't a reserve league in Italy and it's a real pain keeping everyone match fit. What I've always done when there isn't a reserve league is manually create a match against the reserve team of the next team I'm playing a couple of days either before or after.
  7. I'm having no problem running FM10 on my Win7 PC, so it must be something else other than the OS
  8. I assume Walsall are in league 2, with Rotherham in BSP, is that correct? If so, stick with Walsall and only accept jobs higher than that. Rotherham 4th biggest city? Don't think that's right. 1. London 2. Birmingham 3. Leeds 4. Sheffield and that's only because Manchester is split into Manchester, Salford and Trafford. Walsall are just north of Birmingham (basically overspill) so surely must have a better catchment area than Rotherham. Also, the size of the city does not necessarily translate into higher gates and more success. Look at Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan in the EPL. Hardly metropolises but their people are football people. Then look at Bristol, very large city, with two teams, but City still didn't make the Premier. Sorry should have added... Welcome to the beautiful game. I always like to see converts from places that don't have football as their main sport take an appreciation in the game.
  9. OK, I'll tediously arrange friendlies. Just as a matter of interest, what do Italian teams do IRL?
  10. Do you arrange friendlies between other clubs reserve teams?
  11. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but how on earth do you keep your fringe players match fitness up without a reserve league? Most of my fringe players are over 30, due to the previous AI manager buying lots of old players.
  12. deefus

    FMAgent v2.0 (with Save to Shortlist)

    This is also happening for me. After I have pressed Load, it uses 100% of one of my CPU cores. Any ideas why this is? I'm sure it's only just started doing this in the last couple of days. Still a fantastic tool though, especially the searching.
  13. Depends what you mean as hometown. I always start a game as Chester as they are the nearest football league team to where I live. But I always try and get the Blackburn job a few years in as that's where I was born and raised and are the team that I support. However, in FM08 every time I apply for the Blackburn job I don't get it. Even though I've won the Prem, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League as well as the Super Cup and World Club Championship numerous times and won the Euros and World Cup as England boss.
  14. Totally agree with this. It's so annoying that you only see it when you are selecting the players for your Europe squad. When deciding whether to sell players I have to look at their history and try to work it out, and often get it wrong.
  15. Well as a Blackburn fan I have seen Tugay get sent off for a shirt pull, because we are obviously dirty! I think the commentary doesn't always tie in with the consequences. I often see elbows, two-footed challenges get only a yellow card on FM. I do seriously think that stats other than aggression are at work with things like this, decision making in particular. One other thing to have a look at is how high up the pitch you are playing, as a foul as the last man however innocuous does seem to get a red more often than not in FM